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    Clydesdale - Saving the great horse

    Beautifully filmed and available on bbc iplayer Enjoy
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    Historic chaos

    This must have been horrific, a bit of history in the local paper today.
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    Methods of tying up your horse

    Having read a few posts lately on problems with horses being tied up, I just wondered what your thoughts are. How do you train a foal / youngster to tie up and learn to accept this and stand quietly. Do you tie them to a ring on a wall or solid post as some horse people do or always use twine...
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    Please Pass Wide and Slow, Petition

    I'm not sure if this has already appeared on here but anyway please sign, support and share Thanks
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    Interesting Horsey Programme

    Found this hidden away on BBC Four
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    The Equine Army

    Its the last day for this interesting programme on bbc i player I know it was mentioned before but it would be a shame to miss it.
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    Old Horsey Film 1940

    Interesting short newsreel type film. Titled "Thoroughbred" but features heavy horses, arabs and more. Enjoy.
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    Drinking Vessal?

    I don't know if this is a hunting term but can anyone explain what would be mean't if a horse was known as the "drinking vessal". I was looking back through emails with information about my old boys past and he hunted with the RA Hunt in the 90's and was affectionatly (I hope) refered to as...
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    DIY Poultice boot?

    Can anyone recall a post about making your own boots using an old inner tube / tyre? I'm trying to find a suitable covering that is strong enough to turn out in. The canvas type boot that you can buy doesn't last long and hoof boots are expensive and may not be suitable for this boy. Any ideas...
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    Tips for pairs dressage

    This is for a local riding club competition and it is the intro A test (walk & trot). My daughter and her friend are riding together and both have large HW cobs. Do they ride together at all times? In particular any tips for entering the arena together and how to ride circles and corners...
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    Traditional Gypsy Cob Society

    Has anyone on here joined or competed in any of their classes? I have'nt heard of any affiliated classes locally (Hampshire). The website seems a bit lacking in news and I just wondered if others on here have registered their cobs with them with a view to showing??? Only ask because we have a...
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    Landrover insurance?

    Can anyone recommend an insurance company that does'nt cost an arm and a leg for a Landrover? I've done a few "comparison" quotes today and they vary so much but still seem really expensive. Are there any specialist companies for 4x4's ? Any help appreciated.
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    Faded black saddle

    Can anyone suggest what can be used to bring back the black colour? It is only slight fading on the cantle but it is a showing saddle so I don't want to muck it up.
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    paint for a trailer?

    Can anyone suggest what paint to use for the outside of an old Rice trailer? It won't be sprayed at this point as this is a bit pricey but needs a repaint and preferably in dark green. Thanks.
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    Older Rice Trailer Spares?

    Can anyone suggest any websites or suppliers for parts? We need to replace breast bars and probably other bits too as its an ongoing project
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    Horsey treat recipes

    Anyone know any recipes for making treats? I have black treacle and various feed and chaff but just not sure what to do with it Can you add apple and carrots? any ideas appreciated.
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    undecended testicle.

    Our New forest x cob colt was due to be gelded yesterday. The vet could only find one testicle so could'nt proceed. He said that as the colt is now 17 months it is unlikly that the other one will drop on its own and that he will need to go to hospital and have surgery to locate it. The colt was...
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    Coming to a National Park near you!

    Attention all of you that keep "leisure horses" within the boundary of our National Parks (Dartmoor, Exmoor etc). I attended a public meeting last night along with 400+ other concerned horse owners about the plans for the New Forest by the National Parks authot rity. There has been a post about...
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    Military police horses (RMP Mounted Troop)

    A bit of a long shot but has anyone on here worked with these horses? They were disbanded in 1995 (I think). Just trying to trace my horses history who was in the troop. I have have been given some contacts but I'm really trying to find his true age and it's proving difficult.
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    Colt and herd of geldings, advice please.

    We have four geldings and have recently aquired a 16 month old colt. He is fine with all of the geldings and has fallen into the herd pecking order (he's at the bottom). Anyway we share with a lady that has a gelding who was turned out with ours but we have had to separate him as he visiously...
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    My old horse

    I finally went to see my old horse today. I posted before to say that by chance I had found the contact details for the lady that bought my horse 24 years ago. I got in touch not expcting her to still have her or for her to have died but she was still alive and well aged 29. So I went to see her...
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    Pleasantly shocked

    I have just been invited to visit the horse I sold 24 years ago! I was'nt activly looking for her as to be honest I assumed she would have been sold on or have gone to rainbow bridge by now. She must be 29 now. I saw the name and address of the person I sold her to in an ad by chance and just...
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    extra large bits

    I am trying to find a 6.5 or 7 inch snaffle, preferably a "happy mouth" type, jointed or straight. I have tried a 6 inch but its too small. Any ideas?
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    Traveling sets (rug,boots etc)

    Can anyone tell me where I can order a summer sheet with matching travel boots and tailguard. I want them in a specific colour and they may need to make larger boots as they are for cobby legs. I did have a price list for a company in Devon but I cannot find it. Any suggestions??
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    Large bale haylage

    When a bale is opened do you remove all the wrapping. It will take a few days for us to use each bale and in the past we have just peeled the plastic back as its used. We use a tarpaulin to cover while in use but just wondered what the best method of storage is to prevent the bale going off too...
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    For anyone looking for Horsey themed party ideas....

    These look like fun horsey hoppers horse costume
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    joules clothing

    I like this clothing but they have excluded me (and a few people I know) by changing their sizes. I am not a small person and I would buy a top in XL in the past but the largest size now is a size 18. Apparently these are the new "model" sizes whatever that means! After enquiring they say that...
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    Further treatment for hoof abscess

    I've been treating an abscess in mares hoof for almost 3 weeks now. I just wanted to know at what stage the hole ( that the farrier made) should be plugged? A small amount of pus is still on the poultice that I have put over the coronet band but there isn't any from the hole anymore. I have...
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    whispers of the horse

    Did anyone else catch this on Animal Planet tonight? Only found it by chance as it's not mentioned at all on their website. It featured Monty Roberts, Kelly Marks, Lee Peason and Pippa Funnell amongst others. It's repeated tonight at 12.05am (1.05 on +1) for those up late.
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    hoof abscess

    Our clydesdale mare has an abscess in her off fore hoof. The vet had a look originally as we were not sure what had caused her sudden lameness. He prescribed bute and poulticing and suggested farrier to have look. The farrier has been out twice and dug hole in the sole to allow pus to drain. It...