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    White Line Disease - Kevin Bacon or Anti-Bac

    Another vote for keratex. I use the nail hole disinfectant. Also recommended by my farrier. I would check what Kevin Bacons product it is that your farrier recommends. I can't see that the standard hoof grease would help but I have used another Kevin Bacon product which was a small bottle of...
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    Sizing a Micklem Bridle

    We have our 14.3hh Cob in a standard horse (normally takes a cob size bridle). The Micklem bridle plus happy mouth Straight bar eggbutt snaffle has helped immensely with head tossing.
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    Best place to buy Danilon?

    The best price I could find recently was Petsdrugs online. £56.98 for 60 sachets with free postage.
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    Potential sweet itch... best rug and mask combination

    My friend has a cremello pony who has sweet itch and is photosensitive. She uses the Rambo sweet itch hoody, a snuggly hoods face mask and a fly mask (not sure on make but will ask) over the top.
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    Bit for 7 year old horse with head shaking issues

    P.S The lozenge/French link had the opposite effect for us. I can only thing she didn't like the movement.
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    Bit for 7 year old horse with head shaking issues

    I have had the same issue. A Micklem bridle and straightbar happy mouth eggbutt snaffle has made a huge difference. The bit was suggested by my physio who has seen it work with others. My instructor is amazed at the improvement. I am sure she would go nicely bitless and I have longreined...
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    Very unsettled in contact but no teeth issues-HELP!

    Have you tried a straight bar bit? My mums cob has similar issues and I have recently tried her in a straight bar happy mouth snaffle. On paper it is totally unsuitable as no movement and too fat for her small mouth but in practice she is going really well in it. I use it with a Micklem bridle...
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    Hobble a horse for transportation

    Another vote for trying without boots. My cob will not wear boots, especially travel boots and is worse when we stop. He is fine without. If you are worried about protection perhaps just try bandages or even brushing bootst. I tried every combination including many hours of practicing and in the...
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    Cracked Wintec Tree?

    You can get the tree replaced. My saddler replaced mine for me after my horse had an accident and rolled on it.
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    Cosequin, Synequin or alternative reviews please.

    I use Synequin for my cob who has arthritis. I do think it helps and was recommended by my vet and was paid for by my insurance company for the first year. He has been on it for 7 years now. Periodically I ask my vet whether it is still the best joint supplement and so far he has said it is. It...
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    Feather mites

    I can recommend pig oil and sulphur. I have tried everything including injections, clipping and frontline and the pig oil and sulphur really works. I did a patch test first and don't apply it in very hot weather as my cob has very pink skin and is easily burnt.
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    Scabby knees- wits end!

    My vet recommended Malacetic Equine shampoo for my cob with similar problems. We now wash his knees and hocks with that once a week and then apply pig oil and sulphur. This seems to be keeping the mites and mallenders at bay and is the best routine I have found over the last 8 years with him. I...
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    Twitching Skin Over My Horse's Shoulders - help needed!

    Hi Not sure whether the OP found a resolution but I have experienced this with a pony with wobblers syndrome. It seemed to come on when she laid down for any length of time or had the farrier. Unfortunately for us the only option was PTS. Hope the OP had a more positive outcome. Tegan
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    Towing with a van

    Thanks. My mum would be driving and has towed lots before but with a Freelander (now dead hence this post). She has not driven the van before though so will practice without trailer and with the trailer empty first. Have had the trailer for years so sorted with the hitch and wheel locks thanks...
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    Towing with a van

    Thanks. The last one we had fitted was £150 but as you say that was at least 10 years ago so thought it would have gone up.
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    Towing with a van

    Romany you are very brave towing that! Looks like you are all set for staying away though.
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    Towing with a van

    Thanks everyone. Sounds like it could be doable then. Think I have husband convinced as long as shows are on a Sunday when he is not at work. What sort of price is it to have a tow bar fitted? Thanks Tegan
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    Towing with a van

    Yes, I realise that especially as one cob is coloured. However, it might be our only way of getting out and about this year. Main concern is whether it is a safe set up and also whether the length is a problem. Just checked and van is actually 2.2 litre. It would be my mum driving and she passed...
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    Towing with a van

    Hi Does anyone tow with a van? How do you find it? We have a Ford Transit 2.0 litre and an Ifor Williams 401. Would be towing a 500kg cob. Thanks Tegan
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    New Forest Hacking - any suggestions?

    I have been to Arniss twice. It is a professional set up. Horses in great condition. Had lovely hacks both times. I just did an hour each time once on a beginners hack as my husband was with me and once in an experienced group. We had a few canters with the experienced group and one short one...
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    Thanks for your replies. I should have been clearer about the falls. The falls in the field we have seen were as a 2 yr old and before the diagnosis when she slipped charging around. She is now 4 and I haven't seen her fall or any signs or a fall recently. However she did come in from the field...
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    Thanks for your replies. It is good to hear other experiences and I will have a read of the recommended articles. Her problem is at C3. She is a trotter cross and has always had an unusual gait but recent lameness caused us to investigate further. As I understand it she is too old for a chance...
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    Hi Please can you post your experiences of horses with Wobblers. We have a 4 year old with grade 2 wobblers. Hoping she will be comfortable as a companion (although hugely disappointed as she was meant to be for my mum to ride).Do you feed any supplements? I have read that vitamin E can help...
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    Barefoot diet?

    Thanks I will look into this. Would the pro earth stuff replace the formula 4 feet? I would be hesitant to take him off the formula 4 feet as it is recommended for the coronary band dystrophy. Can you recommend any good web pages on barefoot feeding. I own this horse jointly with a friend so...
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    Barefoot diet?

    Hi I have a horse with very poor feet due to coronary band dystrophy (an auto immune problem). We have had to take his back shoes off as there is literally no wall left to nail to. He is being seen by our vet and farrier but I am wondering whether a change in diet could help. He is...
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    Coronary band dystrophy

    Hi. Sorry to hear about your boy at work. Mine is 18 and it is only in the last year or so we have been having these problems. He doesn't have problems with abcesses or fly strike thank goodness. It is severely affecting the quality of his hooves though. It is so frustrating as he is in great...
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    Coronary band dystrophy

    Hi Natalie. Sorry for the late reply. Yes, we still have him and are still battling with his feet. They seem to stabilise in the winter and flare up again in the summer. We manage him with regular trimming/ shoeing (every 4 1/2 weeks at the moment), feeding formula 4 feet, applying keratex...
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    Lisa- owns her own competition yard in Kent.

    Good luck with your search. I don't know Lisa Pilbeam myself but thought of her as she is in the same Riding Club as me. I hope you manage to track the right Lisa down.
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    Lisa- owns her own competition yard in Kent.

    Hi Could it be Lisa Pilbeam?
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    Which Wintec Dressadge Saddle.. Opinions needed!

    Hi I have the one in your first picture and also the gp version. I get on really well with them both and have competed up to elementary including affiliated in the dressage version with no problems. I have the flocked versions. I have had the girth straps changed to leather as find the plastic...