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  1. Bellasophia

    Milan has brought back breed selective licensing

    Pitbull, American bulldog, Pastore dell’Anatolia, Pastore di Charplanina, Pastore dell’Asia centrale, Pastore del Caucaso, Pastore Maremmano Abruzzese, Cane da Serra da Estreilla, Dogo argentino, Fila brazileiro, Perro da canapo majoero, Perro da presa canario, Perro da presa Mallorquin, Pit...
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    Repeat ..delete.
  3. Bellasophia

    Strange but true..old cat

    A while ago I pyrographed a small box..I worked intently on it but when I’d finished it ,it bothered me.It wasn’t at all what I expected,the cat was so off,so,old,so not appealing ..and yet I couldn’t throw it away..I went on to varnish looked a little better.. and then I came across...
  4. Bellasophia

    Light up collars..which colour? Scenario..,,Grey dog at twilight..Which colour would you think was best for traffic alert...I am swaying between yellow or red ,but blue would suit him so well.. ..please rely with colour choice.
  5. Bellasophia

    so George,

    ....have a safe trip,tell your mom to drive carefully and bring your new pal safely home. and George,take some pics of the litter We can’t wait to see your new friend.
  6. Bellasophia

    Do you look like your dog?

    A few years back I stayed in USA ...I sent in a photo to a site asking if we thought we looked like our dog. the time I had my brown standard poodle and was both thrilled and taken aback to see they thought I looked enough like my girl to put us on their book here goes..I’m in...
  7. Bellasophia

    Raising a glass for the new year

    To all who have posted here this year and to the bonds we have the discussions and disputes...long may they continue .Ive loved this board and have enjoyed reading all sections. may we all have a healthy and happy 2016. On the topic of glass I'm showing a link of my past...
  8. Bellasophia

    A dog is not a toy...Christmas message

    So very true.
  9. Bellasophia

    NEospora caninum...outbreak near my walking area..

    I'm in Italy so this is a q for those who have cattle,or the vets...techs etc.. I walk my two ,every day on the cycling paths by my home and cross the countryside,via footpaths there are police notices posted ,instantly banning dogs from using the cycling paths(for hygiene reasons) and...
  10. Bellasophia

    PoochI poni

    Where are you...?hope everything is ok. missed your posting of late...
  11. Bellasophia

    Taking the P...literally

    In Italy we dog walkers are often amazed at the lengths the community vigili go to to increase their funds. especially in the city you will be fined if your dog goes off lead in a city park,leads for the sidewalks have to be 1.20 m or less.You have to pick up poo( I agree with this) but can be...
  12. Bellasophia

    Ovariectomy v ovari-hysterectomy My little schnauzer came into season at just over six months to our concern and the delight of my standard poodle boy.We separated them for the crucial mid way point in the season,went grey,listened to both howling for each other ,saw my male lose...
  13. Bellasophia

    Schnauzer pup....what a fantastic breed!

    I'm trying to post a pic of my newest addition,but even copying the url from forum (h and h)stored pics ,I don't get the pic to come up direct..any tips?
  14. Bellasophia

    Doggy day care...anyone?

    Enjoyed this...bit like first day at school..
  15. Bellasophia

    Mini schnauzer pup,introducing Robin.

    Brought her in a week ago and life is definitely hectic...teeth of a crocodile,fast and feisty,but she's settled well and most importantly my other dog already loves her to bits. [URL=]
  16. Bellasophia

    Dog grooming box

    with just two weeks to go before collecting my new puppy I've been getting ready...we had a change of plan re a small poodle pup(didn't want another male) and have decided to get a minature schnauzer(black). I'm new to this breed but have stripped terrier coats ,just not a schnauzer pattern...
  17. Bellasophia

    A question for the hormones after spay.

    I have always allowed my girls to have a couple of seasons ,or even waited a couple of years before spaying.I have always had females only in my household so no problems with keeping my girls safe. Now,however, I have a two year old entire male ,large breed,and will be getting a small breed...
  18. Bellasophia

    Alec swan..can we have an update on the returnedcocker

    I'd love to hear how the dog turned out after it came back to you to have its errant ways sorted out.Has he gone back home now?how did it all work out?
  19. Bellasophia

    Teeth cleaning with chicken wings.

    I posted ive just lost my old girl...I am now living with a two year old male who has lost the light of his life and is finding life a little In these days when we've walked the walk and thrown a rope toy to the point of having one arm longer than the other,I've introduced a...
  20. Bellasophia

    My heart dog died monday

    Truely the best dog I've ever had passed away on Monday.She was twelve years old,a german bred ,standard poodle. She was an old soul,she arrived after a long flight with me from Austria and owned my house.She never destroyed or messed the house,she just wanted to be my 24/7 sidekick and what a...
  21. Bellasophia

    New here...long time lurker

    Hello..I'd like to join in after reading this board for the last year. I'm living in Italy now after emigrating from lancashire in 91. I now have two standard poodles and have had dogs all my life,from mastiff and Rottweiler to chihuahua and sylkie interests are health issues...