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  1. Batgirl

    Dressage Whip Recomendations

    Hi Guys, Broke my Fleck Triple Solid stick in the car door :( I like a 'stiff' stick rather than a bendy/flicky one. Pref 120cm Does anyone have any recommendations? Cheers!
  2. Batgirl

    Bridle keepers keep sliding down

    Is there any tips to fix it? they are just a bit too loose! I was thinking of something to swell the leather maybe?
  3. Batgirl

    Cheap/modern 'hunting' whip

    As I have a giant nearly 18hh horse gates can be a bit tricky just from a flexible point of view. Does anyone know of a day to day whip that has the L shape at the top like a hunting whip? My googling has turned up dry!
  4. Batgirl

    Help - Thinking Caps - short girth to long girth

    Help peeps! Dilema - I have a Clydesdale that I intend to do ridden showing on. I have a dressage saddle ONLY and will not be buying another unless it ever doesn't fit). What do I do about the girth?!?! Some sort of sleeve to cover the buckles? Long girth bit then the straps are long and...
  5. Batgirl

    Anyone near Crook, Tow Law, Stanhope?

    I'm house sitting near Tow Law (taking my horse with me) and want to go explore with my dude. Planning on going to Hamsterley Forest. Any other hot spots? Good loops (he is bomproof in traffic so a bit of road work doesn't bother me). Any advice/suggestions welcome!
  6. Batgirl

    Body standard necessary (opinions please)

    Hi all, I need to buy a body protector for backing my new guy and know you cna't put a price on safety BUT I would like to pick up a bargain as I plan to only really use it for 6 months and I'm about to be made redundant, sooooo would you buy a BETA 2000 standard body protector? If not why not...
  7. Batgirl

    Ideas for baby horse not eating haylage

    3.5 year old - presuming first winter in (at the moment out overnight and in 10-5ish) So tried it on the floor, it got mixed in with shavings and 'played' with Tried haynet, wouldn't eat it Tried putting in a trug, trug kicked over haylage in shavings So Ideally I want him eating from...
  8. Batgirl

    Meet my new neddy

    Dovecote Topper - Tully (means peaceful, and he is going to be my mental health!). 3.5 years old,, Clydesdale ready for breaking and backing, already 17'2 and a bit! Bringing him home on Saturday afternoon after sailing through his vetting yesterday!
  9. Batgirl

    Any Clydesdale people out there?

    I'm currently shopping for my dream horse, purebred Clydesdale 😁😁😁😁 Are there any Clydesdale enthusiasts that fancy asking random questions that I can't find an answer to easily on Google? One thing I have discovered is that the breeding world is small and...
  10. Batgirl

    Help - what should I be looking for in 'good' potential barefoot

    I ma for the first time shopping for a youngster that I plant o kepp barefoot - what am I looking for (I know it sounds ridiculous but I went to see one yesterday and the owners were commenting that everything I am seeing is obviously the best thing since sliced bread: Scaley hoof walls -...
  11. Batgirl

    Going to view this beauty tomorrow After having to suddenly retire my ginger in march I decided I was going to get my childhood dream horse. Off to look at a potential contender tomorrow 😁😁😁😁😁 Taking my trainer with me...
  12. Batgirl

    Argh, Insurance RANT

    So not bad enough that I have had to suddenly retire my boy and will be horseless for a year until I save for a new one but the insurance company are trying to split the claim into two because the lameness workup showed more than one issue. 2x £500 excesses, I could cry, scream and any other...
  13. Batgirl

    Where do people look for trailers?

    Where do people look to find good second hand trailers these days? Preloved? Gumtree? Facebook?
  14. Batgirl

    Mini Major Olympia

    Was there a Mini Major class at Olympia and if so does anyone know where I could find it on catch up?
  15. Batgirl

    Dressage - Canter tips

    Hi all, Looking for ideas to throw into the pot. Bit of background - big horse (in signature) 'slow' moving, long backed. Struggled with canter as a baby (found out after I bought him). Working at elementary scoring consistent 60% (1% or 2% either side). Basic problem is his propensity...
  16. Batgirl

    Would I be loopy to travel 2hrs

    For a lesson? I really want a lesson with Louise Smales but she is 2hrs away...decisions ....
  17. Batgirl

    Shoppers help...half chaps/gaiters

    My competition chaps have died (as a big calved and small ankled lady long boots are just a no!) I used to have some Mark Todd ones but they aren't very robust, are a back zip which I hate and don't look as smart as I'd like. So can anyone find me: Smart Black Chaps/Gaiters (pref...
  18. Batgirl

    Thoughts on intermittent lameness...

    I have had the vet out, here is the potted history: 13 yo 17'2 WbX Dressage and Hacking 4 weeks ago horse went suddenly lame in a lesson, near fore( about 4/10). No sign of injury, heat, swelling etc. Kept in overnight, sound in the morning. Last week: Thurs - came in 'iffy' according to...
  19. Batgirl

    Opinions please on selection of tow cars..

    I have it narrowed down to: Freelander Sorrento Tiguan X Trail I need to tow 2tonne but also do a fair bit of mileage for work. Opinions?
  20. Batgirl

    To insure or not to insure

    Hi all, just after some perspectives! Exclusions - Left hind hoof, right hind hock, skin conditions, airway conditions. I will not put any horse through colic surgery or 'major surgery'. Premium £800 (though I've asked for a quote for LOU and Death/Loss only) Would you bother insuring a 13yo?
  21. Batgirl

    Saddlers/Bridleworkers/Shopping experts help

    I am looking for either a sliphead with trigger clips OR a sliphead with 2 ends that take cheek pieces. Do such things exist? I'm trying to amend my double bridle to one with clips and have bought 4x clip cheek pieces (as they come in pairs) so I'd like to get a slip head to use that either...
  22. Batgirl

    Ideas on a postcard - keeping legs clean while riding

    Hi all, I won't bore you with all the in's and outs - horse has pastern dermatitis syndrome - have to keep his legs clean (all 4!). Only allowed to ride on dry roads to prevent additional infection in the scabs. Would you like to ride a horse that has essentially been on box rest for 5 weeks...
  23. Batgirl

    Good customer service post :)

    I thought I'd highlight some great customer service from hit air. I sent my air jacket off to be serviced special delivery, 3 weeks later I had heard nothing so I rang them. Cute the customer service... Rachael asked for the tracking information and filled it up straight away, it had been held...
  24. Batgirl

    Sheath experts

    I have googled and can't really find an answer as it is detail... Decided to have a clean of my horses sheath (variety of reasons). I got a good bean out (found excellent descriptions of this!). He has some flaky bits on the shaft, fine. The rest of the 'pocket had dark merlot coloured...
  25. Batgirl

    Horse twitching, no fly...

    Has anyone had their horse have a regular reoccurring panniculus reflex without the presence of flies? He is twitching almost constantly over his shoulder/wither. Saddle and back checked, no issues.... any suggestions before I call the vet?
  26. Batgirl

    Great customer service

    From Sureclip. Sent them off for service and blade sharpening got a call back to sat all was fine but I had put the blades on wrong so they had corrected them, put some instructions in and were sending them back, no charge! Nice to share a positive story :) They have been going 2 years and...
  27. Batgirl

    Saddlers help please (and anyone who wants a giggle)..

    I took an unexpected swim in the North Sea at Redcar Beach on sunday, one minute I was ambling along in walk, Arnie splish sploshing along quite happily knee deep, then a slightly bigger wave came and he shot up in the air like a rocket, as did I and came down with a big poof from my air jacket...
  28. Batgirl

    Some sort of locker on the outside of a trailer??...

    I have been thinking about having some sort of boot/locker etc put on the front of my trailer and wondered if: a) it was possible b) how to go about it c) has anyone done it d) are there any pitfalls/legality issues It is to put things like a skip bucket, water bucket etc in nothing of...
  29. Batgirl

    Big Eventing Shows in the Summer

    I usually go to Bramham but this year I am on holiday so I am looking for something to replace it in the summer. Any ideas? Badminton is too early, Blair too late really.
  30. Batgirl

    SJ trainer Royston, herts

    Any recommendations, a husband of a friend that has moved away looking to buy her sj lessons so looking for local recommendations :)