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  1. Britestar

    Lymphoma in horse, Questions

    I had a homebred with lymphoma. She had a little lump under her eye which didn't go away. After various treatments, it was biopsied and lymphoma diagnosed. She couldn't have steroids, as she'd had laminitis once a few years before. When the lump was an irritating size it was removed to...
  2. Britestar

    Spraying Paddocks

    Depends what you are spraying for. Graze on is general. Best to ask where you are buying it from to check.
  3. Britestar

    When is time to move up in dressage

    Depends on the platform. The one I use makes people move up after 2-3 70%+ scores. I guess they like getting big numbers, or are scared to move up?
  4. Britestar

    EHV 1 Outbreak

    Have we learnt nothing in the last year?
  5. Britestar

    Strangles test...arghh!!

    I'm afraid things get lost all the time. if you send enough out, some will not arrive. I post out 30-50 parcels a weeks, and probably a couple a month get lost.
  6. Britestar

    Best electric fence testers

    I have the probe in the ground one. Also works if you hold the probe in your hand, lol 😳🙄
  7. Britestar

    Acoustic ears

    I had some, but horse has ridiculously large ears and they wouldn't stay on, so gave up with them. Did seem to help through.
  8. Britestar

    Helite air gilet??

    I'm also 5'2" and a size 12. I bought a large in the gilet, but have a small in the regular vest.
  9. Britestar

    😢 I feel so bad! Itchy horse

    Check out Goodbye Flys. Has made a massive difference to out SI horse.
  10. Britestar

    Sweet itch and clipping.

    Our SI horse is clipped all year round. Much easier to manage him, and he's happier.
  11. Britestar

    Dressage trainer recommendations - East Anglia

    Depending where in East Anglia. Zara Pawley would be able to help.
  12. Britestar

    Anyone seen swelling like this?

    So sorry to hear this, you did everything you could.
  13. Britestar

    Pictures Shy's Clip In Pictures 😉

    I took a similar amount off a 3/4 TB tonight with cushings. Never seen him with 4 inch long hair before!
  14. Britestar

    Poll tension whilst being ridden

    Maybe get a chiropractor or osteopath to look at him. Made a big difference to my horse.
  15. Britestar

    Dust free, small muck heap bedding

    I don't understand this. Shavings take for ever to rot down. Cardboard goes to mush really quickly. I have 8 on it, and my muck heap is the smallest its ever been. Have you ever left a bit of cardboard outside? It soon disappears. Speaking to a farmer the other day who spread shavings on a...
  16. Britestar

    Bespoke bridle Lovely work here
  17. Britestar

    A WWYD?

    Very tongue in cheek - and Roxylola of course you are right, I did C! lol Few spook spins at a tree trunk (been there a year, but hey), a snort and run past a bag caught on a fence, and a big trot the last bit because there was a tractor and trailer behind us! He hates the school so that was...
  18. Britestar

    Stupid question alert RE travelling yearling loose in a trailer

    If he's loose you must close the back doors. I would have no issues doing that if he would be happy. As long as you can get in safely at the other end to get hold of him.
  19. Britestar

    A WWYD?

    You haven't ridden for 3 weeks. You have a large (too big for you) very spooky horse. Its blowing a hoolie, 30mph winds. Gusting stronger. Its the first day you can ride. Do you: A. Say leave it another day, its too windy and he'll be an idiot. B. Ride, but in the confines of a outdoor...
  20. Britestar

    Aberdeenshire saddlery repairs/ customised leatherwork

    Look up Crafty Cow on FB. Based in New Deer, should be able to help you.
  21. Britestar

    "We couldn't do it anymore"

    Working bred, in a domestic home, 1st time collie owners. Lucky puppy as got taken back..
  22. Britestar

    Stubborn abscess

    Yes, one had a sub solar abcess, took about 3 months to get rid of it. Just kept tracking around.
  23. Britestar

    Sciatica advice/help

    Second osteopath. They are working. I went just a couple of weeks ago, and not a twinge since.
  24. Britestar

    Robust dog toy?

    Goughnuts dog toys. Super strong with a lifetime guarantee. I've had one for 11 years. Good range if toys too. Can get them here
  25. Britestar

    Online horse events

    Forgot, D4A also do online TREC classes.
  26. Britestar

    Online horse events

    There are lots on online dressage platforms. Plus some that do showing and jumping. I personally use Dressage4all as they do dressage and style jumping. If you go to the website it tells you how to video your tests, and how to enter them. Most seem to close at the end of a month and...
  27. Britestar

    Anyone seen swelling like this?

    Vets should have it in stock. Activon or a generic. Failing that a pharmacy should have it too. I just use it on a melolin dressing, then soffban over the top, cotton wool and then either a vetrap or old fashioned exercise bandage. Just tight enough to keep it all in place.
  28. Britestar

    Anyone seen swelling like this?

    My friend is a tissue viability specialist. The vets ask her for advice. She recommends manuka, hence my use of it in this case. This horse belongs to a Vet!
  29. Britestar

    Anyone seen swelling like this?

  30. Britestar

    Anyone seen swelling like this?

    Manuka can help clean up a wound. Currently using it on an abcess. Has really helped. Don't discount it.