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    Bury Farm

    I hope to watch friends show jumping tomorrow at Bury Farm. Does anyone know please if you can take dogs on a lead or do they have to stay in the car. Website dosent say. Many thanks
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    Bury Farm

    I would like to go and watch friends show jumping tomorrow at Bury Farm. Does anyone know please if you can take a dog on a lead or do they have to stay in car. Website dosent say. Many thanks x
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    WWYD if you were me? Sorry long!

    I have a 15.1 lightweight coloured mare who is 7. She is quite well schooled and does a really nice dressage test and is a very honest jumper. Will hack, although I havent done much as where she is kept it is very busy roads only. Problem is I am nearly 60 and this mare needs to go out and do...
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    Barefoot and never been trimmed. Is that ok? WWYD please

    I bought a 5 year old mare who I had known since she was 3, and she is now 7. Up until 9 months ago she was barefoot and had never had her feet trimmed. Her hooves never grew long, never cracked and she seemed fine as mainly used in the arena and just did a bit of jumping on grass and minimal...
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    Healed suspensory - now lame on other leg! Any ideas help please

    I have a mare who had an enlarged suspensory on her right foreleg. She has been rested, had shockwave and has now been re-scanned and everything was looking good. Vet had me lunge her in the school, after she trotted up sound in a straight line, and she is now lame on left foreleg! Had...
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    Any idea what else this could be - re fetlock strain

    I have a mare who strained/sprained her fetlock late last year. I had it xrayed and scanned then and nothing showed up. She has been left with a very swollen fetlock, which according to the vet is synovial fluid. She has been back in work for a few months now and whilst working well, has...
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    Livery recommendations Brookwood/Pirbright/West End areas

    I have a friend who is moving near me in the New Year and she is looking for part livery or assisted DIY in the Woking area. She has a gelding and would like a manege, hacking with no busy road work and all year turnout. I have been looking for her online and have found a few yards. Heathfield...
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    Trailer stall width and HB403

    I am looking for an Ifor Williams trailer, and dont know which one to get. I only tow with one 15 hand horse and would really like a HB403 if I can get hold of one secondhand. My only concern is that as they give the horse more space than a 505/506, would she be able to balance. She dosent...
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    Question re Ifor Williams trailer/Honda CRV

    I passed my driving test well before 1997 but am I right in thinking that the only Ifor Williams trailer I can safely tow is their mare and foal one, the HB403? My CRV is a 2005 2L petrol automatic and I know not ideal for towing. I have one 15 hand horse and only ever want to carry her. A...
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    What do I do with this Horse Passport?

    A couple of months ago I purchased a mare from a friend. She was originally sold through Southall Market and has a Richard J.Steel (Horse Passports) Ltd passport, which she probably had to have for the market to sell her. The market no longer exists, so where do I send the Passport to get my...
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    What to do about saddle/saddler (long, sorry)

    :mad:I have just bought a new horse. She was ridden by her previous owner in a close contact saddle as she was show jumped. I called out a saddler and asked if he could bring both new and secondhand saddles for me to try. As usual (even though it was advertised on his website) he only brought...
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    Merrist Wood 27/5 Photographer?

    Does anyone know who the photographer was at the Showjumping/Eventers challenge last sunday, as I forgot to take the name and I would like to purchase a photo taken on the day. Many thanks if anyone can let me know.
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    Lesson with Sara-Jane Lanning

    I have the chance to borrow one of my friends showjumpers for a dressage lesson with Sara-Jane but I have no experience of her teaching. Does she only teach a certain level and has anyone had a lesson from her. Would it be beneficial as I would like to compete in dressage on this horse. Any...
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    My doberman whines in the car!

    My 7 month old doberman whines on and off in the car. He does whine also when we stop for any reason on a walk or if it takes me a bit of time to mix his dinner, so I dont think it is stress related and he never gets what he wants from whining (I try to ignore him). He has travelled in the car...
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    Working hunter classes held on a surface?

    Does anyone in the south/central areas of the UK, know of any Open Working Hunter classes, held at any shows, on a surface (sand/rubber arena etc ) instead of on grass please?
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    Help please - new horse not the right one!

    I have been a horse owner/rider for many years and have recently purchased a lovely 8 year old Irish Sports Horse. I believed him to be very laid back and he did seem to be when I tried him. He hasnt done much but his schooling is coming along nicely. However, I am in my late fifties, and...