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    Judges Funny Comments

    Can she see? Asked by the judge after my daughter had ridden round the ring in walk ,trot and canter- her pony was a blue eyed cremello:)
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    Equine Colour Genetics

    Our cremello part bred Connie had grey parents. Lots of dun/buckskin in the pedigree as well as palomino. Her passport said white.
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    Connemara Pedigree

    Our Connemara had similar breeding. She had an amazing temperament and loved jumping.
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    For fun, if you could make a horsey wish...

    I wish we'd never sold my daughters pony. Still miss her 6 years later- sadly she had to be PTS 2 years ago, I always thought I'd buy her back sometime :(
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    Towing with a BMW X5

    We towed with an X5. It got us out of a very muddy Great Yorkshire Show lorry/trailer park one year, although we only had my friends Exmoor on board.
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    A Scrappy update!

    She's beautiful.
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    What colour horses have you had/got?

    First pony was a chestnut, also had a 2greys, 1 bay,1 skewbald, and our last was a cremello.
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    ITV to show racing from 2017

    Be interesting to see who will be presenting.
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    Cult of the Chicken Rugs

    I want this rug. Sadly I don't have a horse. Do you think they do cat rugs :)
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    Yellow horse syndrome

    My daughters old pony was a Cremello. She always attracted attention, at one show a whole family were supporting her from the ring side- they loved the fact that pony and rider matched. Both blonde with blue eyes!
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    Colour genetics... How do you get perlino from grey ancestry?

    We had a Cremello mare who had grey parents. However she did have palomino and buckskin in her family tree.
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    Harrogate Livery- another one!

    There's Beavers at Beckwithshaw, they do DIY and part livery (5 and 2). They were good to us when my daughters pony was on box rest. Don't know prices though. Do Follifoot riding school do livery?
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    HHO's Online Most Popular Horse Names?

    I've owned a Rusty,Shadow,Rosie,Cassie and Ripple. My daughters ponies were Bubble, Willow,Prince and Ash. We didn't name any of them though.
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    Anyone else own a cremello?

    My daughters last pony was a Cremello. She was the kindest most bombproof pony we've owned. We brought her when she was 4 and people were concerned that she was so young, but they all came round when they met her. Sadly sold her 2 years ago but we still miss her like mad. Good luck with your new...
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    what is yours scared of?

    My daughters first pony was brilliant with almost anything-tractors,cars,cows,sheep and even the steam roller that was at the yard! But any yellow flowers could kill!!
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    Blue Peter Horse

    I remember Rags. Sure I saw her at an event at the Great Yorkshire Show ground when I was a lot younger.
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    If you were a horse...

    My daughter totally matched her pony. Both blonde and blue eyed.:)
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    Who is your favourite racehorse of all time?

    Desert Orchid. Love the greys. Met him once when he opened a bookshop. Got to stroke him too.
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    Section A first pony for my daugher

    When my daughter was 9 we bought her a 12.2 pony who was probably a Section B. he was an amazing first pony, cheeky but brilliant on the road and not at all spooky. We sold him when she was 12 and her feet hung down by his knees. He always welcomed us with a whinny.:)
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    A what breed is my pony thread!!

    We had a Cremello Connie. She also had a dorsal stripe. He is gorgeous.:)
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    Olympic claims to fame

    I once served Chris Bartle when I was at work, and my friend had lessons off him:)
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    Who has sold a horse and regretted it?

    Sold my daughters pony last June. Emma was meant to go to Uni. but changed her mind. We owned Ash since she was 3 nearly 4 and Emma did all the hard work with her. Ash gave her all her confidence back and I miss her so much. Weekends are boring now. Luckily her new owner keeps in touch via...
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    So what did you think? for those who have been to ANY of the Olympics

    We went to St. James Park for the football. We saw Mexico v South Korea and Gabon v Switzerland. Fantastic experience even though we had to queue ages for our tickets. :)
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    Perlino in ridden coloured class?

    My daughter entered her Cremello in a few coloured classes at local shows. Don't think many judges had seen one before!! Got asked a few times if she could see:) Never got placed against Skewbalds and Piebalds but did get placed in Unusual Coloured.
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    We put our beautiful cremello mare up for sale not expecting to sell her. Had one phone call, they came to see her last Saturday, made an offer and we took her to her new home by the sea yesterday. Lovely place and really nice people but feeling sad. Knew she had to go as Emma off to uni in...
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    Emma and Cream Soda- 1st Show of the year

    Thanks. No photos sadly,will try find some old ones.
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    Emma and Cream Soda- 1st Show of the year

    Having been off for the winter with a tendon injury the vet passed her fit to go 4 weeks ago. So off to local riding club this morning to do 3 classes. !st in Tack and Turnout,2nd in Best Part Bred then unplaced in equitation(think she'd had enough by then). Qualified for Equifest and the Riding...
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    Good News!!

    Thank you.
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    Good News!!

    Had the vet out this afternoon to rescan my daughters ponys tendon. Fantastic news, all healed up so we can crack on, get the pony fit and go to some shows. Ash has been a star whilst on box rest and then out in the field with her friends. :):):)