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  1. Ditchjumper2

    Gordon Elliott

    12 months ban with last 6 months suspended.
  2. Ditchjumper2

    Paying for damage when leaving yard

    I agree with above comments but if you are ever likely to need to go back to that yard then I would pay it tbh.
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    Hunting is in a spot of bother

    I am more getting at tbe sabs view that they save foxes wheres actually more end up getting killed but by farmers that's all. I agree that most hunts are their own worse enemy.
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    Hunting is in a spot of bother

    I do agree Palo1. Farmers would leave foxes and the hunt would cull the weakest thus leaving a stronger species. Farmers now shoot them all so actually more foxes get killed than the hunt ever did. Just saying that's all.
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    Hunting is in a spot of bother

    In the absence of hunting the sabs have already targeted shoots in this area. That is why all country sports need to stand together and work as one. The sabs will target shooting then fishing, the extremists wont be happy until anything involving animals is banned.
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    How long did it take you to 'get over' PTS?

    I lost my bou unexpectedly and quickly just before Christmas. Over the many years I have had horses I have obviously sadly had a few pts. In the early days was desperately upset, didnt want to go to the field or stables, not easy when you keep them at home! What changed it for me was having...
  7. Ditchjumper2

    Bryony Frost wins King George VI and becomes winningmost female jockey over jumps.

    Didn't see Harry Skeltons horse get up after that fall. Fell awkwardly was he ok? With no hunting am enjoying my Saturday afternoons watching the racing!
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    Glad to see him safely home and he was lucky to finish second. If he was mine I would call it a day. It looked hard work all the way round.
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    What is a 'hunt horse'?

    In addition according to my OH: Stand still whilst you stand in your stirrups and turn slightly to have a wee Stand whilst you have a drink Stand whilst you light a fag Not launch into orbit when you crack your whip That's what he looks for 🤣
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    Hunting this season

    A lot of smaller hunts will struggle I fear.
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    The challenges of working from home on a 12 week lockdown: 1. Being with your OH 24 hours a day is not easy!😬 2. No M&S 😥 3. I have more gin than tonic in the house🤪 4. Sitting on a semi plastic chair all day working is not good for your lady bits 🙄 5. Amazon is my best friend 😂 6. All those...
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    Jumping Ditches!!

    We are Suffolk and I agree with Clodagh. Keep lunging over as many ditches as you can. Our best hunter will also.sus out whether to go part way down or not.
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    Patey vs Safety Hat

    ď Yes this is correct.
  14. Ditchjumper2

    Patey vs Safety Hat

    Yes this is correct.
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    Is anyone else useless at trimming etc?

    I love clipping, trimming and pulling and am half decent at it. I Iove to see the transformation. Like Elf I much prefer to plait a tail.
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    Small Battery Clippers

    Would they do between front leg please?
  17. Ditchjumper2

    Small Battery Clippers

    I still can't find these although have to admit am not the est as searching. Would appreciate assistance as they sound what I need.
  18. Ditchjumper2

    Small Battery Clippers

    Link please?
  19. Ditchjumper2

    Thoroughpin advice!

    Seriously would not worry about it. They can be drained but not really worth it tbh as come back. Keep an eye on it but crack on.
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    KC agility anyone?

    Thanks everyone for your replies. It will be interesting to see how it goes. Fingers crossed 🙄
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    KC agility anyone?

    Today little one was KC measured. I have been fulfilling a fantasy acquired from those mis spent hours as a child watching agility from Olympia on the telly. You remember the days when at 9.25 BBC had HOYS or Olympia on after the news? Anyway a few years ago I joined a club and learnt agility...
  22. Ditchjumper2

    Boots for hunting

    When I have to boot I use Prolites. We are clay ditch country. I have had no issues or rubs. I always wash leg where the boots have been afterwards.
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    Patey vs Safety Hat

    OK I will be brave 🙄 I hunt in a Patey as does my OH. However, due to various circumstances ,not least our hunts change of direction ,we have not hunted this season. I have a new horse and will be wearing a crash hat this season when we eventually get going. It is personal choice I would...
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    Question for those who borrow transport...

    I will happily drive my lorry for someone else on an emergency but that's it. The only person I would lend it to is the family of the chap who does all the work on it. That is v v rare usually only for something important when theirs is off the road. It always comes back cleaner than it went and...
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    Hound exercise

    Not been yet. On the drag abit this season as a busy summer doing non horsey stuff which has been good, dare I say it?
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    Hunting as a non subscriber?

    We offer books of tickets too. But to be honest if you turn up and pay your visitors cap we won't turn you away. We are a small hunt and need all the money we can get.
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    Is it too early to get excited?!

    Well we have started. Our first meet was a evening one which seemed rather strange as we don't normally do this. I am clearly going senile as I kept saying Good Morning to everyone as I pursued them for their cap. As I scrambled on board the prancy bay pony I spotted another lorry arriving...
  28. Ditchjumper2

    URGENT ADVICE - not allowed to ride horse before vetting???

    I am with you on this one! If I have to convince myself it is right, then it is wrong. It should be a instant Yes!!! If I like it then that is that...sometimes I have not even ridden them.
  29. Ditchjumper2

    pussy lumps

    I too was thinking of a different pussy ���� clipper oil or overfeeding of carrots!!