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  1. tankgirl1

    Question for full loaners

    We paid everything. The owner kept the insurance in their name and we paid the cost of the premium to her. When he needed vet treatment we paid the excess
  2. tankgirl1

    hay - tips on using nets ...

    Try small holed nets then ad lib, or double netted?
  3. tankgirl1

    hay - tips on using nets ...

    Has all their hay gone by 8pm? Do they have any left in the morning? Are they overweight or poor at all? Ideally they should have adlib hay so they always have something to eat (as long as no health/weight issues)
  4. tankgirl1

    Breathing problems due to ammonia?

    I've just recently removed the mats from my mares stable and switched from straw to a dust extracted chopped rape straw bedding and soaked hay and her breathing has improved
  5. tankgirl1

    Which country please?

    Which country is it please that prohibits equines been kept alone? A link would be amazing too as I am rubbish at searching online for specific things. Thankyou in advance
  6. tankgirl1

    Size of pony / horse

    14.2hh upwards?
  7. tankgirl1

    "Discontinued" second hand stuff...what the hell..?!

    Also my mate put some used horsey stuff on the £1 auction site on FB and was quids in - folk paying over full whack for half a tin of cornucresine
  8. tankgirl1

    "Discontinued" second hand stuff...what the hell..?!

    People are nuts! A few years ago I got over £50 for a my little pony that had been gathering dust in my parents attic for years
  9. tankgirl1

    Soaking Hay

    I'm only soaking for asthma so do 10-20 mins fully submerged
  10. tankgirl1

    DIY rug repairs

    I've stitched with fishing line and rubbed wax from a candle over the stitches to seal them, not used the rug for a while but it never leaked
  11. tankgirl1

    Winter routines

    Mine is in at night now, I pay for her to be turned out and brought in, and I go up at tea time to muck out, soak her hay, sort her bucket and meds.
  12. tankgirl1

    Scotland sees sense at last......

    As an RVN I see that as a step backwards
  13. tankgirl1

    Feeding hay from a bucket

    I do 2 small soaked nets with an empty trug bucket under each one to catch the drips, it also catches most of the dropped hay
  14. tankgirl1

    How big a bed?

    It's only this last year or so that I've stopped doing her bed right up to the door... I think theres going to be a bit of trial and error with the new bedding until both pony and I are happy
  15. tankgirl1

    How big a bed?

    Yes I could do, maybe one smaller mat where she stands to eat her hay? There's one small enough that I could lift it back every few days to clean under it. Good idea Thankyou :)
  16. tankgirl1

    Too warm to rug, too grubby not to ...

    A cotton sheet? But I imagine the poo will squish through the fabric. Honestly I wouldn't rug just for my convenience tbh
  17. tankgirl1

    An interesting moment!

    Last summer when Whaley Bridge Dam nearly went my ponies were under the flight path of the chinooks. The shettie didn't care, but my mare would stand and watch them load up and fly over - she wasn't scared I don't think, just interested
  18. tankgirl1

    How big a bed?

    Only needed 4 in the end and it made a lovely bed
  19. tankgirl1

    Equine asthma 2020 style..

    She's not coughing just has heaves
  20. tankgirl1

    Equine asthma 2020 style..

    I just can't afford it unfortunately :(
  21. tankgirl1

    How big a bed?

    Forgot to ask, was that with or without mats?
  22. tankgirl1

    How big a bed?

    Thanks, I have 3 bales (all I could fit in my car), going to the feed shop again tomorrow, think I'll get another 3 just in case 5 looks a bit stingy without mats
  23. tankgirl1

    How big a bed?

    Thanks, I don't wan't it up to the door as don't want her getting hay mixed in with it if possible, so will probably be 10ft x 6ft actual bed size
  24. tankgirl1

    How big a bed?

    Pony is in a 10x10 stable. Needs dust free bedding (see my previous thread), just pulled all her matting out and disinfected the stable today, and it was disgusting under the mats. Considering not putting them down again, as they don't fit properly so wee gets everywhere, but then obviously...
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    Elderly horse pain relief Vs PTS

    My mare is on previcox, 1/4 tablet a day, I squish it into the middle of a slice of bread, She is considerably younger though, but it has helped her ETA not expensive at all, so maybe worth a try before winter hits to see if it helps?
  26. tankgirl1

    Equine asthma 2020 style..

    So this summer Equihaler was approved, at £250 a pop, meaning that vets can no longer prescribe cheap generic inhalers under the cascade. My mare was just diagnosed recently - help - every treatment seems to be extortionate and she's not insured :confused: I'm changing her management to soaked...
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    What are your underrated 'must haves'?

    I hate leg straps too. I take them off and use .... *bailing twine* as a fillet string ;)
  28. tankgirl1

    What are your underrated 'must haves'?

    Echo the bailing twine/caple ties/nappies etc. I keep pen and paper at the yard too which can be surprisingly helpful
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    Video Odd problem

    'cross tie' it?