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  1. Bellasophia

    Third dog advice male or female?

    Re chemical castration... Another option to the implant.. Two years ago we found found ( eco graph) a small cyst in my dogs prostate..the options were to castrate or try chemical castration. I opted for the latter as he is a very sensitive boy and has no negative problem behaviors that merited...
  2. Bellasophia

    Ear cropping, please read.

    Thankfully in Italy we are seeing hardly any cropped /docked cases.Some breeds such as Dobermans, boxers,etc thatwere traditionally docked are becoming a rare sight as people won’t buy the full tailed version. Very sad as they are great breeds. My third st poodle is undocked,I absolutely love...
  3. Bellasophia

    Third dog advice male or female?

    In another life I had two chihuahuas..they are described as being “clannish “and like their own kind.So it’s good that you will be getting another small dog.. If you get a male pup I’d ask the breeder for a middle,of the road character,not the assertive pup,whichever sex you choose.The two...
  4. Bellasophia

    Why do people buy dogs with potential welfare problems related to extreme conformation and inherited disease?

    And I like the terrier and to buy a good dog.
  5. Bellasophia

    Rotten Reggie update pics update obligatory!!!
  6. Bellasophia

    Rotten Reggie update

    Ditto ,splash girl is right..awesome update and all credit to you. You clearly love him to bits and he you.You’ve dropped his rotten prefix and he’s now Reggie..LOL I still think you should write a book,your descriptions had me in stitches,especially the non flinch/ on camera scenario..I presume...
  7. Bellasophia

    Farewell Miss Button

    It’s very sad when you lose a good heart,but you did her proud.Ive enjoyed your posts ,as your pack were so photogenic ,they never disappointed. i hope you have the energy to recoup in fast time..I say this since I lost two beautiful girls in close time,but have been very comforted by my...
  8. Bellasophia

    vera update.. been here 3 weeks already! 14 weeks old today

    She’s absolutely beautiful.
  9. Bellasophia

    Strange "attack"?

    Two ideas.. Check his anal glands. My schnauzer would spin her head round to check her rear if glands overfill..ive altered her diet and she’s fine now. Check his rear spinal area..for any sensitivity./pain. You say he won’t jump down from arthritic at front...maybe he’s getting...
  10. Bellasophia

    Portuguese Water Dog high energy? Any other similar suggestions?

    The German lines ,Russian lines,etc are very good dogs,but less refined than the more closed pedigrees of the uk dogs My last two were not high drive,nor phobic. They are wonderful dogs but really high maintenance ( re grooming). Check out Jane rowden at itzapromise uk.....she has my dog’s...
  11. Bellasophia

    Portuguese Water Dog high energy? Any other similar suggestions?

    If you are in uk I will tell you via pm where I bought my st poodle..beautiful, pick,but a really phobic dog..thunderstorms,loud bangs etc would trigger her ocd and I also heard from her litter siblings of similar behavior and issues. Also remember st poodles have high...
  12. Bellasophia

    Milan has brought back breed selective licensing

    I think the point of this new law( at present in Milan ,not all of Italy) is to get the owners to become educated and pass a test to show their dog is socialized and equilibrated in a public setting. Having owned a rottweiller and a dogue de Bordeaux mastiff ,I took both through more than one...
  13. Bellasophia

    Miss Collie - finally growing up?

    Really well done,you’ve clearly worked hard with such a high drive dog. Shes absolutely beautiful too!
  14. Bellasophia

    Portuguese Water Dog high energy? Any other similar suggestions?

    In the last twenty years I’ve had three st poodles..all so completely different in temperament they could have been different breeds.. Uk dog was v v high prey drive..epileptic,but managed...otherwise healthy. German dog was born serious,ideal for work,but had auto immune issues all her life...I...
  15. Bellasophia

    Lead suggestions for springer

    Harness,leather collar and a k9 double clip lead... You alternate between unclipping harness or collar..or use both at same time.....depending on your dogs reactive state and your location..
  16. Bellasophia

    Sweet dreams Doggle berry

    Sorry for your loss,it’s never easy.
  17. Bellasophia

    Milan has brought back breed selective licensing

    Pitbull, American bulldog, Pastore dell’Anatolia, Pastore di Charplanina, Pastore dell’Asia centrale, Pastore del Caucaso, Pastore Maremmano Abruzzese, Cane da Serra da Estreilla, Dogo argentino, Fila brazileiro, Perro da canapo majoero, Perro da presa canario, Perro da presa Mallorquin, Pit...
  18. Bellasophia


    Repeat ..delete.
  19. Bellasophia

    Second dog - or bitch?

    It’s such a personal decision,I’d ask you what preference you would have..boy or girl?...if you like the males I’d get a second male. In my case I’ve always had females,usually two at a time,with couple of years age difference..however,the last two dogs ( my st poodle and schnauzer are a mixed...
  20. Bellasophia

    Jack Russell Another link here describing this condition. A rare condition in a small ,young dog,I m sorry you are going through this as this genetic condition is very concerning ,obviously. I would want to ask the vet if this is likely to reoccur...
  21. Bellasophia


    I would have a hose pipe at the time it come onto your property I would soak the dog...short soak.
  22. Bellasophia

    First Birthday!

    Beautiful girl,what a happy ,honest face she has.
  23. Bellasophia

    Crazy about sheep

    So I sat on the sofa with my hub and we watched your video...I said you live in the Scottish highlands and the dogs are just youngsters.. Italian hub says” we missed our calling” englishme quips “ which one are you?im the black and white” ..puzzled silence... the divide is greater than I...
  24. Bellasophia

    Luxating patella

    If it is the patella slipping the first signs are often a skip,then a kick whilst the dog is walking.( classic hop and skip) grade one luxation this is often enough self adjust the patella back in place. if it’s cruciate.. My mastiff ruptured her crucial twice..she would limp,then hold...
  25. Bellasophia

    Puppy updates

    Perfect name for him..I am another fan of your line.
  26. Bellasophia

    Crazy about sheep

    Fabulous..the second one looks bewitched..what eyes he has. You are certainly the perfect home for them..I’m looking forward to your spring pics when they are starting to work.
  27. Bellasophia

    introducing vera!

    Looks like she will be a big strong girl. I love her face..vera( Italian for truth) suits her well.
  28. Bellasophia

    Hard working Beardie

    Absolute harmony..a dog doing what its been bred to do.. The drive / focus in pic two is wonderful. pic three battles through the brambles and is grinning. .....and driving those sheep ,brings me back to harmony..function and purpose personified. Love your pics Moobli!
  29. Bellasophia


    Skinny .re..l. no apology quoted this “ tuks law”link above, regarding a healthy dog being put down inappropriately.....etc.. ....since this was so out of context regarding Rocky,I included you with...