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  1. Magnetic Sparrow

    Aske Horse Trials 2019

    BE have issued a statement that they have taken seriously the feedback from competitors at Aske this year. Now I'm intrigued - does anyone know what the problems were, please?
  2. Magnetic Sparrow

    Saddler recommendations in Reading area

    I'm looking to buy a new saddle for my CB mare, so I'm hoping for recommendations for a good saddler in the Reading area. She's quite fussy about saddle fit, but I really need to think about replacing my current rather aging Wintec. Thanks in advance for any recommendations, and if anyone would...
  3. Magnetic Sparrow

    It's all my fault for keeping my dog on a lead, is it?

    I had an unusual walk with L, my too-small-to-be-a-greyhound-too-big-to-be-a-whippet sighthound in the woods today. I was wishing I could let her off the lead, but her recall is still very much work in progress, when I came across a lady calling for her Westie that had taken off after a deer...
  4. Magnetic Sparrow

    Advice, please about how to find a dog?

    If anyone could spare some time to advise me, I would be grateful. I'm a stranger here in All About Dogs. I would like a dog. I'd much rather rehome a more mature animal than have a youngster. We have a large, enclosed garden, and it wouldn't be on its own much: my elderly, retired parent...
  5. Magnetic Sparrow

    BHS REACT to colic campaign - stroppy owners required?

    As a BHS member I have received e-mail notification of the new REACT to colic campaign from the BHS and as someone who has lost a much-loved horse to that disease I would encourage everyone to check it out. However, one paragraph in the e-mail that did give me a proper laugh. It begins 'As...
  6. Magnetic Sparrow

    Suggestions please - probiotic or other digestive support?

    My 6yo Cleveland Bay mare has had one serious and one less serious bout of gassy colic in the last few weeks. One occurrence saw her hospitalised because of the rather strange symptoms, but ultimately the verdict was along the lines of 'gassy colic, no idea why, there's a lot of it about, go...
  7. Magnetic Sparrow

    Sue Cutts of Folds Farm, RIP

    I've just discovered that Sue Cutts of Folds Farm died last month. I only met her when I bought my Cleveland Bay from her a couple of years ago, but she was a real character and had such a passion for the breed. The world is poorer for her loss. It looks like the stud are selling off their...
  8. Magnetic Sparrow

    What the heck is Horse and Hound Editor's Choice?

    I got home to a letter from Eventing magazine telling me that Eventing was folding (which I already knew but :-( anyway), but that my subscription will be transferred to Horse and Hound Editor's Choice instead. Can you lovely people tell me what Horse and Hound Editor's Choice is, please? I...
  9. Magnetic Sparrow

    Calling a horse 'it'. Do you?

    Perhaps it's my age - I'm a more mature rider - but I sometimes refer to horses as 'it'. It's not a particularly conscious thing, I do it to any horse including my own. This morning I met a woman I don't know in the process of turning out a horse belonging to one of my fellow liveries, and...
  10. Magnetic Sparrow

    Livery yard suggestions in the Southampton area please

    I'm looking for a yard in the Southampton area (have car, prepared to travel). My horse is young and currently being backed, therefore I'm looking for somewhere with a school and turnout every day. I work away a lot and would therefore prefer a yard where care can be provided (turnout, muckout...
  11. Magnetic Sparrow

    How can I find a Cleveland Bay?

    Since I lost my half CB mare I have wanted to get myself a purebred Cleveland Bay. It was my medium-term plan as I had my homebred gelding (out of that mare by a TB sire) who was capable of everything I needed. However, I lost him suddenly a few days ago and I am very quickly realising that...
  12. Magnetic Sparrow

    How do I persuade my horse to take it easy?

    Any ideas please? My mare has just had her hind fetlocks injected and is supposed to be on box rest for two days. However if you keep her in when any of her friends are out she box walks (and box canters) and kicks seven bells out of her box walls. You can give her company but unless ALL her...
  13. Magnetic Sparrow

    Foal cribbing - advice please?

    I'm looking for some advice or similar experiences, please. A friend of mine has a five month old colt foal, not yet weaned or cut, kept out with his dam and another mare and colt. To her horror she has noticed him cribbing on the fence posts of the field. The cribbing colt seems (at least to...
  14. Magnetic Sparrow

    Hampshire HHOs - anyone going to the event in Curdridge?

    Riverside vets are putting on a free evening event in Curdridge (Botley) on Wednesday. There are two talks: one on prevention of laminitis and one on problems with the older horse. As the owner of an old and currently rather portly mare, that's right up my street! Anyone else going?
  15. Magnetic Sparrow

    Reasonably priced pickup insurance

    Can anyone help me please? I've just taken possession of a Nissan pickup truck and now want to insure it. I asked for a quote from my usual insurers (the AA) and nearly fell off my chair at the price they quoted me. I can't be the only one who has decided that a pickup is the way to go for...