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    Would you consider this a bit mean?

    I have my first lesson in over 20 years this weekend, on a young horse that has only just started schooling - I want to make sure I'm giving him the best start and do it right! People have joked about ring side seats, but I've just found out a 'friend' from another yard is coming to 'say hello'...
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    Results of Henry's PM

    Just received the main findings. He had a brain tumour expanding into the thalamus, which is why he was showing intermittent ataxia. It was clearly starting to spread, as he also had several mesenteric lipomas. I wouldn't ever have known this if I hadn't donated him to the vet school and for me...
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    Sending saddle by post

    Who do people use? Would like it 24 hr if possible and obviously tracked/signed for!
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    Hanging cheek bit sizing

    I was told when I bought my cob that he was a 5.5" bit size, but stupidly didn't ask which bit they had used to back him. I bought a 5.5" hanging cheek with French link and he's never settled in it - overly mouthy and shakes his head sometimes in walk - and it does look small in his mouth...
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    Cotton summer sheets/fly rugs

    I need to buy the chunky monkey a fly rug (and it's his birthday today - he's 6). I hate plasticky polyester fly rugs, although I have them for my Exmoor, as all sweet itch rugs seem to be poly in her size. I'm also trying to reduce plastic anywhere I can. I keep looking at the Mark Todd and...
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    Clipperman Jewel trimmers for feather - yay or nay?

    I want to trim down my cob's feather (and maybe the coat), not completely, but with a grader, just to make grooming easier in the summer. Am very new to clipping. I have a friend's Harmony cordless on load, but can't make out if they're compatible with graders and I'm worried I'll wreck them...
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    Haygrazer slow delivery?

    Ordered two almost two weeks ago and nothing received. Have emailed and got no response. It's supposed to be a thank you gift and it's getting embarrassing that I haven't given her anything! Website said dispatch Tues or Thursday, so thought they'd be here, now. Is this usual for this company?
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    Vet recommendation near Hook (Basingstoke), please!

    I may be purchasing a horse there and it's a little too far for my own vet to travel. Ta muchly in advance. :-)
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    Failed vettings and insurance

    The horse I was due to buy failed vetting on two legs, so I've walked away, as I already have two money pits and don't need a third. Vet said insurance would be an issue for him. They still wanted me to take the horse (!), planning to re-vet him with another practice (they weren't happy with my...
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    LEAST absorbent shavings?

    I normally use aubiose on dirt in the shelter, but with Henry still being penned in at night, it's a job and a half to muck out and costing a small fortune. He's going back in there to pee in the day, too, so I'm mucking out twice daily. Wondering about switching to shavings, so that the pee...
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    Horse cremation/incineration

    A thread I never wanted to write. My pony is quite ill.and there's a real chance I'll lose him if he doesn't improve. After 2 days, he's not responding to treatment and he's an old boy. I'm therefore thinking of my options, as I won't be able to when the time comes. Hoping to donate him to my...
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    On a train and passing horses whose rugs have slipped. Definition of frustration. Arrrghhh!! I know you lot will understand. ;-)
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    Fanfare required: first ridden canter!

    As per title. She was backed a couple of months ago, but due to her sensitive nature I've taken it ultra slow. We went on a hack this morning with a long striding horse, so she dropped right back in trot. I impulsively asked for canter (voice) and she popped into a smooth, collected, balanced...
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    Luna has been killed. :(

    My beautiful black girl, Luna, was hit by a car, yesterday, about 2pm. She had so much land on our side of the lane, but for some reason crossed the road further up. The car didn't stop, but the people behind did and took her to the vet, but she was already gone. Thankfully the chip did its job...
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    Ex Batt chooks. Reassure me!

    FIL has kept chooks for years but is rather old school with certain things. For Christmas I said I'd get them some ex batts, as their flock was depleted down to one. Since then he bought 4 warrens as a stop gap, as the first homing day was today. OH came in half an hour ago and tells me FIL is...
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    Here we go again... :(

    Feeling sorry for myself, really. At the end of August 2012 I lost Cleetus, to renal failure brought on by a tumour. November 2013 I lost Rosco, my cat of a lifetime, to oral cancer (SCC). Still sorely missed. Two months later I'm faced with poor Sandy having renal failure. I took her on last...
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    Hoof boots and slipping solution

    Like many I expect, I ride on varied terrain, including lethal grassy and smooth, slippery slopes. Recently I'd seen horsey sites advertise studs for boots and so I thought I'd invest, but bought the studs for a fraction of the price from 6 studs into each front boot (backcountry)...
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    Rosco is gone.

    My beloved Rosco was put to sleep at home, about an hour ago. Despite eating difficulties, he was very full of life, still and had been out this morning and early afternoon for his patrols. However, it was only going to get worse and I had to spare him what was ahead. I'll never know another cat...
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    Wood pellets Vs cat litter pellets. Difference??

    Just been researching wood pellets and cat litter pellets as I am looking for something to put UNDER the mats as well as on top in the field shelter, so wanted cheapo and bulk (and have cats, so would be good to lessen the shopping!!). Found this from Eden...
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    Sad news. It's SCC

    Squamous cell carcinoma came back from the biopsy. I worked in cancer research long enough to know the score. Absolutely devastated. My little cat has weeks left to live. He will most likely be pts before my holiday (that'll be great...) in mid-October. :(
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    Positive vibes for Rosco, please. Surgery today.

    My poor little cat is going through it, at the moment. I smelt bad breath during a cuddle last week, so took him for a dental check up on Thursday. The vet found a tooth abscess, but also there appears to be a long growth along his lower jaw. Whether this has caused the abscess or vice versa is...
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    Anyone else having problems with fungus in chaff?

    I had to take a second bag back, this morning. First bag was exchanged yesterday (top customer service!) and much swearing ensued this morning, when I knew before even opening it, it stank that bad! Gave up and bought some Graze On, instead. Not ideal, as I have oodles of grass, but I need some...
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    Snuggy Hood head-only slippage?

    I have one for my mare and it seems well fitting. Size is spot on. I have to stretch it to do up the zip, so it is, erm, snuggy. ;) However, YM has heard of a case where the hood slipped. I'm not discounting the possibility, but wanted to know if this has happened to anyone? Hood has been worn...
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    I feel sick with worry- handing in notice, later.

    I like the people on my yard, the location and the facilities, but the set up is just not working for me or the ponies. Various issues which can't be resolved easily (would involve one of three people including me leaving the yard, due to aggressive/hormonal issues not related to my ponies!) and...
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    Why have horses when you clearly can't be bothered?!?

    I went to see a field and shelter, yesterday, which is part of a group of fields owned by a lovely lady. Field itself was fine, but currently occupied by some horses as their field is being harrowed. They apparently officially moved off weeks ago, but were back for a couple of days for this...
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    So far so good on the new yard...

    Thanks to those people who responded to my previous thread about being so scared to move onto a nearby yard. Probate for my own land is still up in the air and although I initially turned the livery down (wasn't sure they'd share a stable and there's no shelter in the field), the YM was...
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    Snuggy hood delivery. Slow?

    I ordered from them nearly two weeks ago and the payment has gone through, but no product! Are they just a bit slow?
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    Exmoor mare up for grabs.

    OK, so not really. It was her first ride out since Christmas, due to snow and ice, so I half expected her to be extra nervy (she's early in her ridden career, just getting her streetwise and confident alone). Little cow was looking for things to run away from. Logs, branches, big stones...
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    Selling hay on. Now or Autumn?

    Am swaying towards this yard vacancy, but one problem is my hay stash. Not long before the field landlady died, I bought 12 maHOOSIVE bales of dry haylage/wrapped hay, 250 Kg each. Due to the mild winter, I'd have 9 or 10 left and understandably, YO doesn't want to be unfair to everyone else by...
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    Why am I so afraid of livery yards?!?!

    I'm driving myself mad at the moment. I was assured that all would be ok with me staying on my rented land, but the house hasn't sold and the only interest wanted the land with it. There's a real chance that I will have to move off, now and I'm devastated. Rented land round here is so rare and...