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    When is time to move up in dressage

    Do you really need to be placed? Surely you are doing it to improve on your own scores, when you think you have improved enough at intro, move yourself up a level to Prelim and avoid those people.
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    Ear cropping, please read.

    I really don't understand why anyone would want a Rottweiler without a 'handle':D As for ear cropping, it's a barbaric practice. Petition signed.
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    Using curb strap on elevators and universals...

    I used a NS Universal with a curb strap and 2 reins, as you say the bit can rotate without the strap, I used to have it adjusted quite loosely.
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    Bald patches under mane

    I would suspect lice. The best treatment I have ever found was Cooper's Fly Repellent Plus but I'm not sure if it is still available
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    Moving day!

    That's excellent! Definitely the right thing to do and pony knows it too:).
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    Rats in stables :( how to get rid

    Ferrets and terriers, the rats won't return while there is still a smell of ferret lingering
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    Gordon Elliott

    If someone had been photo'd sitting on a dead person, there would very likely been all sorts of unsavoury, sexual connotations, so that isn't comparable. If it had been a rare species that had died of natural causes, as this horse did, I would have thought pretty much the same as I do about...
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    Life in the old dog yet

    He is looking very well - a real credit to you!
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    Are some horses just naturally upside down?

    You can help him to develop better neck musculature by feeding from the ground, rather than from a haynet, if you don't already but you are definitely making an improvement.
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    Problems with my new mare - should I keep her?

    Unless you are going to ride her and need her to be clean, can I suggest that you don't brush her, keep grooming to the bare minimum of checking her over and picking out feet? I wonder if her owner hasn't brushed her much recently. Has her feed changed at all, does she get plenty of forage...
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    New pony, threw daughter - do I keep him?

    Every horse does not spook, bolt and buck! I have owned horses for almost 50 yrs and during that tie I've had plenty of horses that did none of those things, even when startled (rarely) they would 'jump on the spot' with their feet barely leaving the ground if at all. ETA, posted without...
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    Gordon Elliott

    I think this is exactly what everyone should do. I really wish people would not post speculating what figures in the public eye, for any reason, would do in various circumstances, when they/we can't possibly know. Quite apart from anything else it weakens the argument for anyone to respect...
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    Some are saying kissing spine, others saying wrong fitting saddle?

    Ulcers very often happen as a result of pain caused by something else.
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    Head/neck shaking while riding

    I would want the vet, rather than a physio to have a look at her.
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    Up at 5.30 for the second time in 3 nights...

    He's a Labrador, the vast majority of them 'wolf' their food down. Ours savour a treat but barely seem to taste their meals (unless, of course, they decide they don't like it). Of course dogs don't chew their food like we do, they would tear it off the bone and swallow, if they were in the...
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    Some are saying kissing spine, others saying wrong fitting saddle?

    If your saddler is due soon, I would give the horse the intervening time off ridden work and wait to see what happens with the new saddle
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    Up at 5.30 for the second time in 3 nights...

    I am pleased that he seems to be improving. I wouldn't feed and walk within the same hour, as a matter of course and I must admit that it has never occurred to me not to add water to feed. I would be worried about the possibility of bloat if I fed kibble or biscuits dry in quantity.
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    Gordon Elliott

    If GE were to be banned the horses would be moved to other yards, the staff would be needed elsewhere, surely?
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    Exercises to steady/rebalance canter

    What is he like cantering on a hack/in a larger space? I would intersperse the arena sessions with some cantering uphill with transitions along the way to help him to get his weight back, so that he knows what it should feel like.
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    New pony, threw daughter - do I keep him?

    He doesn't sound like a first pony to me.
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    Yard choices, help needed to decide.

    I would not want a sociable horse, especially a young one, on individual turnout. I would ask the YO of the 10 acres if it would be possible to use grass for a schooling area
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    How would you handle this?

    I would email the local police and make them aware, expressing your concern about the driving of both drivers and notify the BHS
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    Juvenile sarcoids

    My then 4 yr old cob had a sarcoid on her muzzle which started to bleed, vet excised it. Several years later there is no sign of recurrence, or of any further sarcoids.
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    Gordon Elliott

    You expressed my feelings very well, except that I have the bonus of not doing FB.
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    Rotten Reggie update

    I'm another who is in admiration of your patience and skills with Reggie. We have had several rehomed dogs and 3 Rottweilers and I'm not sure that I would have been able to deal with Reggie, or even wanted to really. I am glad that you persisted though, if nothing else, your stories make me...
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    Gordon Elliott

    I doubt that a SM witch hunt will be needed to severely curtail his career. Unless his owners are extremely well satisfied with his performance over time, they *will* move their horses. As I understand it, making a living from training can be quite precarious because owners become...
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    Gordon Elliott

    The owners can move their horses and still race them, if they so wish.
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    More 'oomph' for Cushing horse

    I certainly wouldn't feed whey to a horse, they are not evolved to digest it. If he doesn't have shoes, you would have an early warning about any foot problems. I have never fed a horse on oats but if he did well on that feed before the diagnosis, I really can't see the problem at least in the...
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    Gordon Elliott

    I cannot speak for minesadouble or ycbm . I have 3 times had a dog be pts on the operating table. I have not asked for the body to be returned or individual cremation, I do not want the ashes back, although I have asked for the collar and lead. As soon as the animal is dead , it's gone. Our...
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    Worried about neighbours dog

    I think you just have to accept that what your neighbours do in their own flat is their concern. It certainly doesn't sound like an ideal situation but actually you can't know how much time the dog spends in a crate and if we all tried to persuade everybody else to train/keep their dogs they...