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  1. PapaFrita

    I just bought my first cob! Introduction + feed advice + photos!

    He's lovely! Congratulations. Gorgeous dapples and lovely full tail! :)
  2. PapaFrita

    Pictures Shameless love him thread

    Ooh, he's lovely and so shiny!!
  3. PapaFrita

    Why do people want to own cobs?

    LOL!!! WELL, technically, LC is only HALF wb, and I've only fallen off F twice (once startled by a cow where it shouldn't have been, then, more shamingly, dislodged by the SHOWJUMPER being horrified at being asked to TROT over a pole on the ground.... Not my finest hour) I've only had the cob...
  4. PapaFrita

    Why do people want to own cobs?

    *waves* Well, I went and bought a cob, for a start! LOL. Otherwise much the usual stuff, but not on HHO :p
  5. PapaFrita

    Why do people want to own cobs?

    I have experienced first hand the descent from TB to WB to LW cob (Criollo) I'm not even ashamed :D
  6. PapaFrita

    Horse try’s to per but nothing comes out

    Like I said, mine was absolutely fine to ride, ate normally etc, until he stopped being able to pee entirely and we lost him in 48 hours. Mares are much easier to treat (48 hours of talking to vet about bladder stones) Hopefully it is just that she's in season :) Do you know the vet well enough...
  7. PapaFrita

    Ex-broodmare can’t canter

    Can she canter ok and a good distance in a straight line?
  8. PapaFrita

    Horse try’s to per but nothing comes out

    Get the vet out. She might have bladder stones, which mercifully in a mare are easy to sort out (mares have nice wide urethras) My gelding was not so lucky and he was fine(peeing often and little, but normal in himself) until he wasn't. Matter of 2 days.
  9. PapaFrita

    Schooling an un-schooled 10 year old?

    A couple of years ago I backed a 7yo and she was great. Was totally chilled and straightforward. Younger horses tend to have more on their minds and 'noise' in their heads... if that makes sense. They have SO much to learn and it's all so new. This mare didn't have that
  10. PapaFrita

    Letting your horse gallop

    My ex racehorse, PF, did not need to gallop with me on top. She was very good at it, and frankly, it was a tiny bit scary as a thoroughbred galloping is nothing like any other horse galloping. I do take LC for the occasional gallop although he also likes to buck. F galloping is lovely. Like...
  11. PapaFrita

    What was I thinking ... Nearly sold him!

    I have a safe grey I nearly sold as well! I bought him as a 4YO because he was so reassuringly calm, after LC, who has always been a pocket rocket. Eventually I decided he was a bit too placid and he went on trial for a week when he was 5. Went to a show the same weekend with a young girl...
  12. PapaFrita

    Experiences of combination bits

    I've tried the myler low port short shank combination and didn't find it severe at all. If I recall correctly, the snugger the hackamore/noseband bit, the sooner that comes into play, ahead of the snaffle part. I started a very big, gangly horse (she was 7, so not a baby) in a bitless bridle...
  13. PapaFrita

    The string test: how accurate was it for your horses?

    I wish I'd done this with F when he was 4. He was very leggy although only about the same height as LC (who stopped growing at 4) and is now at least a couple of inches taller and wider. I think the string test was pretty accurate with LC, but I was really really hoping he'd make 16hh and he...
  14. PapaFrita

    Smallest I could ride?

    NO!! You look absolutely fine, and you're WAY lighter than me and I'm sure Dave would have no problem carrying me either.
  15. PapaFrita

    What bit for keeping head up?

    Some more than others LOL :)
  16. PapaFrita

    Alf's retirement...

    I love Alf :)
  17. PapaFrita

    What was/is the point of Tomatillo?

    Adolfo Cambiaso played SIX clones of his mare Cuartetera in the Argentine Open and apparently they were all amazing.
  18. PapaFrita

    Saracen Releve soak or not?

    Since the acid isn't neat, isn't its neat acidity essentially a moot point. Or a moo point, if you watch too much TV and like to quote Friends? From Google The most dorsal part of the stomach has the highest pH, usually close to 7, dropping to a pH of 3.0–6.0 near the margo plicatus, and...
  19. PapaFrita

    Saracen Releve soak or not?

    "Joy: All these facts and opinions look the same. I can't tell them apart. Bing Bong: Happens to me all the time. Don't worry about it."
  20. PapaFrita

    Saracen Releve soak or not? Yes, I'm aware it's not talking about humans, but then again, you're VERY adamant about something you learnt 40 years ago and "don't really worry if it's wrong or right"
  21. PapaFrita

    Saracen Releve soak or not?

    Mucus is why it doesn't eat its way of the horse :) (and enzymes, depending on which part of the digestive tract you're refering to)
  22. PapaFrita

    What do you think??

    This! :)
  23. PapaFrita

    Why do people want to own cobs?

    No white bits ;) Except for the GREY that I swore I'd never own... For some reason horses with white bits don't seem to burn here. Possibly a bit like me; I'm quite pale but have now become swarthy.
  24. PapaFrita

    Why do people want to own cobs?

    I had a string of TB mares... Very bright and loved them all, but the geldings are more 'restful' :) And very decorative :)
  25. PapaFrita

    Why do people want to own cobs?

    We don't really DO winter....
  26. PapaFrita

    Why do people want to own cobs?

    I'm in my summer coat ;)
  27. PapaFrita

    Why do people want to own cobs?

    No no, full leg clip for me :)
  28. PapaFrita

    Why do people want to own cobs?

    Not enough to justify going unclipped...
  29. PapaFrita

    Why do people want to own cobs?

    I have warmbloods... they're too thick to read ;)