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    Aggressive neighbour - any advice?

    I would also add contact your insurance company too. If she damages something you may need to make a claim against her. Are you a BHS member? they may also offer advice.
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    Loading - when it doesn't go to plan

    I always (or nearly) refuse help. However last year after a fun ride I relented. I had been trying for 1 and a half hours, every one was leaving and in the end I had to accept help. One on the front and 2 pushing him in, he gave up, and went in.
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    Loading - when it doesn't go to plan

    Mine will load happily for any amount of practice. Its only when I want to go somewhere he refuses! Therefore it must be me!
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    When was the last time you rode?

    Really not ridden since October, but did ride through the village last week and frightened both of us with the amount of traffic. There must be a lot of people with essential journeys!
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    New Forest experts

    Personally, I think its just a bad picture of Fingerprint.
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    Fat pony needs a balancer?

    My gelding was diagnosed with EMS in 2019. Had him on metformin for most of last year and he lost a fair bit of weight. Clipped him out in October, then stopped ridding ( circumstances) and stopped additional bucket feed. Currently he is on meadow hay, unrugged turnout for approx 5 -7 hrs...
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    Washing legs? Hose them off everyday?

    I'll wash hooves if they are covered in sticky mud, might wave the hose up his pasterns but always done before he is in for the night so a chance to dry before going out again.
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    Can we talk body protector for hacking and schooling?

    I have a race safe, but it didn't stop rib injuries when i was bucked off. So i invested in a Hit-Air Jacket, Then discovered it was on a horse length lanyard on a 14.2 pony. Where the air jacket all the time unless I am in the arena. Race safe & air jacket when competing.
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    Trailer loading difficulty

    Practice, practice. practice. He is probably feeling claustrophobic. Dont put any ramps up until he will stand happily munching a hay net, then put the back up first, when he is used to that put the front up. If he is one to rush off forwards only allow him to back out.
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    Not wanting to extend a loan

    I had to do this, and send a pony back to his owner. I was dreading it, but she was quite happy, she found him a new home and I delivered him for her. Pony is happy in his new place and his new Mum adores him. I think I gave her about 6-8 weeks notice, though time was not really a problem for me.
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    (horse related) pet peeves...

    People riding with out hat Road riders without hi viz pony who comes into clean stable and promptly poos! OH who 'borrows' my shavings fork to scrap up silage and doesn't put it back
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    Feel so guilty all the time

    Having just skimmed through the thread ( apologies for not reading all the posts) I feel much better, I am not the only one! Pony is naked in muddy field, I sent his companion home just before Christmas. He has a pile of hay in the mud, the field is a mess, I am not riding its too wet & roads...
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    Air Jackets . . . .

    I have a Hit-Air, I wear it every time I ride except when I am in the school. I wear a cheap hi-viz 'jacket' over the top, and a BP underneath if competing. My only suggestion would be to make sure you are using the correct length lanyard for the beast you are riding. A horse length one on a...
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    Saddle fit question.

    Without stating the obvious, have you had a professional fitter to look?
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    How rare is it to have four dogs or more?

    We have 3, MIL has 1 (she lives with us but not in our house).
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    How come New Forest pony youngstock are so cheap?

    I had a forester who was almost 15hh. He was pure bred by a little stallion of not much more than 13,2. His dam was a forest bred mare, who though fully registered was rumoured to have had a doubtful ancestry. TBH he wasn't really show potential, but as an adult on a 'pony' I found there was...
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    How come New Forest pony youngstock are so cheap?

    My gelding is 14.2 strong type. I am around 11stone up to 11.5. plus tack etc. He has no problems carrying me. I am 5ft 7
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    Travelling in a trailer with no partition, good idea or not?

    I started to travel my gelding without the partition as I felt he loaded better that way. However, he soon found out he could turn round whilst I was fixing up the back bar, before I had the chance to cross tie him at the front. I am afraid we have gone back to the partition again.
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    How come New Forest pony youngstock are so cheap?

    As a general rule, the forest bred youngsters are cheaper than the stud bred. Often the youngsters will be sold straight off the forest and have had little or no handling, compared to the stud bred ponies. This is reflected in the price, if you are comparing sale prices directly with other...
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    Advantage of crates for puppies?

    Our 3 are all crated, very useful when we have to leave the house for a while. The youngest ( she's 2 )is still crated during the day if we are going to be away for more than an hour because she is a thief, though this is now being reduced. Also useful if visitors arrive that aren't sure of...
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    Slow feeder nets

    I have nibbleze nets love these so much I now have 4 for 1 pony. Wet or dry, so far no holes. The 'string' is much softer than other nets, it also has rings to and bottom.
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    Cat not eating

    Definitely check teeth, one of our farm cats lost a huge amount of weight last year and I thought she would be making her final journey, all of a sudden she had a huge abscess burst on her jaw line. After some antibiotics she was fine and is now fit and healthy for a 13 yo cat.
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    How do you get over a serious fall?

    My gelding has a good buck and I have had an ouchy fall twice, both time rib bruising and 10 and 5 weeks off riding. It didn't put me off, however I always ride with air bags! (Failed 2nd fall because wrongly adjusted) I tell myself I am not afraid of the pony, only of what he can do. I would...
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    Bloody fireworks

    I had to try very hard not to fall out with my friend and neighbour a few days ago. They always host village f-w party. This year ( tonight) just bonfire, and family f-ws, However, our sheep were to have been in the field opposite theirs. I asked her not to have fireworks.... her answer was...
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    Which side for rein buckle?

    To the right, I don't know if I was taught that but after more than 50 years of riding I don't think I could swap! However, I have just spotted a photo of me aged 5 on my leading rein pony, & low and behold my rein loop is on the left. Time to trawl through the photo album me thinks to see...
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    Best balancer for young natives (New Forest)

    I really wouldn't be worrying about balancers, as long as they have good quality forage. My NF is now 13, though i have fed many different things over the years trying to sort his energy levels out, he has never had a balancer. currently feeding hay, speedibeet and D & H safe & Sound. He has...
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    Straw and shavings shortage this winter

    Our straw ( we buy in from a local farm ) is down by about 40% this year. We have had to look at ways of stretching the straw we have to last over winter for bedding cattle
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    Dressage Nerves/anxiety/agoraphobia

    Take the pressure off yourself. Why not video your tests each week and see how you have improved. I think many of us feel we ae letting our horses down from time to time. but in the end all they want is love, food and company. Do what makes you feel comfortable and may be one day you will...
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    Pet cow 🐄

    so much paperwork... holding number, movement reporting, Tb tests, not to mention winter feeding, a safe area to handle her, and if the dreaded happens, you cant just bury her body in the garden . Could you just ask the farmer to sell her to you and pay him to keep her so you can visit? cows...