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  1. Magnetic Sparrow

    Another loose dog incident at an event. Time to ban dogs?

    Cheers for that, you want me to pay to travel to volunteer, then pay to get my dog looked after. Like that is going to happen.
  2. Magnetic Sparrow

    Another loose dog incident at an event. Time to ban dogs?

    As a volunteer at BE events, what am I supposed to do with my dog when I'm at an event for up to 12 hours if I can't take her with me?
  3. Magnetic Sparrow

    Yard owner caused colic

    I would expect the first step to be speaking to the yard owner or manager and seeing if you can get your money back. You do sound well out of there!
  4. Magnetic Sparrow

    Would you expect a YO to be able/willing to remove a shoe?

    Some yard owners aren't even horsey, so as a general rule, no I wouldn't. I would expect them to be able to call a farrier.
  5. Magnetic Sparrow

    Do you look like your dog?

    My dog is a slim blonde with melting brown eyes. I'm nothing like that
  6. Magnetic Sparrow

    Dry foods for incredibly fussy greyhound?

    LC lurcher gobbles down Chudleys Sensitive Lamb, but she gobbles down anything.
  7. Magnetic Sparrow

    WWYD - neighbours barking dogs

    Threats are not helpful.
  8. Magnetic Sparrow

    Grazing or livery yard near Bucklebury

    There are a few around the Tidmarsh area. Is that too far?
  9. Magnetic Sparrow

    Most & Least Favourite Eventer

    Andrew Nicholson for being so still and balanced. Mark Todd for being one of the nicest human beings on earth. Ian Stark for being the second nicest human being on earth and for having the cohones to ride Murphy Himself to such success. Least favourite riders are the ones who ride honest horses...
  10. Magnetic Sparrow

    How long for hock injections to work

    Was it a steroid injection? If yes, then in my experience (sample size of two), there should be improvement by now.
  11. Magnetic Sparrow

    What's happened to Wocket Woy? Anyone know?

    There's a Facebook group 'Racehorses where are they now'. I haven't checked it, though, because I loathe Facebook!
  12. Magnetic Sparrow

    Help to put weight on my 5 year old staillion

    Have a hunt round using the search function and you will find several old threads that might give you a few ideas. My personal favourite is boiled barley (if you have a spare slow cooker).
  13. Magnetic Sparrow

    Catrophen injections

    My mare had a series of 3 Cartrophen injections in the second half of last year. I can't recall the dose each time, but they seem to have made an enormous difference.
  14. Magnetic Sparrow

    Mare bucks in season

    I had a mare who got tender behind the saddle coming into season at the beginning of each year. Oestress really helped her.
  15. Magnetic Sparrow

    My horse really really needs this!

    I was thinking more in terms of batmobile - batcave - bathorse.....
  16. Magnetic Sparrow

    Dog Theft

    My mother's dog was stolen from Reading and recovered from a traveller camp in Portsmouth. Bonny, I'm not sure I entirely agree with your thinking. Not that many cars are stolen compared to the number, but I lock mine when I leave it somewhere. I don't leave my dog vulnerable either.
  17. Magnetic Sparrow

    Towbar damage 🙁

    Some numpty rearended my truck in their teeny transit. I was stationary at the back of a queue and she didn't seem to notice. Piled into me at 30mph. Claimed she sneezed and missed the fact that we'd all been stopped for several seconds, then refused to give me her name. She would only give me...
  18. Magnetic Sparrow

    My horse ate a whole packet of Strong Mints in one go on Saturday night.

    One of mine passed a plastic bag full of feed.
  19. Magnetic Sparrow

    Any experience with PetPlan Equine insurance - do they pay out?

    I picked up a good horse that had to be sold to pay the vet's bill because Petplan agreed to pay for treatment verbally, then changed their minds when the bill arrived. So I like Petplan, but I would never insure with them.
  20. Magnetic Sparrow

    How often does your horse see a masseuse, etc?

    Mine sees a chiro every 3 months. She does go better after than before treatment, but to be honest she enjoys it so much I would probably continue even if the chiro found nothing wrong.
  21. Magnetic Sparrow

    Probiotic for horse with colic tendency

    My horse is a bit colic-prone and simply feeding Brewers Yeast seems to help. And it's cheap, so a good place to start IMHO.
  22. Magnetic Sparrow

    New charity, Apg, if you don't listen to the Archers, pass by!

    I am so glad I am not the only one who feels bad for the Grundys. Every time Ed has another disaster I have to stop listening for a few weeks. How about the family finding out that the pot Joe used to keep his false teeth in is actually a priceless antique?
  23. Magnetic Sparrow

    **Daughter and Dolly and Harley....nearly ten years on!!**

    I used to follow your adventures from afar. I would never have guessed 10 years. Wow.
  24. Magnetic Sparrow

    And then he only took one 😂🤣😂

    My lurcher has a doughnut habit. 14 so far this year until recently when my dad was stunned at how quickly the birds had devoured the stale doughnut he'd left on the bird table...
  25. Magnetic Sparrow

    Blenheim Horse Trials

    I went to watch the Saturday XC for many years, then they changed the format a few years ago. I was considering going this year, but the 4* XC is Saturday 9am-2pm, and the 8/9yo XC on Sunday is 10am-1.30pm. Hardly seems worth hauling all that way for such a short day. I'd rather go on Sunday for...
  26. Magnetic Sparrow

    Burghley 1.5 hour queue to get out - Is that normal?

    I left about 4.30pm, very little delay, but I avoided the A1.
  27. Magnetic Sparrow

    Who is/was your hero?

    Andrew Nicholson, Lucinda Green. Red Rum
  28. Magnetic Sparrow

    Cute but ridiculous 😂 rug!

    Silly me - pineapples and flamingos, the obvious combination. Duh. Thanks
  29. Magnetic Sparrow

    Cute but ridiculous 😂 rug!

    Slightly off message, but what are the yellow bits on the rug? I'm intrigued.