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  1. Pedantic

    Nice water Wade hack

    Sat at home a bit bored, so posted for those not on FB who havent seen our Saturday Water Wade
  2. Pedantic

    My horse Trailer parked outside my house

    Neighbor opposite moaning he can see it from his lounge, doesnt like it, shant go into the whole story, but people in glass house's as the saying goes...
  3. Pedantic

    Cleaned Bridle and Saddle

    Nothing exciting, other than it doesn't get done more than about once a year :p
  4. Pedantic

    Not our finest of bridge crossings..

    Well after a lovely hack for about 2 hours, with some lovely canters etc etc etc, things didn't go too well coming back over the bridge yesterday....I think the farmer had just gone into the field, maybe with feed, and the cows were all running towards the bridge...I'm guessing.. Cant make my...
  5. Pedantic

    Hunter Wellies...ohhhh dear
  6. Pedantic

    Driving School Despair, Highway code 214 to 218 ? DUH

    And we wonder why there so many idiots on the road, I'm Hi Viz ed up and horse has Hi Vis Leg bands at the front as well, plus Orange Rein covers, plenty of time to see me and pretty much unmissable
  7. Pedantic

    Nasty spook, I did swear once so fluffies don't watch.
  8. Pedantic

    Video fun Riding my friends horse up steps and over the bridge

    My own Po hurt his head in the field last xmas, my friend let me ride her horse while he recovered, I have been riding him twice a week since then, he's a total star and goes anywhere my own Po goes, this was in the summer, been over the bridge today so thought I would post this summers video...
  9. Pedantic

    Fun in the Snow tanking off with me scary snowman

    Not been on here for a while, but my vid from Sunday riding out in the snow and my Po tanking off with me seems to have gone down well on FB so popped it on here for your amusement :-)
  10. Pedantic

    For Those who's horse suffers with pollen when riding

    I got this tip years ago off, it has worked great for us during summer months each year, so I made this video years ago to help people who were having problems on how to fix tights onto horses nose.
  11. Pedantic

    Dog owners tsk tsk
  12. Pedantic

    Litter on riding routes, anyone else fed up with it

    Made a compliant to the council regarding litter, particularly McCrap litter now since a new McCrap opened nearby, on top of the usual rubbish such as larger cans etc etc, we now have MCrap rubbish as well, obese outlet for the brain dead who can find their fat mouths, but can't spot a litter...
  13. Pedantic

    Some of Todays hack

    After getting over the bridge, we ended up along with a charity run, room for everyone :-)
  14. Pedantic

    Halloween Ride

    Whilst out hacking I bumped into the local Halloween Ride, some very good costumes.
  15. Pedantic

    Foot abscess

    My Po has never had one in over 12 years of our partnership, bit of a shock for me, but such a relief that it wasn't a mystery problem, my brilliant farrier came out last Saturday at 8.30pm and again today at 7pm same day as calling him, pressure relieved for him tonight so more comfy, Iv'e got...
  16. Pedantic

    Too much too hope for I suppose Not seeing anything about horse riders, second class citizens again are we ?
  17. Pedantic

    Headcam Purchase Poll

    See Poll above
  18. Pedantic

    How does one make a poll on here

    Is it easy, looked around on here and can't see how to do it ?
  19. Pedantic

    Anyone do the Rotary Club ride at Dale Abbey today ?

    Always fantastically organized, you may have seen me on the broncing spinning sideways backwards rearing ginger Po, in between the flat out galloping, had to go off route a few times around the edge of stubble fields to try and blast it out of his system, a mixed ride for me, being a mix between...
  20. Pedantic

    Video mix of the nicer parts of our hacks :-)

    So as to give a more balanced view of our riding, more of the nicer stuff, though still showing some of the massive building going on, which is why I have kept "some" of the bridge crossing in, also almost positively a drug deal going off, the litter so near to the bins, but also nearer the...
  21. Pedantic

    Wait for the considerate cyclist, NOT

    Small part of our hack today, don't blink or you will miss the considerate cyclist.........
  22. Pedantic

    Good man LMAO
  23. Pedantic

  24. Pedantic

    Really really hoping this is a sick hoax

    Fortunately it was, but can't delete post.
  25. Pedantic

    Am I oversensitive ?

    Or was the Tractor far too fast passing me, scooters just bad timing
  26. Pedantic

    Go Pro for fun

    Been wearing my Go Pro since problems with Anti social behavior with dog owners couple weeks ago, also new roadworks starting my Po hasn't ridden past, we all know how anything that's changed since last time we hacked always gets a looking at, so decided to have some fun trying out the Studio...
  27. Pedantic

    What is it with some dog owners and people in general nowadays

    Had a problem with two blokes with two Staffy Pit bull types on a public park this morning, blokes about as handsome as thier dogs, first off, Park signs say "Dogs Must Be on a Lead", these two weren't, they started to come over and circle, I warned the owners he would kick if they go behind...
  28. Pedantic


    Anyone thinking of buying one, don't.
  29. Pedantic

    Thumbs up for not feeding horses

    At one yard I was at at a public park, we had signs up everywhere saying "Please do not feed the horses", guess what people did right next to the signs......