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  1. Britestar

    A WWYD?

    You haven't ridden for 3 weeks. You have a large (too big for you) very spooky horse. Its blowing a hoolie, 30mph winds. Gusting stronger. Its the first day you can ride. Do you: A. Say leave it another day, its too windy and he'll be an idiot. B. Ride, but in the confines of a outdoor...
  2. Britestar

    Balance 365

    has anyone got a list of ingredients for this? Website does not seem to list it, other than saying its wonderful. Thanks
  3. Britestar

    Shock wave therapy

    Anyone had shockwave done and be able to give me an idea of costs please? Tia
  4. Britestar

    Hyperthyroid cats

    Anyone got a cat on Vidalta 15mg? Drop me a pm.
  5. Britestar

    Stem cells treatment

    Has anyone had stem cell treatment on their horse, and was it a success? Or PRP? Welcome to PM if you prefer. Many thanks
  6. Britestar

    Henry James 3D comfort

    Has anyone got a HJ 3D comfort head piece? Has it made any difference to your horse? Looking for a horse with a known poll issue, that gets regular treatment. Tia
  7. Britestar

    TRT Live

    Has anyone heard if the TRT live at Bury Farm is going ahead in October? The website says it is, but wondering if unlikely due to numbers involved. Have flights and accommodation booked, so would like to get them sorted asap if I need to cancel.
  8. Britestar

    Dry food hunting for...

    Appealing to your collective knowledge please. Looking for kibbled feed. No raw, no tins please. Can only be meat wise lamb, rabbit, venison or fish. Cannot have peas, carrots, oatmeal or tomato ( amazing how many have these!) Tia, I know you guys will be able to help.
  9. Britestar

    AMZ saddles

    Contemplating one of these. Anyone got one, any feedback? TIA
  10. Britestar

    FSS Hunter bridle

    Does anyone have an FSS Padded anatomical hunter bridle (with the wide noseband)? Do you like it, and what is the leather quality please? TIA
  11. Britestar

    French Dressage tests

    Does anyone have copies of French dressage tests A9 and A10 I could have a look at please? TIA
  12. Britestar

    Halleys timothy chop

    Anyone used this? Is it short chaff like chop or proper hay? Internet description not clear. Thanks
  13. Britestar

    Air jackets

    Looking for a Helite air jacket adult small or medium. Not interested in any other make. If anyone has one for sale,please PM. TIA.
  14. Britestar

    Looking for...

    Helite air jacket adult small or medium. Not interested in any other make. If anyone has one for sale,please PM. TIA.
  15. Britestar

    If you all like a guess the breed..

    Have a bash at this one (I know his breeding)
  16. Britestar

    That moment of horror

    When you come back from a hack, and see your new pony is no longer in his electric fenced pen, and is in with the orca pod!! :eek::eek: No harm done, extracted and re installed into the pen. Until just before coming in time, when he's out again. Orca are most unimpressed as he...
  17. Britestar


    Does anyone use Ranitidine 300mg on their horse? Please pm me. TIA
  18. Britestar

    BD Question

    Went onto the BD website and all my horses points seem to have disappeared?? He hasn't competed for a good few years, but when I went on earlier this year they were still showing (82 points). Any ideas?
  19. Britestar

    Equo Events

    Is anyone else getting a 'this site is not secure ' message when they try and log into Equoevents?
  20. Britestar

    Tongue over bit

    Horse has been in a Myler comfort snaffle loose ring for probably 2 years now, and never had a problem. All of a sudden, he's getting his tongue over the bit when schooling. He wears a Micklem bridle, again for 3+ years. The nose band is done up loosely. I have adjusted the cheek pieces and...
  21. Britestar

    Comfort Saddle

    Has anyone come across a 2nd hand comfort saddle xxxw, in GP style? Looking for a friend. Tried a WH one today and lovely fit, but needs to be more forward cut. TIA
  22. Britestar


    Does anyone have any experience with sudden onset ataxia in hind limbs? Old horse (30) presented 'off back legs' 10 days ago. Vet came, could see no obvious cause, but agreed unstable behind. Discussed possible treatments, and decided on NSAIDS for time being. Not keen on steroids at this...
  23. Britestar

    Shredded carpet surface

    Looking for people who have shredded carpet as a surface. Do you have only this, or a mixture with sand? I have an area that is being surfaced and am trying to decide whether to go with all shredded carpet, sand with carpet on top or sand with rubber. Mostly will be schooling, doing...
  24. Britestar

    Toggi Rundle

    Has anyone got these boots? If so what are they like? I'm fed up of wellies that barely last 4 months. Like the loo of these and I love my toggi riding boots. Thanks
  25. Britestar

    Why is it

    That I'm happy to ride my 'special' horse out on hacks, even though he can spook and spin, nap and generally be an ar*e, but put me in a school with him and I turn into a jellylegged woose. Its getting a bit beyond a joke now. He needs to get on with life and be a horse, but I just become...
  26. Britestar

    Shires 3 point breastplate

    As above. Anyone got one, are they any good? I don't want a 5 point, and I have a full elastic Mark Todd, but the elastic has gone a bit 'soggy' for want of a better description. Saw one of these on a horse last week and liked the look of it, with the smaller elastic insert. Thanks in...
  27. Britestar


    Most upset. Have use the same EDT for about 7 years, never had a problem. Last time he came, had a new pony which noticed had been quidding. mentioned it too him, and when he looked, he said he had a tooth at odd angle but didn't see a problem. Rasped and said he was fine. Also mentioned that...
  28. Britestar

    Loading issue

    Well actually not loading as such, as he's perfectly happy to go in, I just can't get him to stay in happily. Background briefly, was an ok traveller, but last May threw a hissy fit after being left for 15 mins on the box, resulting in him over the breastbar and luckily not badly hurt, but...
  29. Britestar

    Super stressy horse

    Not sure if this is the right place, but here goes. 7yr old homebred, 3/4tb, 16.2 ish. Always been super stressy, about everything. As long as all his friends are with him he's fine. Change anything at all, and he stresses out. Can't be hacked alone, needs a chum and even then, everything...
  30. Britestar

    How to freak out a stresshead horse!

    All you have to do is change his bedding! Stresshead horse changed from straw (which he's been on all his life) to shredded cardboard last night. His world has ended apparently. Couldn't lie down all night (usually in bed 50% of the time), had to pee on the edge of it and stand off it on the...