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    Juvenile sarcoids

    Three year old with one on hind leg, used Sarc-X, disappeared after 9 months and not appeared again (7 years on). Four year old, sarcoid on sheath, sprout sized, banded by vet and dropped off. He also had several small ones on chest that disappeared and one banded. No reoccurance three years...
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    Why is it so difficult to find ...

    For good old fashioned quality
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    What is a 'normal' age to lose a horse?

    Heavyweight cob 17 sudden death in field (suspected heart attack) Clyde 14 kidney failure. Cob cross 10 sudden death, found in field, unknown reason, possibly heart or unknown melanomas (he was grey) Irish draft 30, PTS, healthy but hind legs failing. Cob cross, 7 colic PTS
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    kidney failure

    Having lost a horse to kidney failiure I would listen very carefully to your vets advice. In our case the horse showed no signs that there was a problem. Came in one afternoon, thought it was colic. She was treated for colic initially, vet back early next morning and after further examination...
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    Muddy Tail suggestions?

    Wash and brush tail through. When dry do one large plait and secure the end. This is important because if the plait comes loose the bag will not be secure. I use normal elastic tied into hair bands for this as they stay put. I have made tail bags from fleece fabric secured with a velcro tab that...
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    Clydesdale - Saving the great horse

    Beautifully filmed and available on bbc iplayer Enjoy
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    Leaking roof on lorry

    My DAF is leaking too so following with interest. I think this will be a job to tackle when the weather is dryer so a tarp will help in the meantime. On a positive note she did at least sale through her test last week despite being 20 odd years old and pretty much sitting around for a year with...
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    soft soles due to weather

    Yes. Tried Keretex which helped a bit but having a set of shoes on almost instantly made all the difference. She isn't doing much at the moment, so wouldn't normally be shod but it was worth it to see her walking comfortably the next day.
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    Turnout rugs for huge ISH

    The Big Horse Shop They have regular and broad fittings now. Designed for heavy horses and bigger types. The rugs are very deep with generous tail flaps. A selection of liners for turnout rugs also available.
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    Headache after wearing helmet

    I had this too. Had a hat fitted, got up to walk around the shop for a bit and it felt like something was pushing my eyes from behind along with an intense headache.I couldn't wait to get the thing off. I've never had a hat fitted before. The next size up was fine. I only recently found out that...
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    Sarc-ex - Any good?

    Used it for about a year for one nodular sarcoid on a 2 year old. The sarcoid was about halfway between hock and top of her tail. Started off as a pea sized lump and grew to about 4cm by 3cm. I think the Sarc x did make a difference but it took about 6 months before it began to change. It...
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    Really good Purple shampoo?

    Why not try some heavy horse products There is a whitening shampoo and you can use wood flour to dry off. If you mix that with the whitening powder it should reduce the the yellowing. Also you can buy larger quantities so...
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    Hats of the tweed variety

    Sorry meant to be this link although they sell same range
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    Hats of the tweed variety Some nice country clothing and tweed hats
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    Mens wellies

    Lots to choose from here
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    christmas gifts for lovely horse?

    The Christmas ones smell lovely
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    Best hand held lamp

    I have this set, really bright as a torch or lamp. I keep one each in the car, yard and home.
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    Bark chip in gateways (time sensitive!)

    A friend did this, also after a visit from power company. She put the clippings on to poached areas outside field shelters. Unfortunately the whole area became a deep muddy smelly mess of rotting wood chip. Maybe on top of a membrane they might work. Also be careful as ponies try and eat the stuff.
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    Help...quick... I have covid 🙄

    What would happen to your the animals you care for if you were really unwell? You are fortunate on this occasion to feel ok and able to continue but what if you couldnt? Perhaps now is the time to make a plan. Hope all goes well.
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    Making your own chaff

    You want one of these Brings back memories of helping at local riding school long before bagged chaff. We would all take a turn chopping hay into chaff and filling up a huge tin bath type container. I'm sure theres a more...
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    I think our shire gelding was about 16.2 at 18 months old. Hes 5 now and 18.2. I don't think he's going to get taller but he has a lot of filling out to do. He is broken to ride and will hopefully be shown under saddle next year. Shoeing a horse with feet that size can be eye watering too...
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    Convinced it's not mites!

    The medicated shampoo from here is an effective regular wash for hairy shire legs. I think that they become itchy because they produce more grease which can build up and cause problems. Lots of products here that may help.
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    How do I get rid of Mites...?

    These products are specifically for mites, The shampoo has the same active ingredient and is better than the spray if there is a lot of hair.
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    Feather Care Routine _ Help and advice needed

    This works well on hairy legs.
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    Should shows be cancelled?

    National Shire Horse show have just announced cancellation for this weekend. Disappointing, but the right and sensible decision.
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    We use it on our shires. Make sure you buy a from a reputable source otherwise it can be yellowish. You can mix with white chalk powder. Wash and towel dry, apply liberally. This will help to draw out the rest of the moisture from the feather. Leave in for 20 minutes or so then brush out. You...
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    Guinea pig's possible tumor?

    One of mine had an abcess surgically removed recently under his chin. It couldn't be drained as the contents had gone a bit too thick (sorry, gross) so it was successfully removed and he made a good recovery. The first few days were difficult and we syringe fed with a recovery solution. I...
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    Mites in horses

    Have a look here, Lots of tips and advice for hairy leg types.
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    Mites and Clippers

    Have a look at In particular their Facebook page. I've used the mite spray and they have also introduced a mite shampoo which with the same active ingredient. Also some excellent advise about treatment.
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    Might be of interest if you have itchy cob with mallenders

    I think Mallenders and Sallenders is one of those conditions that has no cure but can be managed. It is in the makeup of that type of horse, nothing to do with mites. I have seen horses end up with terribly sore legs after the owners obsessive attempts to get rid of the hard skin. I would...