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  1. FestiveFuzz

    White Horse Energy wood pellets

    Hoping this is allowed, but if anyone is looking to save some pennies you can get 5% off using code GemRic50353 They’ve just got the platinum plus pellets back in stock too ☺️
  2. FestiveFuzz

    Talk to me about rubber matting

    A couple of our stables are in need of rubber matting and I’m finding the whole thing a bit of a minefield as there’s just so many options out there these days. I loved the sound of ComfortStall matting but the look the husband gave me when I told him the price suggests I need to set my sights...
  3. FestiveFuzz

    Am I missing something?

    We’ve been looking for a transporter to move the boys when we relocate next month as given they are both around 16hh I’m pretty sure we’d be over the legal limit carrying them together in our 3.5t box. However, I’m rapidly losing count of the amount of transporters who are quoting me to travel...
  4. FestiveFuzz

    Wanted Pet friendly short term rental - nr Thetford

    So it’s looking increasingly unlikely that we’re going to be able to link the sale of our house with the purchase of the new house as our sellers are still on the hunt for a house of their own, which means we’re going to have to see if the extended family will take pity on us or find a short...
  5. FestiveFuzz

    Mattes sheepskin girth - mildly lighthearted panic

    So I recently invested in a beautiful sheepskin girth sleeve from Mattes. It’s beautiful and has worked wonderfully for my super sensitive boy. I’ve ordered the Melp wash, but herein lies the problem, it hasn’t arrived yet and with the saddler coming tomorrow I desperately need to wash it. In a...
  6. FestiveFuzz

    Transport for 2 horses - WWYD?

    So I'm starting to think ahead and look into what our transport options are for when the weed is a bit older. Currently we have a 3.5t Alexander, which has been great for going to clinics and competitions but I'm conscious there'll come a time when I want to take them both out at which point...
  7. FestiveFuzz

    Napping and Rearing

    So as not to derail the other thread I thought I'd start a fresh one as I think it's an interesting discussion point. I've been fortunate not to have to deal with too many nappy horses as most of mine have been forward-thinking spooky blighters, but the one nappy horse I did own was an...
  8. FestiveFuzz

    Any tips for shrinking a youngster?

    Having started the year with grand plans of taking the “mini” ginge to his first show this summer, thanks to COVID the reality has ended up being that I’ve just left him in the field to be a baby with his mates. Which was all fine and dandy, however what I didn’t factor in was just how big he’d...
  9. FestiveFuzz

    Dressage BD Senior Camp - what to expect?

    A last minute space came up on our region's upcoming camp, and as it's just up the road I figured why not so have booked us in, but now I've realised I have absolutely no idea what to expect so am panicking a little especially as we've not competed since March and have only managed a couple of...
  10. FestiveFuzz

    It's finally happened!!!

    After almost 3 years of having him on loan, M's owner asked if I'd like to buy him. Of course my answer was yes, yes, a thousand times yes!!! I spent most of yesterday bursting into happy tears and woke up this morning and re-checked my bank account just to make sure I hadn't dreamt the whole...
  11. FestiveFuzz

    Pictures How big are your yearlings?

    I've been terrible with the foal updates I know. Life has kinda got in the way these past few months and every time I think to post an update I realise I have no photos that either a) don't have my ugly mug in or b) aren't of him snoozing or being an absolute goofball, and whilst I could happily...
  12. FestiveFuzz

    Showing Youngstock showing newb - help!

    Apologies for what I'm sure will be a bunch of silly questions, but I'm a total newbie when it comes to in-hand showing and owning a baby so I'm a bit clueless. A local yard is running a show at the end of May and has an in-hand youngstock class. The yard is about 10 mins from us and the class...
  13. FestiveFuzz

    Equine flu outbreak - anyone else thinking about curtailing plans?

    In light of this - Is anyone else thinking of playing it safe until we know more or am I being over-cautious?
  14. FestiveFuzz

    Pictures He's here!!!

    Introducing Dante aka "Donny" or Danse du Feu (thanks BePositive 😉) He's such a dude, strolled off the box as if he'd been doing it all his life and has taken everything in his stride...even let me give him a syringe with minimum fuss! He seems to be the perfect mix of chilled out, yet bold...
  15. FestiveFuzz

    The fear has set in!

    So baby horse arrives on Friday. I've crunched the numbers more times than I can count and know logically I can afford him and still put money aside for the unknown each month, yet now I've paid for him and his arrival is imminent I'm panicking I've bitten off more than I can chew. Probably not...
  16. FestiveFuzz

    Impact of previous vet claims for another horse when taking out insurance

    Excuse the rubbish title, I couldn't think how best to word it...Admittedly I’m probably being massively oversensitive here so just wanted to get a sense check. I’ve just called NFU to sort out the insurance for foalie, as part of this I was asked if I’d lost a horse in the last 3 years...
  17. FestiveFuzz

    Naming a youngster...where do you begin?

    So it looks like I may have purchased a gorgeous chestnut colt, well I will have once he passes the vet check. Trouble is he has no name, neither stable or registered, so where do you begin in picking a name? My childhood self thinks all her dreams have come true and would have had a list of...
  18. FestiveFuzz

    Vet recommendations - Sulingen Germany

    Bit of a random one, but can anyone recommend a vet in or near Sulingen, Germany to do a clinical vet check on a weanling? I'd usually send our vet, but he's unfortunately pretty busy at the moment so trying to find someone locally instead. Huge thanks in advance for any suggestions.
  19. FestiveFuzz

    Dressage Destacado/Rohdiamant/Alabaster thoughts?

    I'm the first to admit outside of the big names I am utterly clueless about bloodlines, so please feel free to dumb any comments down to the nth degree for me, I won't be offended :) We're currently in the process of looking at youngstock, and my trainer has suggested a gorgeous little colt...
  20. FestiveFuzz

    Meet Jack - follow on from second greyhound thread

    So he's been home for a few days so I thought it was about time I share some pics of our gorgeous new Jack! Him and Daffs are getting on great so far, it's been amazing to see how much Daff's confidence around other dogs has improved since Jack has been home and it's lovely seeing...
  21. FestiveFuzz

    Second greyhound - any tips?

    So we've had our gorgeous boy for around 18 months now, and have gradually come round to the idea that perhaps he would be happier with a buddy. Our local rescue have just got in a stunning younger boy who I went to meet this morning. It's safe to say it was love at first sight! Where Daffs...
  22. FestiveFuzz

    Riding through treacle - Our first dressage report

    So this week we finally had our dressage debut. I’ve had M for a little over 18 months now, but a combination of being slightly intimidated by his BD record and self-doubt on my part meant I’ve kinda been dragging my heels about actually entering a competition. Since buying our little lorry...
  23. FestiveFuzz

    Lightweight competition breeches?

    I know white breeches are never going to be particularly flattering, but am I looking for the impossible in wanting to find a pair of lightweight white breeches that don't show my pants and every lump and bump I possess? I generally ride in kingsland tights or softshell eurostar breeches and...
  24. FestiveFuzz

    25% off at Horze

    Not sure if this is useful for anyone but was given a 25% referral code after my last order at Horze. Just click the link - and it should give you 25% off your next purchase :)
  25. FestiveFuzz

    Horsebox sellers in Devon/Cornwall?

    So the horsebox search continues... Since my original post we've now upped our budget to around £15,500 in response to seeing a load of questionable boxes around the £10k price point. We've seen a couple of nicer boxes since we upped the budget, however OH still can't shake the feeling we...
  26. FestiveFuzz

    3.5t for £10k - is it even possible?

    I think I need a sense check from you lovely lot. Am I absolutely bonkers for thinking I can find a 3.5t horsebox suitable for carrying one 16hh WB for £10k? I've only been dabbling with the idea for about a week and already it seems like an absolute minefield so any thoughts or suggestions...
  27. FestiveFuzz

    I owe it all to Katy Perry...a little bit of a canter woe update

    (and my trainer of course!) I don't know how it happened exactly, but after months of canter woes we've finally blooming cracked it and it's magical. I can't begin to tell you what the lightbulb moment was as we spent the whole of December plugging away at it but there were a few pivotal...
  28. FestiveFuzz

    Wrist speakers - are they worth it?

    Does anyone have a wrist speaker? I keep seeing the Equivisions ad on FB for the wrist speakers and audio tests and am wondering if they're actually worth the money/any better than just playing stuff through your phone speakers? I've spotted what appears to be an identical wrist speaker on...
  29. FestiveFuzz

    The canter struggles continue...

    Right, this is probably going to be a long one but I'm really beginning to get fed up with myself now and need some advice/kicks up the bum from the wise ones of HHO... I seem to have a total mental block on canter, and somewhere along the way I have built it into the impossible in my head...
  30. FestiveFuzz

    Trimmer recommendations on a budget please?

    I've been looking at getting a pair of Clipperman Jester Trimmers mainly because they're on offer at the moment, but having seen them in the flesh at YHL I'm a bit concerned by the plastic guide comb. So can anyone recommend a decent trimmer that's not crazy expensive? They'll just be for...