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  1. SpottyTB

    Anyone got an Albion XW for sale?

    Hello! Not sure if this is even allowed (sorry if its not TFC).. I'm desperately in search for an 17.5/18" Albion in XW (dressage/gp or jump considered). Don't suppose anyone has one in the cupboard they want to sell?
  2. SpottyTB

    BE - dressage element

    Hello!! Planning ahead a little but trying to get a rough plan of action going forward into winter. My goal is to do some BE next year, 80 and possibly a 90 if I grow a pair.. this winter I want to work hard on tidying up our dressage and gaining experience show jumping. We’ve recently been...
  3. SpottyTB

    Dressage report!

    Absolutely thrilled with this dude, out again this weekend (could I be getting the bug for it again🤷🏼‍♀️?) but dressage this time. Two tests, Intro A and Preliminary 13. After a week of tension, arguments and “we hate dressage” he went into the warm up stuck his head down and went beautifully...
  4. SpottyTB

    Ahhh first show out in nearly 2 years!!!

    I'll start off by saying i am not really sure why i am posting, but i've been wanting to get into the Comp and training side of the forum for a while - to give me a bit of motivation really! I've got a 16.2 8yo warmblood, who hasn't been overly easy but i still think he is wonderful (even if i...
  5. SpottyTB

    Low calorie dog food for just spade spaniel

    Our girl misty has just been spade, we know that you have to be aware of weight gain once they are done.. so starting to think about it now. misty is a small springer spaniel, she weighs around 17kg.. currently on a maintenance working dog food and has a Generous handful a day.. nothing else...
  6. SpottyTB

    Any shooters/beaters on here?

    Hello! Just wandering if there are any shooters/beaters on here.. 3 weeks ago we rescued a 8 month springer - he was due to be PTS the next day, We've taken him on temporarily to stop this from happening and give him another chance. Anyway long story short, in the 3 weeks of having him he's...
  7. SpottyTB

    Feeling completely and utterly let down!!!

    Sorry need to vent and sort of ask a question at the same time... Bit of a long one, so bare with me please. 2 years ago, i decided to find a rider for my lovely little spotty mare. I'd literally just finished the season on a high, having competed in several hunter trials coming in the top 3...
  8. SpottyTB

    Colour genetics..

    Hi there - sorry if this is a bit of a long winded post! Trying to get my head around colour genetics.... slightly unsuccessfully so asking for help! So...I've got a mare, she's a chestnut tobiano (got a lot of white), whose previous foal came out skewbald - the sire was a well marked...
  9. SpottyTB

    Joint supplement

    Hi there, I've got a 6 year old sprocker spaniel (one of 4 actually), that could do with going on a joint supplement during the shooting season. He works at least a day a week and it's pretty full on for him - so i want to protect him now really. Can anyone recommend me a joint...
  10. SpottyTB

    *Waves* Anyone remember me and my Royal Update?

    Hello - Don't want to double post, but i used to post most of our updates in "breeding" so thought i'd just drop a line to say if anyone does remember me and my warmblood foal (not a foal anymore) that i use to post on here about, i have done an update on "The tack room"! STB :D
  11. SpottyTB

    *Waves* Anyone remember me and my Royal Update?

    Hello!! It's been a couple of years since I was last on here!! There was quite a few people following my chaps progress, as i posted a lot of updates about him from when i first chose him at 3 months old to my last post where he was 3 years old! So he is now rising five and turning into...
  12. SpottyTB

    Picanena - Trying to trace a mare under this name

    Hello I am trying to find out more about how my mare is bred, her dam is called Picanena and that's all I have as far as the passport goes - which is frustrating as i believe she was well bred. From speaking to previous owners I have found out that she was a chestnut mare that show...
  13. SpottyTB

    Hugo visited Devon County Show

    Well, we went to Devon County with Hugo :). We left Wednesday late morning, Hugo walked straight up into the box (not been in or near a lorry since July '14), travelled for 3 hours beautifully (didn't hear a peep from him, well a part from a little whinny to some cows...). He unloaded calmly the...
  14. SpottyTB

    False plaits!

    Hello all, Every year I get to this time and start having nightmares. My 3yo, Hugo, is starting his final in hand season showing and now starts the time where i think about plaiting him... The bane of my life. He is warmblood, and i don't know if this is something that is a warmblood thing but...
  15. SpottyTB

    Can anyone recommend me a cooler for traveling?

    Hi there, I'm just about to start the season showing my 3yo, this year we are going a little further a field and his travelling will be up to 3hours in the box. We have windows and air vents in the lorry but it still gets pretty warm in there - i wander if its because it's a 2 horse lorry so...
  16. SpottyTB

    Happy Birthday Hugo (Royal Update 3 years!) Anyone remember him?

    Hello, As is tradition, each year I post a birthday post for Hugo and some pictures :). I've been on HHO since I first got him, well even before when i was deciding what to look at - so there are some members who will remember Hugo as a foal :). Hugo is by Update (KWPN coloured stallion) and...
  17. SpottyTB

    Royal Cornwall with Royal Update *report/pictures

    Hello all, I usually post in breeding but now he is two I felt it didn't belong there. Hopefully some of those who posted in our previous posts will recognise him! He has certainly grown up!!! So we decided to put Hugo in the hunter 2yo class at royal Cornwall this year. I had hoped to...
  18. SpottyTB

    Anyone remember Hugo "Royal update"? "Update!"

    Hello everyone, It's been a while since I last posted on here. However, with Hugo having just turned two I thought I would do an update. So I don't know if you remember Hugo, but I bought him at 6 months and posted a lot about him for a while. Anyway he is doing great, continuing his...
  19. SpottyTB

    Everyone meet Bailey.. :)

    Hello everyone :) Well some may remember me posting about Oak our sprocker spaniel, well we have just increased our pack.. meet Bailey.. :-) Picking him up Sunday, out of two wonderful shooting springers - met both parents and there lovely, he's lovely too!! :-) Some piccies for you...
  20. SpottyTB

    Hydraulic ramp not working - any ideas? (renault dodge horsebox)

    Hi there, Just wandering if anyone can help me.. went to practice loading my youngster today in the lorry and couldn't get the ramp down. The ramp hasn't been down in over 4 months (could be as long as a year - because the mechanic may not have put it down when he said he did - mechanic had...
  21. SpottyTB

    Does anyone know someone who can make new wings for a lorry?

    Hi all, Sadly, my renault dodge 50 is going down hill, we are drastically trying to save her!! Next on our list is sorting out the front wings.. they don't make them anymore and OH may give repairing them a go but ideally we'd have a new pair but as said above the company don't make them...
  22. SpottyTB

    Pony drowns in Cornwall Apparently, according to a few sources (and a photo posted on the owners page) the girls where in so the sea was upto the ponies chests. Its so awful and people just do not seem to realise...
  23. SpottyTB

    Hugo show update :)

    Hi there Just to let you know i did an attempt at a show report - in case anyone wanted to see how it went :)
  24. SpottyTB

    Well we did it - Hugo's first show update with pictures ;p

    Hi everyone, Well we did it.. so i'm going to give writing a report a go and hopefully it's ok.. So on Sunday we bathed, scrubbed, shaved, chalked and had a quick practice with the boy.. all but the practice went ok. Hugo decided to go all alpha male with my OH and argue a bit.. and then...
  25. SpottyTB

    What do i need in my show kit?

    Hi there, Got a showing show on Monday, my first - i am really not a showing person, to much hassle, prefer jumping! So, i'm kind of packing and preparing now.. What do i need in my grooming/show kit? What do i need to take generally? any tips or ideas welcome. Thanks :D
  26. SpottyTB

    In hand hunter, help.. (also in NL)

    Hi there, I have entered my yearling Hugo into a yearling in hand hunter class, it is next Monday. He is ready to go, walks/trots in hand, bited, loading in and out of a trailer and generally calm about most things. However, i am having a bit of a worry about his turn out. Obviously i...
  27. SpottyTB

    In hand hunter, help..

    Hi there, I have entered my yearling Hugo into a yearling in hand hunter class, it is next Monday. He is ready to go, walks/trots in hand, bited, loading in and out of a trailer and generally calm about most things. However, i am having a bit of a worry about his turn out. Obviously i...
  28. SpottyTB

    Help, matchy matchy for my impossibly colored horse..

    Hey all, After this morning when i tried on my matchy matchy royal blue travelling set on my yearling, i have an odd bug for a horse in matching gear.. so seeing as i have to wait 3 years until i can dress Hugo up in blue under saddle.. can i have some ideas of a color that will suit Gem ...
  29. SpottyTB

    Please show me your in hand hunters (pref yearling/two year olds)

    Hi all I'm off showing with my yearling in a few weeks, he's entered into the in hand yearling hunter class but i'd really like some photos of others to help us with our turn out and make sure he's as he should be! Any info/pictures/advice is welcome! STB
  30. SpottyTB

    Anyone in Cornwall help? Transport needed for stithians!!

    Hi all, i've got a lovely little yearling gelding going to stithians to do the yearling hunter class at 8AM... however my transports let me down last minute :( .. Basically, i'm looking for someone to tow the trailer we've been lent - class starts at 8am and we'd be done by 10 (ready to...