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  1. AShetlandBitMeOnce

    Video Driving Horse attacked by dog in the US

    I don't think this dogs breed has anything to do with it ultimately, any dog of any breed can be this determined to take down and kill a horse or animal, even the poodle half of all these beloved Doodles has it bred into them - I have seen many many more awful pocket sized dogs than larger dogs...
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    Loss of horse insurance claim?

    BEVA guidelines are basically meaning that a horse has a leg that's in two pieces, or a huge wound or can't get up, otherwise I believe you are expected to call them for 'permission' to PTS and then they will pay out. You may be able to claim for Loss Of Use if you have it, even though the...
  3. AShetlandBitMeOnce

    Why do horses bite? I mean REALLY bite

    Funnily enough Jacob bit me for the first time yesterday. He had the saddle fitter and was waiting for his dinner, he had had enough of the saddles coming on and off and being fiddled with etc and gave me enough warnings so he turned round and got me on the thigh. I ignored the warnings as it...
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    This hasn’t gone down well...

    If this is the thread I think you are referring to, I got a warning that if it happens again I will be banned for defamation as a result of my comment. Knowing in real life the parties involved, it definitely wasn't defamation 🙄
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    Another pony has died

    They quite literally are well meaning - let's go and give the nice pony nice food it will enjoy. They aren't intending to kill it. I agree with the selfish idiots part though!! Not being OTT, this would worry me. My horse used to be closest stable to a gate separating a wedding venue from the...
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    Would you get your horse stuffed?

    Yes, except no-one would know and I would then put him in random far end parts of the field on the yard and f*ck with everyone.
  7. AShetlandBitMeOnce

    What are they using to get the necks?!

    Ironically, I believe that is a photo of Jovian. The ID which caused public outrage when he won at HOYS as a Maxi Cob I believe
  8. AShetlandBitMeOnce

    so sad

    It is very sad. Perhaps I am naive but it is a bit odd for dogs to go out looking for a person/animal to maim is it not? I can understand why they may have killed another dog they came across, but an 80 year old woman who isn't in 'their' territory wouldn't come across as prey animal to a dog...
  9. AShetlandBitMeOnce

    How much will a dog adapt to an owners lifestyle

    Or you could also just tell them that what you paid for the puppy is above whatever budget they have? I agree that a puppy isn't for them it sounds and I think you would always feel guilty and responsible for the puppy, so it would put you in a super tricky position.
  10. AShetlandBitMeOnce


    I wouldn’t worry too much, if a horse isn’t a good doer and is turned out all year round then chucking them out on the summer grass shouldn’t be an issue. I’ve always done it with mine and never had a problem. Lovely photo! We are still on winter fields which aren’t muddy and never have been...
  11. AShetlandBitMeOnce

    Savings/building society

    they're instant, and super easy to set up. You can also pay in cheques by taking a photo of them on the app and waiting for it to be authorised. Their customer service is great and via a in app chat, very prompt, and their disputes system is also great. I can't sing their praises enough. You can...
  12. AShetlandBitMeOnce

    change my mind - what controversial/guilty horsey things do you do and not feel guilty for??:)

    I leave a lead rope on the floor if he is hand grazing, or I need to get something - if he steps up it only teaches him not to panic if he gets stuck/caught in something I smoke out on hacks I very rarely use a headcollar and just throw a rope around his neck I call him a sh*tbag ALL the time...
  13. AShetlandBitMeOnce

    Would you buy a horse knowing it’s had SI & Hock injections..?

    From what I have come across having horses injected so they can continue at their level of work is fairly common (ETA: In certain circles) - I know some dressage horses who have 5 injection sites that are done on an 'x' monthly/yearly basis. Not saying that it should be done and not saying that...
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    FB ad has made me really cross!

    It amazes me that someone would have the balls to try and 'create' experience in order to get a job riding racehorses - as if that's something that isn't going to go horribly wrong. Lie to get an Office job yes, but to ride racehorses just seems dim to me!
  15. AShetlandBitMeOnce

    Petrol 4wd ideas

    I had a Mitsibushi Outlander 2.4 petrol - Huge amount of space in the back, you get a lot of car for your money, Mitsibushi's are one of the most reliable car makes around and it's nice to look at. Just don't get the one with the CVT transmission, it's horrid IMO.
  16. AShetlandBitMeOnce

    FB ad has made me really cross!

    It's not just in Aus either - here in the UK in my age group the word is pub language and is used mostly between friends/as every day language. I'm not bothered by it, I think words only have the power you give them.
  17. AShetlandBitMeOnce

    Definitely the BHS way..

    That looks great - I did think about rigging something like this up but couldn't think how to attach the two bottles together.. I'll have a look for some velcro strips!
  18. AShetlandBitMeOnce

    Definitely the BHS way..

    Okay, now I'm curious! :p
  19. AShetlandBitMeOnce

    Definitely the BHS way..

    Jacob came in yesterday with some soreness in his lumbar spine area, I have booked the Osteo for Thursday but in the meantime I thought I would let him use my head pad, as I too have a dodgy back.. Not quite the BHS way of doing things but I’m not about to spend £125 on a pad just because it...
  20. AShetlandBitMeOnce

    Older pony feeds to put weight on

    I would say that you are actually feeding them hard feed which is very high in sugars and starch - but if it's currently working for them in terms of weight and temperament then it's not the worst thing in the world if you're happy feeding it. I will only feed feeds which are sub 5% in sugar and...
  21. AShetlandBitMeOnce

    Older pony feeds to put weight on

    If it isn't broke, don't fix it - if pony 1 is good as is then carry on feeding it as is, if pony 2 needs more then maybe add in some linseed. It's slow release energy. This is just my personal preference - I would take them off the pony nuts and the mix as both feeds are likely full of...
  22. AShetlandBitMeOnce

    Le meuix bib

    I have looked at these for my boy as he has high withers, but I don't see how additional padding on an already high area can provide wither relief.. If yours is rubbing on the wither for another reason then it may work.
  23. AShetlandBitMeOnce

    Yet another feeding thread!

    I'm not keen on high energy mixes or the like as they usually have about 15 ingredients in them.. I would chuck a hand full of rolled oats in there (not the whole ones as they will be too slow release to be helpful due to the casing is my understanding)
  24. AShetlandBitMeOnce

    Quitkick - opinions?

    Someone at my livery used a bucket of water/hose a few times over the period of about an hour which all but solved the problem.. Save yourself £290!
  25. AShetlandBitMeOnce

    Gallopy Problems - Help!

    Did you ever take yours to a fun ride or the like?
  26. AShetlandBitMeOnce

    Gallopy Problems - Help!

    I hope so, there's only one way to find out! I am hoping if his 'mate' stays with him he'll keep a lid on it. We are on the South Downs so have lots of room, we also don't race but don't gallop in single file either - I think that sounds more dangerous than making sure you have your own space...
  27. AShetlandBitMeOnce

    Gallopy Problems - Help!

    I can sit most of what he does but I definitely don't have the seat to be able to sit to what he throws in this instance, but I can pay a jockey who rides for my old yard to ride through it. He is happy to do so, and the things I have seen that man sit are beyond belief! Perhaps that is the way...
  28. AShetlandBitMeOnce

    Gallopy Problems - Help!

    Neither really, it's just a normal contact - he isn't held back at all. He also did it once when I was side by side with a horse and they were jogging and we then went into trot - I think in that case it was a build up of tension, but I am starting to wonder if it's just a learnt behaviour.
  29. AShetlandBitMeOnce

    Gallopy Problems - Help!

    Does anyone have a horse that has to set of on a gallop first when with other horses? if so, were you able to help/fix the problem? Jacob is very mannerly when trotting/cantering/galloping out on a hack in terms of speed and stopping from the seat, however he has to set off first otherwise he...
  30. AShetlandBitMeOnce

    Help find my friend a horse

    There is one I keep seeing on Facebook that has a couple sarcoids on his stomach but fits the rest of the description and is low 4's. Sarcoids have been seen by a vet and aren't near tack.. If she would consider it then I'll have a hunt and see if I can find it.