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  1. skint1

    How long have your owned your horse.

    6 yrs for gelding 18 months for ID mare, 14 yrs for TB mare
  2. skint1

    Best gut balancer - NAF Pink Powder or Horslyx?

    I've had good results with my mare on Lincoln Yea-Sacc 30, but not sure how it compares to the Protexin one, which I am interested in trying as well. Tried Ron Fields and Coligone but tbh my horse seems to be best with the Lincoln Yea-Sacc 30
  3. skint1

    Plastics and mindless landfill - equestrian products

    We have a wheelbarrow graveyard too, but I have to say manufacturers don't help. I bought a large blue barrow (not from one of the better known wheelbarrow businesses) It got a puncture that couldn't be repaired. I must have bought half a dozen different tyres, each time measuring carefully...
  4. skint1

    Urgent advice needed

    I was going to write about my mostly retired gelding who turned into a devil over this winter after I turned him out with my mare, but I have since read your update, really so sorry, your boy is very lucky to have you x
  5. skint1

    Lemieux glacé

    I think it must be difficult to be innovative with saddle pads :) they're not terrible. I was once given a lovely green ombre effect one from Kramer Equestrian, said "Xplosion" on it which I felt rather ruined it, and my horse took this as a directive hahahaa
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    Children on yards

    I do have some sympathy with parents trying to juggle childcare with horse care and generally don't have issues with kids (or dogs) on yards. It's everyone's space, but because it is everyone's space there really needs to be a balance between kids being allowed to be kids and the impact that...
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    Fencing nightmare

    That's fair enough, at least you tried. Hopefully the YO will help you out, but be prepared to take action yourself to keep your own horses safe and ignore what she's doing.
  8. skint1

    Fencing nightmare

    Goodness me, she's worried about your cobs but happy to have that horrendous sounding fencing, people are weird. I guess you can't make her change if she's happy with it, and presumably the YO and YM are happy with it. I am having trouble picturing the set up but is there anything that you...
  9. skint1

    Are these sycamore seedlings? Pic...

    I would happily attend a bonfire featuring every sycamore on this island. I hate them. I lost my mare of a lifetime because of them.
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    Would you buy a horse knowing it’s had SI & Hock injections..?

    Bought my mare for £4K just as a happy hacker, she’s got SI and hock issues and before I turned her away for the winter my physio said with consistent and considerable rehab and treatment she MIGHT stand up to hacking when we start off again this year, so sadly I think you’d be better to leave...
  11. skint1

    Do you remember the date you lost your horse(s)?

    28th April 2015 at around 4pm I lost my beautiful mare to EAM. She had been in hospital for a couple of days and had been showing positive signs before very suddenly taking a turn for the worse. I was at work about 30 mins from her, not really tuned in but it beat climbing the walls at home...
  12. skint1

    Early morning riders

    Used to ride regularly in the early mornings. Always gave hay or haylage (if in during winter months, they had ad lib hay) My current horse has had ulcers, I would feed her chaff or fibre beet before as she's fussy and won't eat chaff
  13. skint1

    Who's in a muzzle already?

    My PPID gelding has been on restricted grazing since early March, he was a bit colicky one night which is very unlike him, and I took that as my warning that things were beginning to stir. As soon as summer turnout starts he'll be in during day most of the time, it works well for him. He has...
  14. skint1

    Talk to me about the essentials...

    Congratulations on your new horse, new horse day is always the best day! What about a wheelbarrow and a poo scoop? They are useful tools to have.
  15. skint1

    Can't work out what is best with this mare

    I think it's kind of you to try and help this mare and her owner, but if you aren't feeling confident I think it's not unreasonable to reassess the situation, not worth getting hurt for. Good luck with whatever you decide!
  16. skint1

    You’re predictions for the future of horse sport

    I think horse ownership and perhaps even riding will become the preserve of the more affluent but will continue because as has already been observed people are moving into the countryside and they have money to support the hobby. There appears to be a trend away from DIY yards, I am sure there...
  17. skint1

    ocular squamous cell carcinoma

    Hi, my horse had a growth on his eyelid, it was removed under standing anaesthetic, It took quite a while to diagnose, so I was disappointed with my vet but he was so relieved afterwards, that was lovely. It's been 3 years now, no reoccurrence
  18. skint1

    Buying a horse and experience

    I think confidence is sometimes as important as competence, if you believe in yourself and trust the horse and have some regard for the horse and can find one with a good temperament, you should be fine.
  19. skint1

    RIP heart is broken

    I am so very sorry to hear of this news. RIP Sox, you had such a lovely partnership and that you will always have, please above all be kind to yourself x
  20. skint1

    New Yard Bedding

    Chopped straw is great, you'll love it. It can be pretty soft too, so you can still get the fluffiness there.
  21. skint1

    WWYD .. mare doesnt like to be out in the field more than an hour

    Is she trying to get back in to her stable or is she wanting to be nearer the other horses?
  22. skint1

    Are these Ulcer Signs?

    Hi Atropa, my horse had ulcers and I do remember the vet saying that sensitivity or even stiffness on the right hand side can be an indicator because the gut is located mostly on the right (or that was my understanding) In fact, the maintenance supplement my horse was given was called "Rite...
  23. skint1

    Moving for better livery...

    Crikey 400 a week!!! I always thought the New Forest would be amazing for livery yards, it being rural, but guess not, wow!
  24. skint1

    saddle and tack we think the expensive ones are worthy of their hype

    I've never ridden in an expensive saddle, but I have realised that the saddles I have used most have a reputation for pitching you forward in the saddle but I liked the fact the gullets were adjustable. I haven't actually got a saddle at the moment, I don't know where to start, I am scared of...
  25. skint1

    No supplements

    I am a sucker for a herbal supplement, I drive myself mad! My mare had ulcers last year so she has Lincoln's Yea-Sacc 30 and Slippery Elm in the winter months. She also has Dodson and Horrell Stroppy Mare. She's not in work, apart from the odd bit of in-hand stuff in the school. My gelding has...
  26. skint1

    Success stories with Biotin

    I had a mare with terrible feet, I tried lots of expensive supplements but the best turned out to be Biotin Plus (I think NAF make it)
  27. skint1

    Some are saying kissing spine, others saying wrong fitting saddle?

    Having been there many times with horses having various problems over the years, I would strongly second deb_l222's advice, listen to your vet/other professionals. People mean well, and they are only going by their own (in many cases valid) experiences, but every situation is different. I think...
  28. skint1

    Can anyone recomend a free speech horse forum ?

    Yeah... it came from a nickname we have for my daughter's mare that started as Bellzilla and kind of morphed :) Meowy Catkin the forum is still there on the link you posted, and you can post on it but I don't think there's really any traffic there and none of the mods go there anymore either...
  29. skint1

    Can anyone recomend a free speech horse forum ?

    I have to confess, I was deeply involved with this board back in the day ( my mod account was in fact Bitchzilla :) ) The admin team are all still good friends and all perfectly normal people- some of the characters who posted on that board back in the day were absolutely insane, but on the...
  30. skint1

    Injury claim advice

    Gosh what a situation, I feel for you! I am sorry that she was injured but she chose to ride through a field with 2 loose horses in it which can be risky, by opening the gate I personally feel she chose to accept the risk. If the kicker was in a field used for turnout, how could either the yard...