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  1. SpottyTB

    Pictures Ahhh! He’s finally on his way and I am terrified/ rather excited!!

    He’s rather lovely isn’t he! Looking forward to hearing about your progress. He’s got a lovely kind eye!
  2. SpottyTB

    Are WB’s wimps?

    Depends on the day... he took a massive great chunk out of the back of his knee last summer and remained sound pretty much the entire healing process (4 months). It was really really gory and involved me scrubbing it daily - all of which he stood like an angel for. He was only lame when he got...
  3. SpottyTB

    Equi Release gun

    I have one, which I bought to use on my boys rump, hamstrings and on his neck (carefully).. However my husband has stolen it. He uses it every day on his lower back (he's a farrier so gets a lot of soreness there) and really rates it. I've used it 4 times on my boy who is very sensitive and...
  4. SpottyTB


    JB - Just caught up on all of this. Glad to hear MR JB is ok - but what a shock. I know after having Freddie how an aggressive dog can really change your view on dogs and also create an unhappy household. My dogs never switched off, always on alert the entire time he was here. Big hugs, you...
  5. SpottyTB

    Horsey 2020 review

    Started the year with 3, hopefully ending the year with 3. At the beginning of 2020, I had two of my horses at a yard which I thought was going to be amazing but ended up being awful. I had a 2yo and a 7yo both cooped up with no turnout for weeks and weeks - despite my every effort to persuade...
  6. SpottyTB

    How many numnahs / saddlepads do you have?

    4 x sheepskin numnahs 1 x sheepskin half pad i think around 10 lemieux pads in various colours 3 dressage squares 2 poly pad thicker types... I've got a dark bay who looks fab in anything so i go through matchy matchy phases.. my youngster is bright bay, so i'm also looking forward to kitting...
  7. SpottyTB

    Calmer for anxious horse?

    Top spec calmer - worked miracles on my mother in laws horse.
  8. SpottyTB

    Should I put on a medium rug

    Agree with the others, depends on the horse. I have a very hot warmblood, he's fully clipped and out in a standard lightweight rug. I tried putting a 180 on him last week and he ripped it trying to get it off (he will stand there and pull the bottom of the rug), so he's back in a LW and much...
  9. SpottyTB

    Anyone got an Albion XW for sale?

    Hello! Not sure if this is even allowed (sorry if its not TFC).. I'm desperately in search for an 17.5/18" Albion in XW (dressage/gp or jump considered). Don't suppose anyone has one in the cupboard they want to sell?
  10. SpottyTB

    weekend plans

    It went better than anticipated! We won our intro and came second in the prelim. He didn’t settle well in the warm up but managed two relatively ok tests outside so I’m pleased. Yet again a pleasure to take out and definitely less “talky” today!
  11. SpottyTB

    weekend plans

    Hugo and i have got some more dressage planned for Saturday, an Intro and a prelim. He's been really fun this week (not - very argumentative) so hopefully he does his usual get to comp and go super well .. otherwise i might actually combust! Needless to say, i am really excited for show...
  12. SpottyTB

    Weekend plans :)

    Ouch Ambers Echo!!!! That sounds sore, massive respect to you for even trying that... i couldn't - he'd be blooming gone!!! Nothing on for us this weekend, just hacking with a bit of schooling in prep for next weekends dressage. I did clip him today too, oh i hate that job...
  13. SpottyTB

    Weekend plans!

    An action shot from last weekend of the newly named “rocket pony” and a jumping one too, excuse naff position! This weekend we have a country canter planned, was quite excited as wanted to inspect the fences at the venue (which is also a BE venue) but think it’s going to rained off/too windy to...
  14. SpottyTB

    Weekend plans!

    Great day had, he was much stickier this weekend but started to flow after fence 7. Definitely better over the bigger fences. He flew round, rather quickly (25 seconds to quick) but clear. His second hunter trial so I am thrilled with him!! Feel bad for whizzing round So fast but we were having...
  15. SpottyTB

    Nix at Frickley BE Novice, Photos & Vids

    Great pictures! Well done!!!
  16. SpottyTB

    Weekend plans!

    Just walked the course, it’s smaller than last week and definitely less technical so fingers crossed he feels happy and cruises round! I’m not on until 2.45 which is a bit annoying but means I can have a wine tonight to prep myself 🤣
  17. SpottyTB

    Weekend plans!

    Busy week schooling and hacking then off to a hunter trial on Sunday. We're sticking to 80cm and going for confidence building purposes, but i'd like no silly stops this week - the course is less technical and colourful than last weekend, but does have steps (which we didn't have last weekend)...
  18. SpottyTB

    BE - dressage element

    Ah that's lovely, its been a long term goal of mine ever since i bought him at 6 months old, but i do understand its a whole different level and there is work to be done! It's good to know what to aim for and focus on :D
  19. SpottyTB

    BE - dressage element

    Haha yes absolutely - a lot of our work will be on focus, something he is improving hugely on, but its still a working progress!!!
  20. SpottyTB

    BE - dressage element

    Thank you so much for that, just handy to know how it works. I need a goal to keep me motivated this winter - so looks like we've got one :D! Said score was his 2nd ever test, so hopefully the more we do the more we'll improve!
  21. SpottyTB

    BE - dressage element

    Hello!! Planning ahead a little but trying to get a rough plan of action going forward into winter. My goal is to do some BE next year, 80 and possibly a 90 if I grow a pair.. this winter I want to work hard on tidying up our dressage and gaining experience show jumping. We’ve recently been...
  22. SpottyTB

    Weekend plans for 18th & 19th +/-

    I have been waiting to post as I wanted evidence to share with you all.. he was amazing at his first ever hunter trial, flew round, I got to fence 6 and was so in shock that he’d just nailed a Cornish wall, really skinny twisted log thing and cantered over a ditch like it was nothing that I just...
  23. SpottyTB

    Weekend plans for 18th & 19th +/-

    Evening! Well i've got my first ever hunter trial with my chap tomorrow. We've entered the 80. I'm not holding out much hope of a clear round, he's very green still and it's not so much the height of the fences, but they are all really brightly coloured!! There is also a large mound thing, you...
  24. SpottyTB

    Dressage report!

    Thanks everyone! Well I’m toying with a hunter trial outing next weekend, I’m taking him schooling Monday before I enter... then I’ll probably aim to do some more sj and dressage over the winter! I don’t want to stop now I’ve started but he’s very green xc so I won’t rush into taking him...
  25. SpottyTB

    Dressage report!

    Absolutely thrilled with this dude, out again this weekend (could I be getting the bug for it again🤷🏼‍♀️?) but dressage this time. Two tests, Intro A and Preliminary 13. After a week of tension, arguments and “we hate dressage” he went into the warm up stuck his head down and went beautifully...
  26. SpottyTB

    Early September Weekend Plans :)

    We are training our socks off at home for dressage next weekend. I ran through one test today and it wasn’t great... so lots of practice needed! Any tips for getting tense warmblood to take the contact forwards and down? He loooooves tense nose to neck and stampy legs...
  27. SpottyTB

    Ahhh first show out in nearly 2 years!!!

    Yes next Saturday, cornwall dressage group, just entered last night (terrified face)!! Thank you everyone 😊
  28. SpottyTB

    Ahhh first show out in nearly 2 years!!!

    Hahaha yes I think so!!! thanks everyone, I’m so pleased!
  29. SpottyTB

    Ahhh first show out in nearly 2 years!!!

    Well we made it back in one piece, and even better with two frillys!!! He was such a good chap, warmed up nicely - definitely thought we were there for dressage! He was, as predicted, terrified and needed a lot of riding in the first class - luckily they weren’t big. He actually only have one...
  30. SpottyTB

    Ahhh first show out in nearly 2 years!!!

    Oh I absolutely love this idea!! I’m getting straight onto a list now, I have to admit he’s pretty good to handle and do at shows, it’s purely tenseness and being terrified 🤣. Thanks PF, hopefully it’ll be a positive report 😊!! Thanks pinkvboots, just got to get out there and get started! I...