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  1. Taliesan

    Showjumping Feedback Wanted on Jumping Position

    I've only recently conquered my fears of jumping. Last September I was terrified of a pole on the ground but, with the help of my horse and by just getting on with it, I am now feeling confident popping over 60cm+ jumps. The last couple of times I've been jumping I've felt like I restrict him...
  2. Taliesan

    Questions to Ask When Looking at 3.5t Boxes

    I'm going to look at some 3.5t boxes over the weekend and I was wondering if anybody had any advice on what I should be looking for in the vans and what sorts of questions to ask the sellers. This is my very first purchase of a box so I feel rather in the dark about the whole thing! So far...
  3. Taliesan

    Constructive Feedback for Dressage Tests Wanted

    I have a real talent for coming last almost every time I enter an online dressage test. It is becoming a bit of a running joke amongst my family now. I always seem to keep getting the same scores (around the 55% mark) and I can't seem to break the 60% barrier. Although the feedback on my test...
  4. Taliesan

    Are Prolite Girths Worth It v.s. Professional's Choice

    At the moment I have a professional's choice neoprene girth, which is lovely. However, my horse does have a rather forward girth groove and when I do it up I can see that the way the current girth lies means that the bottom of his shoulders / elbows will be moving back into it. I figure this...
  5. Taliesan

    Preventing Horses from Being Stolen

    I am considering moving my horses to a field closer to home. This would be lovely as they would only be a five minute walk from my house with good access to hacking. That said it will most likely only be a temporary thing until I find another yard to move to. Now, my big worry is that this...
  6. Taliesan

    Wanted: Grass Livery near Warwick

    I was wondering if anybody knew of any places that offered grass livery around the Warwick area? I have had a look myself on google and everywhere only seems to be offering full livery or DIY. This isn't really appropriate for me as my horse needs 24/7 turnout all year round. I am currently...