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  1. Melody Grey

    Yards/ Fields around Market Bosworth

    Looking for DIY livery or field to rent around Market Bosworth/ Newbold verdon/ Kirkby Mallory kind of areas. It’s for three geldings. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Im Googling and on Facebook groups, but it seems a lot of yards are hidden away. Easter egg pieces available in...
  2. Melody Grey

    Wood chip arena experts please?

    I’m currently at livery (A whole other story!) and pondering why the surface of the school rides so badly (and wondering if there’s an inexpensive fix for it?) It’s woodchip and rides much too deep. It has been topped up (DIY job) about 6 months ago but had limited use since. YO says it needs...
  3. Melody Grey

    PSSM Advice please?

    Sorry, long post ahead! I've posted about various issues with my main horse Monty (in profile pic). Our vet investigations are ongoing, but I'm strongly considering he might be a PSSM horse- probably type 2? Does this seem a justified conclusion from these.....? - vastly unpredictable...
  4. Melody Grey

    Remedially shod back to barefoot?

    My horse has been remedially shod on vets advice since Feb as part of a front foot lameness/ SI treatment. The shoes are conventional shoes although set back with pads all round- they have improved footiness on stony ground immeasurable and horse is much sounder (was only 1/10 lame on hard...
  5. Melody Grey

    Gastric maintenance supplements post ulcers

    My horse has just finished a lengthly course of omeprazole (since February!) and having run out of insurance money, I’m keen for the ulcers not to return! We have had SI issues which now seem to be largely resolved. My. vet has suggested Equitop Pronutrin as a maintenance supplement, but at...
  6. Melody Grey

    Serial Fence Buster, help!

    So.....New horse is currently doing an escape a day through our electric fence. 🤦‍♀ Any suggestions on how I can stop him? tried; two strands of tape, double fencing, upping the output on the energiser. has anyone tried sewing electric tape on to a rug? Using a deer energiser? Any other...
  7. Melody Grey


    We’re hopefully buying a horse for my partner which we have on trial at the moment (the horse, not partner!) If all goes well we’ll want to introduce the new one to our herd but it hasn’t been wormed recently. I do use Pramox so am thinking of using this now to cover all eventualities but...
  8. Melody Grey

    Grazing/ DIY livery wanted Dunton Bassett, South Leics

    WANTED: Grazing preferably or would consider DIY livery for 2 geldings (15hh and 12hh pony) in/ around Dunton Bassett due to re-location. Does anyone have any suggestions of where to search please? Vet, dentist and farrier recommendations also welcomed :-)
  9. Melody Grey

    Horsey Gift Vouchers

    I've been working away for a week and my friend has been looking after my horses. I'm thinking of buying her a gift voucher for a saddlery, probably online. What would everyone suggest?
  10. Melody Grey

    Shires gullet plates

    so, collective brains of H&H... I have a Shires Optimus saddle which I'm aware are no longer made. Does anyone know either where I can get gullet plates, or whether they are interchangeable with any other brands? do tekna gullet plates fit? I think they're made by shires?
  11. Melody Grey

    Muzzle Destroyer

    I'm approaching my wits end with the welshie in my profile pic destroying muzzles- we're on our third this year, he just keeps chewing through the bottom of them (various brands of the bucket type ones). I'm thinking Greenguard is the only way forward unless anyone has any other more durable...
  12. Melody Grey

    Saddles; Flair vs Flocking

    I have a Sue Carson Harmony dressage saddle which I do love and has been my faithful friend for many years but have recently run into problems- basically it's deflating gradually and like a fool I hadn't noticed until my horse started acting up (holding my hands up to poor horse-mummying here on...
  13. Melody Grey

    Teeny tiny pony saddles

    My son and pony are both growing up (son upwards, pony outwards!), so I'm looking for a saddle upgrade. Teeny tiny saddles are not my area of expertise at all and I was wondering whether you lovely people had ideas of brands that might be worth looking at? We need... 14" seat (son is tiny, pony...
  14. Melody Grey

    Protexin alternatives?

    Just wondering whether anyone has tried gut balancer products as an alternative to Protexin that have worked well? I have had my two stressy Welshies (15hh and 12.2hh) on it for 2 months and 1 month respectively with noticeable improvement which I'm keen to continue, but keeping them both on...
  15. Melody Grey

    Haynets on the floor?

    Just read some comments re: tr*ckle nets on Facebook (not sure if I can use their brand name here?!)and they are advocating their use on the floor for unshod horses. Has anyone done this? I'm having to feed hay in the field this winter and looking for options to prevent waste and make it last...
  16. Melody Grey

    Kids pony failed 2 stage- WWYD?

    Advice needed! We found a lovely pony suitable for lead rein and first ridden for my 5 year old son, but unfortunately has failed a 2 stage vetting on a tendon issue (slightly hardened tendon sheath and slight filling on one off side hind I think the vet said). The pony failed the flexion...
  17. Melody Grey

    Run & spin... Would you buy?

    Hi guys, I'm currently horse shopping and have found an ad local to me for a rising 5 y.o. Welsh D who looks like just the type I'm looking for. However... Seller says he's babyish (understandable) and has had her off a few times in the school running and spinning. Would you guys interpret...
  18. Melody Grey

    Hind gut woes- WWYD?

    Hi all, Just wondered whether I could quiz you lovelies? My mare recently scoped clear from a recurrent case of ulcers and we're currently on a half daily dose of Gastrogard to wean her off it (with a week left to go). She has been on succeed for hind gut problems for almost a month and as...
  19. Melody Grey

    KS and ulcers - any advice?

    Hi H&H lovelies, I posted a while ago wondering about whether Melody had KS. We went in for x-rays which confirmed impingement in 2 places under the saddle and had steroid injections to confirm this was the problem before progressing towards surgery. We're now a fortnight on and she seems...
  20. Melody Grey

    Wondering about kissing spines

    Hi folks, Will try to keep this brief... My 6 y.o ex racer has been with me since Easter and was not long out of racing. She's come on no end in this time- massive weight gain (about 60kg we think), really building condition and top line etc. We have had issues over the past 6 weeks or...
  21. Melody Grey

    Where do you box out to?

    I'm hopefully getting some transport at some point in the near future and was wondering where you lovely East Midlanders box out to for hacking/ horsey fun? we're based near to Ashby de la Zouch, so all options within or around an hour travel time welcomed :-)
  22. Melody Grey

    Funny with feet- advice please!

    I'm having big problems with my new mare and her feet. She will allow you to pick up each foot, but snatches it away again or kicks out before slamming each one back on the floor. She's too big to have a tug of war with so I'm looking for any practical approaches or suggestions that may help us...
  23. Melody Grey

    Feeding ex-racer- advice please!

    Hi everyone, just looking for a little friendly advice re: my new ex-racer if I may? Firstly, she's only been here with me for a week, so just getting to know her. I have a suspicion that she MAY have gastric ulcers- there are a few warning signs which I will obviously get checked out in due...
  24. Melody Grey

    Ex racehorse - new and settling

    Hi all- I wondered if I could get some famous HHO opinion please (I'm formerly known as Hoofing it but am having access problems!!) Anyway... Ex racehorse with some re-schooling has arrived on Saturday and has been great- very laid back and confident so got on for a light session in the...