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    Early morning riders

    A quick question for all those that are on board bright and early.. what do you do when it comes to feeding your horse? Does your horse have a hay net over night, which lasts until morning? Do you delay riding and feed some forage in the morning before getting on?
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    How many of you have to box up to hack?

    I’m thinking my only option to keep mine going this Winter is to box up, park up and hack in a quieter area. Our road is getting increasingly busier and with a fairly nervous Section D, I’m wondering whether not to even risk hacking down our roads and boxing up to go somewhere different...
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    Anybody riding on grass yet?!

    Hi All, As title, has anybody managed to ride on grass yet?! I’m hoping with a few more dry days ahead it will become fit to use!! It needs to continue though.. which is the hardest part 🤦🏼‍♀️
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    Working from Home

    Who does it and what are the pros and cons? What does your typical day look like and what industry are you in? I’m currently in a high pressured job as a manager in a mixed vet practice but am thinking of a change to include more flexibility due to various reasons. Would love to hear...
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    Transition from 1 to 2 horses

    Hi all, After some advise.. I currently just have the one Section D pony. He’s kept at home with me, we live on a large herd dairy farm. I’m thinking of getting another horse, as although he is very settled on his own I think it would be nice for him to have some company. How much time...
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    Blair XC Streaming

    Does anybody know if Blair XC is still available to watch online anywhere as I have missed it over the past few days? Thanks
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    Is hacking ‘in a field’ sufficient?

    As title really.. We live on a 600acre dairy farm with plenty of accessible fields (mainly flat and “horsey friendly”, although OH may not agree:p) The drive directs onto a very busy B road therefore hacking on a road isn’t really an option unless I box up and move 2/3miles off the busy...
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    Can you walk the cross country course at Badminton?

    Hi, I was just wondering if you are allowed to walk the XC course at Badminton early Saturday morning as a spectator? Thanks
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    “Desensitising to buses/lorries and tractors”

    How do you do it? My Section D is great hacking out with cars/cyclists/joggers etc, is spooky when not ridden for a while but that’s to be expected. He just hates lorries, and tractors especially with implements behind them! We live on a large herd dairy farm so he is use to all the noises...
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    any good online reading?

    Anybody recommend any good online reading, horse related? Need to save it on my ipad for a long day tomorrow!
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    what do you do in a equitation class?

    Hello all, I'm doing a little local show tomorrow. I've decided to do some of the jumping classes, but I was wondering what equitation was, and if eligible to do it? any help would be greatly appreciated thanks
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    Jobs in the equine world?? (long)

    Ok, ok, I'm back again. I havent posted on here in AGES(well, it seems a long time to me:D:D) Right: I'm currently in year ten, and am doing my work experience this year, in July, at a nearby, stud. Today, I went up and had a tour and generally helped out. I loved it. I have had the same...
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    If these bad summers continued, what would you pay for top quality hay?

    If a company were too devise a machine to mechanically dry grass, to produce hay of a very high standard, i.e-Canadian hay standard ( better than normal UK hay) what would we all be prepared to pay for it? Would we be prepared to pay £8-£10 per conventional bale?
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    another one of those posts where I show off pictures of my section C.

    This is my gorgeous boy, stolen him off my mum now! mwhahaha.. Cheekiest horse ever! haha, these were taken this morning in the beautiful sunshine.
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    What have you/are you spending your sunday doing?:-)

    Random post really but what are you spending your sunday doing? My day- Got up around 8:00 skipped out, loaded the two neddies up and went to the local cross country and showjumping place which is to hire, and hired out the arena to start jumping! Was great fun, mum treated the neddies to a...
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    New section D!

    This is my new girl, got her two weeks ago. She is only five but has a temperment to die for, I love her! These were taking early this morning, and what a beautiful morning it was! First time in the school, didnt do anything wrong. We're all so pleased with her so far! Just...
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    advice please. ps-new horse report:-)

    its me again!!!- (everyone sighs) My mum and I had nothing to do today, so what did we end up doing... went to the local (45minutes:L) welsh pony and cob sale. Just to have a look.. well we might of just popped the trailer on the back.. We had a look round, we were after a section d/section...
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    Welsh pony and cob sale-Ruthin

    Anybody going to the welshies sale at Ruthin on saturday? We're taking the trailer.. just in case;-)
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    BB2 Now!!

    Burghley highlights:-) Just though I'd share, hehe for all of us numpteys that couldnt make it:-(
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    do you have a sharp-joggy horse?

    What do you do when your horse is really excited? I have had mine only a week now, he gets a little excited sometimes in the school, the previous owner has had him 15years now, and said you can bring him back whenever you want if you dont like him etc.. He is an advanced dressage horse what...
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    Homemade arena and jumps etc?

    so, today I spent about three hours marking out our 'arena', it isnt actually an arena its a paddock but a big one so we use it for a school aswell. We're currently using oil drums and laminated letters stuck on them. I marked out 20 by 40mtrs. (7 and 3/4 steps of my feet=2metres, *took me...
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    How often do you ride in the winter and where?

    I was just curious on how often and when you ride in the winter? I havent had a horse through the winter yet, maybe when I was 4/5 but dont remember anything 10years on.. Do you hack, school, etc?
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    dressage saddle for jumping?

    I have just this minute got a new horse, cleveland bay x tb, gorgeous boy, hehe. He is 17 but still as fit as a 6 year old. He will jump anything and do every dressage move you can think of-piaffe, spanish walk-half past etc. He has come with a made to measure jumping saddle but we can only...
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    horse apps on your phone?

    Does anybody use any apps on their phone to do with horses? I've heard about that 101 dressage exercises, it sounds really good. I also have endomondo for on hacks. Any others?
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    Prelim dressage tests?

    I was just wondering if anybody had a copy of any prelim test that could be scanned and emailed to me? I have recently purchased a seventeen year old AMAZING dressage horse. I'm only fourteen years old , he can do things like half past, piaffe etc, I'm so lucky! I cant believe I have got...
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    what do you do when you go to try a potential new horse?

    I am going to try a potential new horse tomorrow. I know the people very well, they are really into the dressage. The owner of the dressage horse has a 17year old-ex dressage horse-medium level. She loves him so much, but was going to put him down this year or next, because she has got...
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    olympic showjumping coverage?

    Is there anywhere I can watch the 1st and 2nd Qualifiers of the showjumping, any links etc?
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    how did you grow up with horses?

    This has been on my mind for a few days. I would love to know how people grew up with horses. Here is my story so far, I am only fourteen. My mother has been a riding instructor all of her life, done everything from eventing, to hunting to horse driving trials. At one point when I was about...
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    what do people do in the school?flatwork,gridwork etc..

    I was just wondering what people do when they take they're horse 'schooling' in their school. Do you do basic flatwork, gridwork, set up a course?
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    anybody built there own arena before?

    as title really^ Just wondering how long it took, and what you need to build it? thanks