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  1. outinthefens88

    Advice on a trailer

    Had one identical (almost) to that on the farm here. It got banned from horse haulage a few years ago due to floor condition and was replaced on that task by a newer trailer. Long story short the old Rice died a death yesterday when without warning the axle sheared from the chassis whilst...
  2. outinthefens88

    Help please! Vet needed

    Have a chat to Tower Equine in Grimsthorpe. They may say its too far but they do vetting for Nottingham racecourse so worth a try....
  3. outinthefens88

    Recommendations: Moving to Melton Mowbray

    Nicola at Buckaroo Saddlery (based near Loughborough now NO LONGER at Vale View equestrian) but travels around - can be hard to get hold of but very through. Vets fairly sure you are in the catchment of Tower Vets at Grimsthorpe although may depend what side of Melton Mowbray you are so check...
  4. outinthefens88

    Soil/grass/hay testing companies

    I would debate Bob not a cobs comment above, should have made it clear it's soil sampling I have been involved with for five years or so now,. To take a sample as per the instructions and protocol, you take 4-5 'mini samples' from the landscape and combine them for your lab sample. The testing...
  5. outinthefens88

    Soil/grass/hay testing companies

    Done quite a few over the years, definitely seen some weird and wacky results coming out of the tests, some one which backed up what I had been suspecting with those particular locations. Correcting certain elements makes a big difference, esp lime/acidity ratio, manganese, magnesium, calcium...
  6. outinthefens88

    Best budget tow car

    Virtually any 4x4 (which in all honestly is all I would want to use to tow a horse trailer), will be thirsty on diesel and expensive to insure. My old Shogun was both (22mpg on a good day and circa £800 a year to insure with full NCB). Bargain basement 4x4's are generally knackered through rust...
  7. outinthefens88

    Male riding clothing

    As a male rider - unless competing that day I must say I don't give a stuff! Never cared much (or had the budget for) big brand names - best breeches I have are some Shires ones bought cheap in a discount sale. Everyday ones have often come from Aldi or the various clearances 'warehouses' on...
  8. outinthefens88

    Swapping Compact Tractor for Quad (mainly mowing) - good idea??

    Having read through the various posts on here, I can offer some suggestions as I use compact tractors extensively in my grounds maintenance works and on the farm. Firstly, some chinese manufactured tractors really are generally vile, horrible, awkward and very backwards to use things in terms...
  9. outinthefens88

    Stabling/Livery around Whaplode, Spalding

    welcome to the area - did you find somewhere (i realise the post is a month old but i have been off the forum for a while)
  10. outinthefens88

    Moving to Bourne - recommendations please!

    You have PM.....
  11. outinthefens88

    For ROG-towing with a van?

    I'll add in that any 'well loaded' Vivaro's and their Renault and Nissan counterparts are well known in the motor trade for problems with clutches and gearboxes, which get worse if you tow with them.... Occasionally wouldn't be an issue but not something I would be wanting to do on a regular...
  12. outinthefens88

    Moving to Sleaford - Livery??

    Have sent you a PM - close to my area - may be able to suggest some places.
  13. outinthefens88

    Trailer tyres

    From my tyre trade background - 165 R13C tyres should not be at all difficult to source, they are still a common and current size fitted to thousands of small plant trailers etc. A quick phone call to my local tyre dealer just gave me two 'off the shelf options', both in group stock and could...
  14. outinthefens88

    Mens riding boots?

    Having tried new long boots, I found them too 'restrictive' around my ankles for my liking - maybe they would soften with use (and I don't doubt they would), short boots are also significantly cheaper...
  15. outinthefens88

    Mens riding boots?

    Personally I have Toggi short boots and various pairs of half chaps - I am not a fan of long boots of any description myself. Personal preference really.
  16. outinthefens88

    Wild iris - any experiences?

    If the area is very wet due to natural spring, watercourse or drainage system - spraying is not an option as you may/will in all likehood contaminate the groundwater - which could land you with an extremely large fine from the Environmental Agency. Perhaps easier to dig them out?
  17. outinthefens88

    Paddock care after over seeding

    Depitox product label - states do not treat newly established grass or turf less than 1 year old.
  18. outinthefens88

    Paddock care after over seeding

    Weedkiller - depending on what it is - for example Headland Polo says for application to grass leys over 1 year old, Headland Relay P says that grasses should be established for at least 18 months before you can use the higher application rates. Talk to your chemical supplier for exact timing...
  19. outinthefens88

    livery near to Donington, Spalding?

    Have private messaged you a possible one to call. Will find some others over coming days - yards are not an issue, but (decent) menages can be round here.
  20. outinthefens88

    livery near to Donington, Spalding?

    Very close to my area - I'll put 'the feelers out' over the next few days and see if I can come up with anything that may help you.
  21. outinthefens88

    livery near to Donington, Spalding?

    Donington or Spalding based as there quite a few miles between the two!
  22. outinthefens88

    Treking/Hacking holiday in the UK for single girl!!

    I'll second that - Caeiago (in Wales) - Heading there soon for the third time, well kept horses to suit all abilities, stunning scenery and great food and company.
  23. outinthefens88

    Ideal Seat

    At this point, I would say listen to the instructor and do what they are telling you. Sitting tall is not necessarily giving a 'slow down' aid - you MAY be slumping forwards without realizing it, a habit, which if allowed to continue can be very hard to break.
  24. outinthefens88

    Any Farmers out there?, I may have done a bad thing....

    I fear this sounds like something else has either been used in the sprayer and the tank hasn't been washed out properly or there is some other form of contamination present. Any chance the sprayer had been used for 'Roundup' or any other glyphosphate based product - and not been washed out...
  25. outinthefens88

    forum showing blank on pc!

    Phone fine - forum requires three hits on the back button to load - thought it was just me - obviously not!
  26. outinthefens88

    Soil and grass analysis

    Can't say too much here, but for soil smapling/analysis as above Progreen are the guys to talk too - its surprising how many people spend a fortune on feeds and balancers, then neglect the fact the 90% of the time the horse is in the field, eating the grass, which may be totally 'unbalanced'...
  27. outinthefens88

    Just started horse a 21 year old Male!

    Also male, I started riding at 25, two years later through thick and thin and quite a chunk of cash - I am still at it. Have hit a couple of plateaus where there was no improvement for a good while - in fact things do go backwards for a bit at one stage. Now things are at a good point again and...
  28. outinthefens88

    How many people have their own business?

    I do, its in grounds maintenance so can be defined by the weather - although I work in all but the very worst (ie dangerous) conditions. Things to think about are the fact that expenses and costs will always be higher than you budget for, there will always be one customer that doesn't pay on...
  29. outinthefens88

    buttercup and clover overload, advice?

    Interesting thread and interesting to see that some 'agricultural dealers' recommend Grazon 90 (now Grazon Pro and has been for years) for buttercups and clover. On my usage guide it gets 1 out of 5 for buttercup control and 2 out of 5 for clover control - 5 being good - it is however excellent...
  30. outinthefens88

    gross train weight

    George - find the chassis plate on the vehicle - there will be a list of various weights on the plate. (depending on the car year, this info may be able to be found on the internet) The highest is the maximum weight the the car, vehicle, contents trailer and load on trailer can weigh. The...