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    Early morning riders

    A quick question for all those that are on board bright and early.. what do you do when it comes to feeding your horse? Does your horse have a hay net over night, which lasts until morning? Do you delay riding and feed some forage in the morning before getting on?
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    Has Derby House

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    Livery Tattenhall, Chester Area

    I live in Tattenhall, please feel free to PM me!
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    Has Derby House

    Yes, they’re both owned by the same company - Internet Fusion
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    How many of you have to box up to hack?

    I’m thinking my only option to keep mine going this Winter is to box up, park up and hack in a quieter area. Our road is getting increasingly busier and with a fairly nervous Section D, I’m wondering whether not to even risk hacking down our roads and boxing up to go somewhere different...
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    Chopped rape straw bedding

    I use ProBed on all of mine including my wet gelding. Dust free, absorbent and smells good too!
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    So who is going to work tomorrow?

    What is it you do if you don’t mind me asking? 😊
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    Anybody riding on grass yet?!

    Hi All, As title, has anybody managed to ride on grass yet?! I’m hoping with a few more dry days ahead it will become fit to use!! It needs to continue though.. which is the hardest part 🤦🏼‍♀️
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    Working from Home

    Thank you for this - what industry is this in if you don’t mind me asking? How long have you been Working from Home?
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    Working from Home

    Who does it and what are the pros and cons? What does your typical day look like and what industry are you in? I’m currently in a high pressured job as a manager in a mixed vet practice but am thinking of a change to include more flexibility due to various reasons. Would love to hear...
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    Transition from 1 to 2 horses

    Hi all, After some advise.. I currently just have the one Section D pony. He’s kept at home with me, we live on a large herd dairy farm. I’m thinking of getting another horse, as although he is very settled on his own I think it would be nice for him to have some company. How much time...
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    Blair XC Streaming

    Does anybody know if Blair XC is still available to watch online anywhere as I have missed it over the past few days? Thanks
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    Buying a Land Rover Disco with high mileage

    I bought my Disco4 roughly six months ago with 111k on the clock - pulls like a train! Absolutely love it, gives you that confidence when towing and there’s nothing like owning your own!! Paid 12.5k for mine. Touch head/wood - no problems as of yet...
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    Is hacking ‘in a field’ sufficient?

    Luckily there aren’t many gates here but fences everywhere.. so I do need to ‘plan’ my route and open fences before I set off
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    Is hacking ‘in a field’ sufficient?

    I’m not sure the cows would know what to do with them, but yes I’m working on it ;)ha ha!
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    Is hacking ‘in a field’ sufficient?

    I guess the argument is, horses do tend to see and experience a lot more on a hack! I find mine is more spooky at competitions because he doesn’t see such things on a hack?! Or just because he’s a ‘typical’ Section D who uses any excuse to get out of work :D
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    Is hacking ‘in a field’ sufficient?

    As title really.. We live on a 600acre dairy farm with plenty of accessible fields (mainly flat and “horsey friendly”, although OH may not agree:p) The drive directs onto a very busy B road therefore hacking on a road isn’t really an option unless I box up and move 2/3miles off the busy...
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    Can you walk the cross country course at Badminton?

    Hi, I was just wondering if you are allowed to walk the XC course at Badminton early Saturday morning as a spectator? Thanks
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    Need a new job!

    I work in the veterinary industry with no prior experience of veterinary/uni degree - I absolutely love it and good pay too. It’s about finding your feet and working damn hard to get recognised. You can then do what you want. Good Luck
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    “Desensitising to buses/lorries and tractors”

    How do you do it? My Section D is great hacking out with cars/cyclists/joggers etc, is spooky when not ridden for a while but that’s to be expected. He just hates lorries, and tractors especially with implements behind them! We live on a large herd dairy farm so he is use to all the noises...
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    any good online reading?

    Anybody recommend any good online reading, horse related? Need to save it on my ipad for a long day tomorrow!
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    what do you do in a equitation class?

    Hello all, I'm doing a little local show tomorrow. I've decided to do some of the jumping classes, but I was wondering what equitation was, and if eligible to do it? any help would be greatly appreciated thanks
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    Competition venues, cross country courses and other horsey 'places of interest'

    I'm in Malpas, Cheshire, and love going to the following!: -Somerford Park Farm Ride -Hadley Cross Country -Kelsall Hill farm ride -Harthill farm ride -Tushingham arena hire -Reaseheath colleges' fantastic indoor arena. Could go on for ages! love where I live! Fantastic facilities so...
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    Jobs in the equine world?? (long)

    Again, Thankyou so much! (looking at admin, business courses as we speak:D) I fully understand what everyone is saying now, and I appreciate everyones opinions so much. SO1- I think that the part time course would be a good idea for me now, rather than doing a full time course. That way...
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    Jobs in the equine world?? (long)

    :)Thankyou for your replies. Answers to some questions: - I am looking to go to Reaseheath College, and doing a Level 3 Extended Diploma in Horse Management. The good thing about the course is that you have to have 4GCSE's or above to get into it, so, I am using the "if I dont get the GCSE's...
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    Jobs in the equine world?? (long)

    Ok, ok, I'm back again. I havent posted on here in AGES(well, it seems a long time to me:D:D) Right: I'm currently in year ten, and am doing my work experience this year, in July, at a nearby, stud. Today, I went up and had a tour and generally helped out. I loved it. I have had the same...
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    Warning to Cheshire folk.

    I'm fifteen, and have to walk 20-25 minutes down an isolated lane to get to my school bus stop, everyday! Scary stuff! Malpas is only 10mins away!
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    Sections C and Riders height

    I'm 5ft 5 and weigh 6 stone and people say I dont look big on my section c:-)