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    Curb chain query

    It could be but then you still have the same problem with a weymouth. Sprenger made them, think they were something like £50 a curb chain!
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    Hay bags for stable - recommendations ?

    I have a haygrazer bag, it's about 6 months old and already one of the webbing straps has come apart from the top so the hole is bigger, can't say I'd recommend it.
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    I've had feed companies out that do it for free so it's not something I'd pay for
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    How to do a fast muckout

    This is the biggest thing for me, I can take 20 mins if I'm being slow or 10 mins if I pull myself together and just move quicker. It's the leisurely taking my time moving the fork from the bed to the wheelbarrow and back again that takes a surprising amount of time as opposed to trying to get...
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    You’re predictions for the future of horse sport

    Without meaning to start a fight I think in the distant future all horse sport will end, the peta types will win and it will be unconscionable to ride a horse.
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    Recommend - personalised neck strap

    Having seen a neckstrap go flying over the head and hanging underneath by the reins when the horse had a bucking fit I can understand the benefits of attaching it to the saddle. That's the thing with neckstraps, I almost never reach for it in an emergency but there's something psychologically...
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    Recommend - personalised neck strap

    Salute equestrian do a personalised leather one but they're very pricey
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    Magnetic therapy boots - useful or quackery?

    Science says magnets don't work, any perceived improvement is just the placebo effect
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    Celeris Boots - has anyone taken the plunge?

    I bought a sample pair of navy bia, they are absolutely stunning and with the laces they fit pretty much perfectly despite not being made for me. I couldn't really justify them to myself at full price, especially as an everyday pair, but they were almost half price in the sale.
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    Lemieux matchy craze?!

    Le mieux didn't start the matchy craze and it's definitely not a new thing either, I don't know if anky started it but I remember admiring the anky sets at least ten years ago now.
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    Grooming mitts

    I had a super sensitive mud monster of a horse that only liked really soft brushes, he would flinch away from dandy brushes or a rubber curry comb. He happily stood whilst I scrubbed him with a cactus cloth though.
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    Best Waterproof Jacket - Long and Short

    I've just bought an equetech venture extreme long coat, haven't tested its waterproofness yet but I chose it because it hopefully will be truly waterproof and not just showerproof. It's lovely and warm and I think looks very smart. It was somewhat difficult to get hold of, it was out of stock...
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    Which side for rein buckle?

    I was taught to have the bight on the right, no idea why it was insisted on but it now feels weird to do anything else.
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    How far would you travel for DIY yard ?

    I lasted a month of driving 45 mins each way twice a day but I wouldn't recommend it, I really came to resent how long it took, I spent more time driving than I did with my horse. 20 mins is probably my limit long term.
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    Turnout rugs indoors?

    I don't like stable rugs, they get wet and smelly and if you have a grey they can still get stable stains through them. I use turnouts inside, the outside gets a clean when it rains so they never get too bad. I also leave rugs on to dry as long as they aren't wet underneath, I'd rather they stay...
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    Mucking out straw beds

    A plastic shavings fork, we have future forks at work but I'm sure most similar plastic forks work the same. So much easier to use than a heavy pitchfork, they're lighter and it's easier to sift the clean from the dirty so you don't take out too much.
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    Which books have made a difference to your riding?

    I really enjoyed Jane Savoie's Dressage 101
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    Which bit? Advice please.

    I agree the martingale is useless at that length, I was always taught the rings should be a handspan from the wither rather than a palms width.
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    Double bridle reins - how do you hold yours

    I'm another who does it the same way as charlotte, the bridoon like a snaffle under the ring finger and the curb under the pinky. I find it easier if they're straight rather than crossed but I think it looks more correct or at least traditional if they are, there's photos of charlotte on show...
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    How much?

    Eventers generally seem cheaper than showjumpers or dressage youngsters. The goresbridge go for gold 2019 results are available, prices were a lot more reasonable than I was expecting.
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    Jumping at three???

    Also bare in mind the type of horses at these gradings and auctions and the type of conformation they have. Most will have well tied in necks so will find it easy to carry an outline that looks more advanced than say a cob with a low tied in neck at the same level of training will have. They'll...
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    Bareback footwear

    See I've got a new pair of ariat short boots and I definitely wouldn't consider them good value for money, I really questioned whether they were actually leather as it feels like pu to me. Previous pair were fantastic, nice thick leather and lasted years but my new pair feel very cheap in...
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    Ariat Paddock Boots

    I've got a new pair of Heritage IV lace up paddock boots to replace a pair of what I think were cobalt performers that my puppy has eaten. I had to check they were actually leather as they feel very cheap and plasticy compared to my old ones. My old ones were fab, I don't remember them being...
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    Rhythm Beads

    I've hacked out with what was essentially a cow bell on a neckstrap, the main aim along with the orange hi viz was to make it obvious we weren't wild boar to the chasse. The horses got used to it, I found it more annoying than they did but I imagine rhythm beads are probably a less grating sound...
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    Hunt ride need more braking.

    A Pelham was my normal go to for anything exciting but it depends on what your horse is likely to do, if it's stick his head up it could help if it's put his head down it probably won't. I used one on farm rides and he was fine but out hunting he stuck his head between his knees and I could not...
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    Irresistible feeds for weight gain

    Another vote for saracens releve, I was having trouble getting bute down a fussy eater but a handful of releve and he's now desperate for his feed and licks the bowl clean.
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    Bit rubs - help please!

    Haha well the horse looks like it had fun! Definitely try it in an enclosed space first and it's not necessarily for every horse. I was lucky and mine was still very responsive to a micklem on the headcollar setting as I call it but it's definitely one of those know your horse things. I didn't...
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    Bit rubs - help please!

    Once they've been rubbed they seem to be a lot more prone to it so you'll probably always have to keep an eye on it. Could you try bitless to give it a longer break and a chance to become old skin? Anusol is good at helping the skin heal, I'd try a bit before and after each ride.
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    Rugs, rugs and more rugs

    Generally a big fan of rambo, weatherbeeta and shires. Bucas are nice if they fit, if I had the money and was starting from scratch I'd have the sun shower and a couple of the smartex turnouts. I don't like the bucas fly rug though, I prefer the rambo or amigo ones. I really don't like premier...
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    Dressage People - Flashes/Grackles

    Flashes have been fashionable for a long time, then it looked like drops were going to make a come back but now it looks like grackles (and other weird new designs that are essentially grackles) are the in thing. God knows what the next fad will be, it would be nice if it was nosebandless but it...