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  1. sbloom

    Boxing Day Hunt Castle Cary

    I can't find for the life of me what time the meet is tomorrow, can anyone help? Thanks :)
  2. sbloom

    Saddle Covers

    I'm investigating what sort of saddle covers to have for my new brand - freebie ones that come with the saddle. The saddles I currently fit have a heavyweight cotton drill cover but I know fleece is very popular. I just wondered what you all like, and if you think sweatshirting might be a good...
  3. sbloom

    "Julie" trying to contact me?

    I have a message in my diary, was checking back through last week to ensure nothing was missed, and I've written a mobile number down wrong, one too few numbers, and it says "Julie PM HHO" - apologies to whoever it was but I can't work it out from my inbox - do let me know your details and I'll...