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    Hello, just been poked about this! Al was a WP, and found her calling as a groom and now works for the event rider she was based with as travelling groom and loves it. She gets to go all over and I've never seen her happier. Or more tired by October! But then she's chomping at the bit after...
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    A WWYD question re horse's future

    Two bute and medicated hocks for just field sound is a lot tbh, and the medicated hocks will wear off after 18 months/ 2 years. He's had a full and physically trying life, and has now had a nice chilled out time. But this isn't a situation I would see as a long-term thing because of the amount...
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    Taking on a "loan" horse to sell, risk/value etc?

    Sadly not, although Al says he couldn't have hoped for a nicer or more perfect home- they are going to have such fun together. Al was offered the truly amazing opportunity to be travelling head girl for the yard she moved to. Which means she could be away for huge chunks of the season- currently...
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    Update on my Injured Gelding - Leg Wound

    We went cold turkey on massive pressure sores (they covered pretty much the whole cannon bone), and they did heal up nicely with mega applications of manuka honey. His knee has healed up so nicely!
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    Update: deep breath, pulling socks up and continuing to sparkle.

    RIP CS. I like to think he's causing merry hell with Bee somewhere- you did all you could for him, and he had such a happy time with you.
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    Talk to me about Show Hunter Ponies please?

    She isn't really to type for that class- they tend to be less chunky and more refined (like, they wouldn't suit a hog). But her ear wouldn't be an issue! This is a really useful link :)
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    Taking on a "loan" horse to sell, risk/value etc?

    Al sold Smokes (was in training, and then went on to be a polo pony too) for pretty much triple what you're envisioning selling your mare for. He is talented, and has a great brain and attitude, but on paper he's done one season of BE90 and one 1m ODE, with no top ten placings. He sold to the...
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    Ovarian Cyst - What are the Symptoms?

    Our mare started showing very aggressive and concerning behaviour. She put her head through a window to try and attack her reflection, she was exceptionally nappy and her behaviour became very unpredictable in the stable too, to the point that you had to have her tied up and the door open for an...
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    Opinions on Norton Disney BE90 for first run...

    Smokes did it as his first 90cm ODE earlier this year, and it was nearly identical to the BE90 from the previous October. It took quite a lot of careful riding on Al's behalf, as it was a fairly big ask- lots of related lines, skinnies, spooky fences, and all well built. It was a really nice...
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    Is 7k reasonable or ludicrous for a well bred 5 year old?

    For some perspective maybe, my sister sold a 6yo who had done a few 80cm ODEs, a few prelim dressage tests, and had seen hounds and was generally a 'nice person' for £5k. He sold within a fortnight of the advert going up and had lots of interest. His breeding was good, though nothing overly...
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    Dressage on a grey pony

    If you're not doing PC stuff, white with a navy binding will look very smart I think :)
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    Would you buy?

    Windgalls wouldn't bother me at all, but I'd want the melanoma checking out first just in case.
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    Pony Club horse and pony care comp/achievement badges

    For our badge rallies our instructor had a list of things you needed to be able to do to get the badge, there were 4 or 5 stations and we were in groups and we just went to each station, were taught about the thing and then demonstrated it, and were awarded the badge. For my first PC, badges...
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    How many of your horses...

    I am so torn over whether its luck or a good upbringing! Reg is one of those unflappable types. He just can't get himself worked up, which is good because when he does he is completely unreachable... Al and mum worked hard to set his life up so he had everything right all the time, and made sure...
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    How many of your horses...

    Reg can have months off, then have his shoes back on and behave like a dream. He is one of those horses who just is very calm and level-headed about almost everything, and his 'moments' are exceptionally rare. I can honestly count them on one hand from the day he stopped being a racehorse to...
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    The Good News... And the Bad News :(

    Oh, I have all my fingers and toes crossed that he's just given himself a bang and a fright, and will be right as rain after a bit of a rest. But what brilliant news about the job, how exciting. You will love it- Al is in her element as a groom, it's where she really found her feet and all...
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    "In my lorry I have.........."

    Always, first aid kit for horse and rider, spare set of clothes, a basket with stuff (hairnets, gloves, rule books... All the gubbins you forget) and so much dried food- cup a soups, pasta, tea, coffee, sugar, all the instant 'just add water' things! And the fizzy drinks, water, chocolate...
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    My first ever ODE - and we fell over!

    You don't NEED studs, especially at the level you're competing at. I think just being a bit less overwhelmed in your riding- would you let him wibble like that schooling? I end to go quite quiet at shows, and it takes a run out for me to ride the fence. I know I never do that schooling! So I...
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    anyone recommend good 2nd BE100 ?

    I think they're all much of a muchness round us, with each course offering something a bit different in terms of why it's difficult. But Al tends to put Burnham up there as one of the harder courses. Norton Disney was quite big when she last did it with some interesting questions (not so much...
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    Tiny children competing

    Some children are more 'grown up' than others too. Like, there's a 7yo on this thread just coming off the lead rein, but at the same age my little sister did her first solo XC round. It just happened she was physically ready and was on a pony who was small enough for her to actually ride (11.2hh...
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    My first ever ODE - and we fell over!

    One thing that's worth thinking about, is if your horse is prone to running out approaching fences in a slow but powerful trot can be much more effective, as it gives them time to really assess the fence but also gives you time to correct them wibbling away, preventing them from running out...
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    WWYD - getting paid to ride

    This. I appreciate where you're coming from, but unless this horse is a nightmare then you'd be lucky to be paid and I'm impressed the other owner has said yes. In terms of getting paid to ride, unless you're really good (and I mean really decent, not just competent) and have something to offer...
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    Separate forum

    I quite like it all mixed in tbh, it creates a real community. I love reading, say, spookypony's threads about her endurance stuff when I'd probably never venture into an endurance sub-forum. It opens up new disciplines and means you get lots of interesting points of view about how each...
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    What do you wear?

    Do not wear your uniform. It will smell. How long is your journey to school? We used to get up early, cycle to the yard (3 mile bike ride), do the chores and then cycle home, shower and change. We left at 8.20 so getting up at 6am was plenty of time. My sister and I alternated days. If you...
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    Ponies and boarding school....

    The family my sister worked for before she moved to her new job employed her to keep the ponies ticking over- she went up at least twice a week to school them (jumping, proper cantering or flatwork) and then the other groom hacked them out during the week too. By this summer she was there pretty...
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    What age do you consider a horse to be old?

    I think it depends a lot on the horse- smaller ones age better. Reg is semi-retired at 14, whereas my old boy (same breed, 2 hands smaller) hit 25 before he really began to need to properly slow down. But generally for horses, 16, for ponies 18 IMO.
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    They build up to height with lots of fillers, sorry. If it's any consolation Smokes pinged round he BE90 despite having had the life frightened out of him in the dressage, and he's a sensitive soul who can be a bit windy about fillers anyway. y_U8GlPEV04 Video of the BE90. Our experience...
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    Would you go non-competitive?

    If you are allowed to compete then compete. I don't see the point in doing otherwise unless here's a hugely obvious reason... Heck, WFP will do a BE100 normal despite being one of the best eventers in the world!
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    Team Reggie: our last report. And it's a happy one!

    Thank you :) You were one of the first people to really cheer her on on here and I miss your reports a lot! Thank you :) He's very fab (in his opinion at least!) and he is very happy to be back on the super posh yard- he loves it there with all the goings on to watch! Oh wow! Yes, she loved...
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    Team Reggie: our last report. And it's a happy one!

    Thank you :) I'll still post, but I'm going to keep it a lot more quiet and try and avoid anything contentious! I think we're lucky to be part of a family where we all do support each other and there's very little in the way of rivalry. And Al pays me back in spades- she gave me lessons when...