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  1. Melody Grey

    New horse, ulcers??

    Sorry, I wouldn’t take that for an answer OP. Unless your vet has some kind of magical scope-vision, I’d be getting a second opinion.
  2. Melody Grey

    Best way to transport horse over longer distances?

    Typically far away, so can’t recommend any from my way. What about National companies like Gillies?
  3. Melody Grey

    Best way to transport horse over longer distances?

    If you don’t fancy doing it, I’d go with a bigger transporter if you can afford it, so much less stress. Whereabouts are you going from/ to? Maybe we can suggest companies?
  4. Melody Grey

    calmer for pony ideas

    I’d make sure the pony’s tummy is happy - tummy troubles can definitely make them a bit spooky. I’ve never used them myself, but a friend of mine swears by calming cookies in the same situation as you- might be worth a look?
  5. Melody Grey

    Advice needed on returning a horse to a dealer

    I, as a business, have taken individuals to the small claims court- not horse trade related though, but businesses can use SCC.
  6. Melody Grey

    Hit an all time low with my horse :(

    I would agree with scoping- all of the horses I’ve had with ulcers have been particularly spooky at times. Current horse (in profile pic) has had exhaustive ulcer treatment- my vet now thinks his ulcers are due to an underlying blood flow issue to his stomach, rather than pain elsewhere (he’s...
  7. Melody Grey

    Bad reaction to sedation.

    Just a couple of practical thoughts going forwards: -can you ask for a follow- up vet visit tomorrow to check your mare is recovering ok? Under the circumstances, I can’t see them objecting. - might be worth double checking the horse’s heart? I’ve known those with underlying (and sometimes...
  8. Melody Grey

    Is planning permission for a manege difficult to get?

    I’m absolutely not an expert but I think you might have to be careful with environmental concerns, I.e. which surface you opt for close to a river incase there’s risk of it washing into it?
  9. Melody Grey

    Mild moan about yards changing the goal posts !

    Sorry, but restricting your choice of professionals either on the yard (or travelling to them) is totally unreasonable. They don’t deserve your custom.
  10. Melody Grey

    5"4 adult on 12.2hh Dartmoor - thoughts?

    I’m the same weight although taller at 5ft 6/7 ish- my sons pony is 12.2hh and there’s no way I’d get on him. That said, he is a show type welsh B, so not as sturdy as a Dartmoor, but I’d be thinking of something bigger I think, not just from a weight perspective but also a balance one. Even...
  11. Melody Grey

    To shoe or not to shoe

    My horse was like this, still tender on stony tracks even shod all round with pads. We went back to hoof boots all round and he’s so much better.
  12. Melody Grey

    Its trying to rain!

    A dampening of rain here in south leics this evening, but not enough to be celebrating yet....but better than nothing!
  13. Melody Grey

    To shoe or not to shoe

    I tend to draw round feet on the back of wallpaper offcuts, much easier than trying to photograph with a measure and strong enough to withstand a bit of movement on the floor.
  14. Melody Grey

    To shoe or not to shoe

    The cling film is a great tip- I usually use nappy bags, but I can imagine cling film would be even better :-)
  15. Melody Grey

    How do you interpret 'reasonable/sensible offers' when buying a horse or pony?

    I’ve always assumed ‘no texts’ means that by texting, they’re assuming you’re not a serious enquirer....never considered it was to avoid a paper trail but it’s a really valid point, especially with so much dodgy dealing seeming apparent at the moment.
  16. Melody Grey

    How do you interpret 'reasonable/sensible offers' when buying a horse or pony?

    The only place personally I think ‘offers’ is reasonable is for something that’s blatantly a project or a gamble....but that said, I’ve never been in a position to view anything expensive!
  17. Melody Grey

    Planning for stables

    Think about whether any neighbouring fields (if there are any?!) have set a precedent with stables/ buildings of their own. More likely to get planning permission if so. Make sure the field is suitable for equine use- if it’s not or has an agricultural tie for example, you might have to work...
  18. Melody Grey

    Gelding 'covering' mares. Wwyd

    I wouldn’t find this acceptable at all and find it odd that the YO is condoning the geldings behaviour if it’s causing injuries (if I’ve read that correctly). I know mixed herds can work and I’ve had my own, but is there a possibility of separate mare/ geldings turnout? I’d be voting with my...
  19. Melody Grey

    What’s your greatest horse achievement?

    Lots of eventing- ness but probably the day I’ll never forget is riding infront of a funeral cortège for my best friend’s daughter infront of a beautiful Victorian hearse drawn by a team of fresians. Monty was solid as a rock that day and did us all so proud. I produced him myself and it was...
  20. Melody Grey

    Starting from scratch - stables / yard

    My main considerations would be: -not over-stocking the land so all year turn out was possible...or all-weather turnout areas if the land is extremely boggy in the height of winter? - separate, secure storage for everyone. People leaving the tackroom unlocked on my current yard is a constant...
  21. Melody Grey

    Cavallo Cute Little Boots - so pleased!

    Disappointed you didn’t go for the glittery ones @HollyWoozle! My sons pony was fractionally too big for the largest size in glittery CLBs, we were gutted!
  22. Melody Grey

    Flat sarcoid....

    I’ve had really mixed experiences ranging from ones with a single, small nodular sarcoid which disappeared on its own to out of control all over body nightmares that have resulted in PTS (were on horses eyelids in the end). There is currently a horse on my yard (not mine!) that is covered in...
  23. Melody Grey

    Stuck, mis sold horse

    Re: ulcers- this is the first thing I thought too and would want any kind of work up to include scoping. For info: the Succeed fecal test is notoriously unreliable and (in my opinion at least) isn’t a substitute for gastroscope for foregut ulcers, or ultrasound for hindgut inflammation. The...
  24. Melody Grey

    Stuck, mis sold horse

    Lots of good advice and observation here- I’m inclined to agree that there is a pain issue. When did the issues become apparent? I think you’d have known before now if there was foul play and he’d been medicated in some way or some other grounds for return?
  25. Melody Grey

    Yard jet wash service?

    I know there are companies already doing it, but might you have more trade with domestic customers; jet washing patios/ driveways/ paths. I would pay for jet washing- I have so little to do and so infrequently it wouldn’t be worth me investing in kit.
  26. Melody Grey

    Succeed Formula for Hindgut Issues - Worth It?

    I can’t say Succeed did anything great for my ulcer horse (was on it for two or three months). Vet did prescribe Gastrokind though which is still about £60/ month but seems to suit mine who is quite settled on it. We did also try Equitop Pronutrin on vets advice during ulcer treatment- difficult...
  27. Melody Grey

    Creating a stable area in a barn with scalping on the floor...

    I have deep- littered on earth and it worked really well, excellent drainage. Sweeping will be problematic and the floor was a bit uneven so I used mats infront of the bed. If the stones aren’t compacted, you might end up digging them up constantly, so might be worth using mats (or even grass...
  28. Melody Grey

    Getting your partner interested in horses... any success stories?

    My OH had a horse on loan many years before I met him so was already a ‘rider’ (on further investigation, turned out that it was full livery and the horse must have been robotic/ on rails!). An opportunity to loan and then buy a nice although green cob came up last year on our yard, so he has a...
  29. Melody Grey


    I tend to just go for it and explore (but I was brought up that way!) Try chatting to other horse riders/ cyclists/ walkers you see in passing if you get the chance?
  30. Melody Grey

    Anyones horses just not moulting yet?

    Slow to get started here- in full flow of moulting now though and all looking a right mess!!