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    Any lady riders with a indwelling foley/urethral catheter?

    Presumably there are forums frequented by para riders - perhaps look there for more advice/experiences
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    Ring bone side side bone anyone had any experience ? Please no replies telling me to PTS

    I have an 17yo Irish cob with ringbone and sidebone; I'm guessing that like yours he had a busy early life in Ireland He's on daily Danilon and unshod/booted and happily potters about as a light hack
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    Has anyone had the Equibiome test done?

    Human microbiomes are becoming more widely studied and I hope the same will happen for horses Basically what's in our guts is a whole separate living thing and it makes complete sense to look after it I'm still tempted to get my young laminitic done but some of the advice looks a bit odd (eg...
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    Can you imagine life without horses?

    Good luck with the vetting
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    Do they really want to sell?

    That's probably the IW Goldilocks
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    Colic - healing vibes please

    So sorry about your old girl Hope you're ok Sheep xx
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    Colic - healing vibes please

    Fingers crossed for you and your mare Sheep xx
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    The turnout situation with Dani?

    If you've got fans of the 'I adore you' type who hang on your every word you probably need to be careful what you say DG's own horses sound to be micromanaged for much of the time and presumably she has the staff and facilities to deal with that An amateur deciding that no turnout is ok because...
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    Take your horse on holiday recommendations

    No suggestions but your pony is the cutest little person
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    Cystocele surgery-recovery time?

    The worry about riding is that things can happen unexpectedly, eg a trip which jolts you Someone I knew undid her repair by taking a swipe at her child!
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    Possible lami or something else?

    Just to add - no pulses is a very good sign but the increased footiness would worry me
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    Possible lami or something else?

    Initially, off grass and onto a deep bed and soak her hay - opinions vary as to how long for, some people say 12 hrs but at least half an hr and then rinse off the soaking water before feeding
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    Possible lami or something else?

    How are her digital pulses? If she were mine I'd treat her as a lami case and get the vet out
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    Cystocele surgery-recovery time?

    Be very cautious! Repairs can become undone by too much pressure too soon
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    Shetland ponies in the garden?

    When I kept a Sec A in what was effectively a large garden I had composting worms in the muckheap They dealt very quickly and efficiently with her droppings - the heap was only normal compost heap size and never needed removing, and the compost was the best stuff ever
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    Best hedges/trees for horse foraging

    Willow is brilliant - stick some branches in the ground and they will grow! Mine like hazel too
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    Serious help needed to help 6 year old child terrified of dogs

    And far more logical A dog may kill you, clowns and buttons probably won't
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    Flooring in mobile stables?

    I have used both rubber and EVA mats directly on earth As long as the ground has been firm to start with they've been fine
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    And the cr@p parenting award goes to.....

    If this were one of your horses they'd have had a full vet work up weeks ago!
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    I just bought my first cob! Introduction + feed advice + photos!

    So sweet that he wants to explore footpaths I love it when they approach hacking in the same spirit as we do - I wonder where this goes? And you have my sympathy re solicitors. How do 'professionals' get away with being so inept?
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    Rabatsa your donkey is lovely. I am envious
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    When I run out of stuff to read on here I look at horse ads (not HQ though, I prefer the bottom end of the market ie DD) It's not because I want a horse/donkey/tar sprayer, it's simply a displacement activity. Procrastination is my forte
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    Can the farmer shoot my dog?

    It seems odd that pheasants are livestock, yet their owners can't be held responsible for any damage they may cause eg breaking car grilles or digging up my veg patch
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    To shoe or not to shoe

    The Cavallo pastern wraps worked well for me, then pop socks once he had toughened up a bit
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    Tell me not to!

    I love your barn. I wish I'd thought of having a set-up like that instead of stables
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    I generally wear Toggi Norfolk Loafers for this
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