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    H&H news - 'Injured brood mare flown to hospital in helicopter harness'

    :eek::eek::eek::eek: Until I remembered the date. The video does look very convincing!
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    Washing shims

    I've just bought a secondhand Nuumed pad which has gone in the washing machine, but I'm unsure about how to wash the shims (they look fine, I'm just wary about 2nd hand stuff generally) Any ideas how to clean them effectively without wrecking them please? Thanks
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    Management of arthritis

    Once you reach the bute/Danilon stage, is it useful to carry on with a joint supplement? Thanks
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    Mains energisers

    My old Rutland mains energiser has died and as that model has been discontinued I'm on the lookout for something else Does anyone have any recommendations please? Or any warnings about models to avoid? I have greedy fatties so need something with a good zap. Thanks
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    Grass free area as stable alternative for laminitis prone ponies

    I have 2 barefoot ponies (a 14 2 and a mini Shetland) who need to be off their very sparse grazing for part of the day for 9 months of the year - roughly March to October. In the depths of winter they are ok out 24/7 As an alternative to shutting them in their stables I'm thinking about making...
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    On Radio 4 now

    In Our Time - The evolution of horses
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    Balancer for dogs?

    My old boy has decided that he doesn't like dog food (he has a history of pancreatitis so we're limited anyway) His vet has said no to raw food I'm happy to buy him decent meat but appreciate that he needs more than that (I did look at complete home-cooked diets but they look very complicated...
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    Shortening leather, and what to do with the cut edge

    I'm just about to cut a bit off a flash strap to make a chinstrap for a bitless bridle. Is there any way to neaten the cut surface, and make it look less raw? Thanks
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    Racehorse abuse in Australia > sport > superracing > news-story Abuse doesn't really begin to describe it, sadly Sorry, link doesn't work but googling Caro Meldrum-Hanna racehorse investigation will find it
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    Activo-Med rug

    Massage/magnetic therapy rug, 10 years old, not currently working, no charger (a service and a new charger would cost in the region of £200) Free, collection from Norfolk, possibly from Great Witchingham this weekend
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    Putting a 'floor' in a mobile field shelter

    I have a 12 x 24 mobile shelter, parked on what was grass but is now bare earth, firm and dry but very dusty. The dust mixes in with any bedding; it makes the ponies' coats look awful and is probably unhealthy too. In the past I've put down EVA mats which worked ok but were expensive and...
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    Swiss Galoppers

    I fancy a pair of these, just for pottering about in; no mud, no fast work, Cavallo Sports are currently doing the job and are delightfully easy to use but a bit heavy. The Galoppers look easy, but rather than risk being taken in by skilful advertising I thought it wise to ask for opinions...
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    Heated dog bed

    I live in a cold house with a 12 year old terrier who is sometimes shivery. He does have bedding to burrow in, but I wonder if a heated bed (I was thinking about the electric ones) might help. Any advice or experiences please? Thanks
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    Weather forecasts

    I usually look at the Metoffice forecasts, but lately they seem to be consistently underestimating the probability of frost. I have a horse with Cushings, so need to know when to keep him in. Is there another weather site which accurately forecasts frost? Thanks
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    Feeding after pancreatitis - any suitable dry foods?

    My 10 year old terrier has recently suffered from this, but now recovered. On vet's recommendation he is on Hill's tinned/dry i/d; he is not keen on either. Is there any 'clean' low-fat dry food? Thanks