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    Anyone have experience with volunteering/lessons at Lee Valley or Mudchute? (aka moving to London, should I sell my car...)

    There is a riding club organised by people who ride / used to ride at Lee Valley. A lot of members are east London based. They arrange quite a wide range of riding activities (some with v nice horses)
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    Keratitis in Horses

    One of ours has a microsporen implant - lasts 18m to 2y then needs replacing. It was straightforward to put in and has worked really well. With the implant you would not know she has a problem with that eye to look at her. The only downside is that the implant supresses the immune system in the...
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    2021 Foals .. what have you got cooking ?

    That's good news. Our mare with the same injury is now over 6 months in foal and so far so good. We put her in foal based on advice both from our vet and the Vet at he vet hospital that did her MRI.
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    ‘Giving up horses’, anyone done it?

    Gave up for 10 years while working full time, living in London and having children. Sold one to my trainer and loaned another out. Then the old girl came back from loan, we put her in foal, moved a few miles out of London and got ponies for the kids. Horses are by far our biggest expense and I...
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    When should a foal see a farrier?

    As everyone else said ‘as early as possible’ Mine came out wonky and has had the farrier from when he had his first of 2 sets of plastic shoes at 2 or 3 weeks old. He’s getting there now. Just one hind fetlock that doesn’t have enough extension. He went from too lax to too stiff and is now (we...
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    Riding mid life crisis - long but pls read & advise...!

    Can’t you get something could do both? It doesn’t have to be either / or. My favourite horses have always been well bred competition types that are happy to be family ponies.
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    Foal Friday - 2020

    Hera looks very happy with the new arrangement.
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    How did you find the most recent horse you bought? Word of mouth, online ad, etc?

    Advert in H&H, home bred, advert on horse quest x 2, stud reduction, home bred. Haven’t sold any on.
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    Foal Friday - 2020

    Here’s Oz in his winter woolies
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    Amber is lame

    Pretty much what everyone else had said.your reasons for not bringing Amber back into work were similar to mine with My girl. I would always be worried she was in pain and not able to let me know. I think you are doing absolutely the right thing. And you still have Toby to ride.
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    Rough handling of someone's horse wwyd?

    I would have a quiet word with the yard owner and ask that this particular groom not handle your horses unsupervised. If you have 4 horses on full livery and are generally not a difficult client you are worth more to your yard owner than a freelance groom who isn’t good with horses.
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    Amber is lame

    So sorry AE. Mine's got similar damage to Amber (we MRI'd in May). Was also considering Rockley but timing didn't work (she is in foal) and I don't plan to bring her back into work anyway unless it is going to help her. ATM she's happy out in a hilly field with a mare herd. She had an equine...
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    Would you ride horse that had reared?

    Yes - and My children did. She reared because she had strained her superspinous ligament and certain movements hurt. A steroid jab and a rehab programme stopped the resting.
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    Foal Friday - 2020

    Oz was windswept and incredibly lax behind when born and needed foal extensions at 2 weeks. The laxity resolved (I took regular photos and it was incredible watching him unfurl). and he has straightened up but what was his better hind leg is stiff up to his hock. X-rays are fine (was X-rayed at...
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    Foal Friday - 2020

    Late as usual. Oz is such an odd colour atm.
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    Amber is lame

    Ny vet was sceptical about Rockley to really keen once ge spoke to Nic. it might be worth asking your vet to call her once he has MRI results. For me it’s a question of timing and uncertainty on my part about whether I want to bring my mare back into work. She is now in foal and we would...
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    Amber is lame

    Having gone through the same thing with my mare who has a similar injury (MRI was in May) I am now OK with the fact that I might not be able to ride her again and she appears to be adapting happily to her new (semi feral) lifestyle.
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    DDFT in the hoof

    After intermittent lameness, our 12yo mare had an MRI in May and was diagnosed with navicular bone damage and DDFT lesions. The Vet hospital advised not putting her back into work but thought she was a good candidate for a career as a brood mare. They recommended wedges and pads and a steroid...
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    Foal Friday - 2020

    Bit late but here’s another photo of Oz. He’s turning dark liver chestnut and appears to have grown 10cm in the past 3 weeks 😳
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    2020 breeding plans

    We had the heartbeat scan today. All is looking good with what our vet describes as a strong heartbeat and no sign of a twin. fingers crossed for a healthy foal next year.
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    2020 breeding plans

    Brilliant news - the wait is nerve wracking
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    Foal Friday - 2020

    A bit late for foal Friday but here’s Oz. Almost 7 weeks old.
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    AI or Embryo Transfer?

    She’s not too old. We put our maiden mare in foal at 17 at the suggestion of our repro vet. She had pre breeding checks, took 2 attempts to get in foal by AI, had a caslicks procedure and daily Regumate up to a certain point (both because she was older) and delivered a colt foal within a couple...
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    8 weeks old today

    She is completely adorable
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    Mine had undetected twins not picked uo on scans and lost them at 5 months when they ran out of room which was horrid. She’s in foal again and we’re doing extra scans to minimise the chance of the same thing happening this time. I will take the same approach as you if we do find we have twins.
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    Never thought I’d be writing this :(

    One of our horses started rearing vertically. We had her x-rayed (x-rays confirmed it was not kissing spine) and she then had an MRI which showed she had strained her super-spinous ligament. A steroid jab and physio followed by a slow return to work made her a lot more comfortable.
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    2020 breeding plans

    This year we’ve had 2 attempts with what I think is the same SJ stallion. First scan is in a week.
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    Contacting old owner/breeder -good or bad idea?

    We always try and stay in touch with old owners. The previous owner of our retired family pony often competes at the same shows as our yard owner which makes it easy to share photos and news.
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    Wanting to put my mare in foal but not sure where to start.

    Breeding a foal is incredible but it’s not cheap. If you are 100% sure that what you want is your mare’s foal then go ahead. Choose a stallion that will complement her, prepare for the worst and hope for the best. If you just want a foal, then buy one at weaning. If you want a horse for your...
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    Hoof soft tissue injuries

    Mine went lame last summer. Nerve blocks suggested hoof pain but X-rays showed nothing. Our vet suggested 3 months rest then slowly back into work. She went lame again after maybe 3 months gentle work. She then had more nerve blocks and an MRI which showed DDFT lesions and navicular bone damage...