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    Are equestrian events allowed under the new rules?

    As title really. Am the only one who’s a bit confused?
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    Getting the dog into the car!! .... steps of a ramp??

    Hello all .... we have just acquired a LR Discovery. The back opens via a lift up door (top) and a drop down door (bottom). The resulting jump up and down for doggy is pretty high, so we are looking to get either some steps or a ramp to help. Anyone got such a thing they can recommend? Thanks all.
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    Is it time I gave up?

    My yard has been on lock down like many others, and my time there has been limited to specific (short) hours on specific days, to enable everyone there to get some horse time. I have just enough time to go, have a short ride (30-45 mins) and leave. As such, I've barely ridden since the end of...
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    (With apologies!) ...Another "dog walking during lock down" thread

    Hello everyone. I hope you're all staying well, and apologies if this has been done already. We are a couple living with a very active dog who normally goes out twice daily. The lockdown plan was for Mr Expo to walk him in the morning and me to walk him later on in the day. All went well for a...
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    Sorry! Another CV thread - Cancelled events?

    Has anyone cancelled, or had a cancellation, of an equestrian event because of CV? Due to go to a small club dressage thing next weekend and was really looking forward to the outing after all the rotten weather we've had. At the moment, it's going ahead, but that may change. We are in a fairly...
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    Dressage entry fees

    Sorry - this a bit boring but would appreciate some input. The small, local club I’m involved with runs a number of popular Dressage competitions every year. They are held at a local EC where tests are ridden on a good surface and warm up is in a large indoor. Plenty of parking, good...
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    Riding club show needs an overhaul

    I help out with events organised by a small, local riding club. This year, they have put on several Dressage events, a couple of Showing plus dressage things - Showing first, then Dressage afterwards and a couple of Showing plus Show jumping events. We’re now approaching the end of the summer...
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    Trainee physio wants to do case study

    A girl I know is training in horse physio/sports massage. She’s a highly competent person and I’ve know her for several years. She’s now asked if she can use my lad as a case study as part of her final year before qualifying. I’ll need to tell my vet and can’t think of any reason why not, but...
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    Is this cheeky or should I be grateful?

    I own a very safe, easy going horse who is a lovely forward going ride and as bomb proof as any horse ever is. He’s a joy to own and I know I’m lucky to have him. My friend at the yard owns one which is just about the opposite - to be frank, it’s nappy and bad mannered and (in my opinion) just...
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    Livery yards ... feeling frustrated!!

    Sorry, this is another move or stay thread! I moved yards a couple of months before Christmas, from a small(ish) private DIY yard to a bigger yard where I am on a part livery arrangement. This means the horse is on full livery during the week, but I do him myself at weekends. The new yard is...
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    Too many ghosts!

    Chatting to a friend of my husband the a few weeks ago, I asked how his wife is getting on with her new horse. He told me she had moved yards recently to a DIY place which had just started up very near where I live but that she had been offered the chance to go back to another yard she had been...
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    Winch for hay net?

    I find putting up a large, soaked hay net a heavy lift. I have not actually weighed a net of 15lbs dry weight hay after it's been soaked, but it is pretty heavy!! I'm getting fed up with getting wet through to be honest. I was wondering if anyone uses any kind of winch or pulley system for...
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    Using coconut oil

    Sorry if this has been done before but does anyone use coconut oil on their horses as something you apply, as a hair conditioner or anti itch treatment, for example. Or as a feed additive for whatever reason? If so, how do you use it as it's solid at room temperature so not an easy oil to use...
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    Happy horse vs happy owner. Where is the line?

    I keep my horse on a nice private yard with just ten horses, two of which belong to the yard owner. We have lots of turn out, a nice school, OK hacking and the people (including the YO) are a nice bunch, friendly and knowledgable. We also have areas of wood chip turn out which we can use in...
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    Mucking out - what do you use?

    I bed my horse on shavings on top of rubber and he's just started to come in overnight now the clocks have changed. He can be a messy boy, unfortunately, but my muck out routine involves using a shavings fork and brush which seem to do the job. I've noticed on the yard some people use snow...
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    Just to say "Hi"

    Hello all - long time lurker deciding to drop in at last. This seems lie a good place to sort out all my horsey issues as well as getting good advice on the more personal stuff as well. Is there anything I should know before I start posting? Tell me all!! About me: One horse kept on livery...