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    Moving forward

    as many of you know Monday was a difficult day for our family saying goodbye to a very special boy my mother is grieving and slowly taking it step by step we have found her a whippet to be her new company (when she is ready! there is no rush or pressure if she isn't ready til Christmas that is...
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    The time has come

    I posted back In April the family German Shepard was diagnosed with bone cancer and had 2 months left to live sadly he isn’t going to make 2 months He is slowly getting worse, this morning my mother called to say he has deteriorated to the point she brought him breakfast in bed, I phoned the...
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    Tack shop

    So I live on the Isle of Man as many of you know our boarders have been closed for some time now with covid to help keep the island safe, but with restrictions living the boarders are due to open later in the summer our friends are getting married in Scarborough in September so we will travel...
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    being ready to say goodbye

    I havnt been on for sometime now , you know how it is life just gets in the way. yesterday we where given the news my mothers German Shepard has bone cancer, and he is not suitable for removal of the limb vets have said he has possibly 2 months to live its been a hard thing to take considering...
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    help finding what i need

    can nay one help me find what i need? brought chance a lovely rug of Kramer before Christmas its a great rug and i like the way it fits him at the time I didn't have the money to buy the neck also now i have a few spare pennies i went to buy it only to find they only have Medium left , he...
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    Check ligament

    So Chance didn’t look right on Monday night when I took him in to the arena to lunge, had a quick look but couldn’t see any thing or feel it, farrier was coming Tuesday to shoe another horse on the yard, asked if he could take a little look at Chance in case we have an abscess (it’s rain a lot...
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    abscess dressing

    So as some of you will have seen in the photo thread chance is a suspected abscess and I am polticing (sorry if that is is spelt wrong) his hoof and the horses are currently in due to the fields being water logged any way so here is my problem i need help with polticed his hoof last night...
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    black country saddles

    ok going to ask on here as i have no idea where else to ask i am told there is a few pages or groups on facebook for selling/buying second hand black country saddles but all i can find is the black country page (if its on there some one tell me how to find it as all i can see is there wall and...
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    Hoof Boots

    I need foot boots for a shire! if my measurements are correct he is 200mm any recommendations? with us living on a small island its not like i can just pop some where to see some, i have to have them shipped to me so any one know of brands that go that big, and recommendations would be so so...
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    so moved chance to a new year 12 days ago the yard only give haylage (no hay and no i cant really afford hay as the livery is a higher cost and covid has killed business this year) any way Chance has taken to dunking the haylage in his water drinking, and i dont mean a little i mean i am...
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    Lets talk Steamy

    now dont get to excited by the title before i go any further! Talking about hay/haylage steamers so first question is can you steam haylage? in the winter my only option in haylage but fat bum lives on fresh air (hay is costly at £5 a small square which last us a day, joys of a small island)...
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    So a wile should I was on a website recommended by one of you lovely lot I think it was German or Dutch but for the love of me now I can’t find it and I think the name Began with a K any one any help?!
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    Show make up

    Ok so here is one for you all new are going to a local show a week Saturday (8th August) instructor has been more then helpful with his advice on horse turn out, what I should be doing when but then it comes to me, I have some cream jods with my tweed I can wear But I am told I always look...
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    no fill rugs

    so chance lived all of last winter fully clipped in a no fill rug, and trust me when i say he was warm (we watched carefully!) so his no fill form last year has given up it was a weatherbeeta and brought in October but sadly by the end of February all the binding came off and is just falling...
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    Browband repair?

    So I was gifted a lovely crystal browband for chsnce for Christmas it’s got clear stone then emerald green stones then clear again and I don’t believe it to be a cheap one, sadly one of the stones has come out (green) and can not be found is there such a thing as re stoning of browband or a...
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    Any one know is gooseberries or plums are safe for horses to eat? with covid my mothers garden has been more attended to and produced bags of them! And she wants to know if she can feed them to Chance, I am sure he would take them as he eats any thing, but the questions is are they safe?
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    What would you feed?

    So Chance has been fedd happy hoof, another horse on the yard went of it so we were given the bag just after Christmas. he doesn’t need a feed he is a good doer he just gets a sprinkle for breakfast as if he gets nothing he boots the door wile the rest get feed! he has crappy front hooves they...
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    travelling and pooing

    please bear with me on this one guys! every time chance is loaded (lorry or trailer) before the door are even closed he has a poo (not runny and of normal size!) he wears a tail guard for travelling (has tried bandages) however with out fail when we get to where we are going (be it 5 mins...
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    hyundai tucson for towing?

    we own a hyundai tucson husband and i are both wondering if it would be up to towing a double horse trailer with one does it (partition taken out) i have googled and googled and i am now completely confused can any one help? its a 16.6 diesel and does have a tow bar on it. its only a 2016
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    Early jabs?

    How early is to early? he is due flu and tet the first week of June but it’s busy race week here so it will have to come forward regardless I have the vet visiting between 20-28 of April Would that be to early to have them done? I will be asking the vet when I phone but I wanted to know what...
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    no fill rugs

    so chance has done rather well this winter he has been fulled clipped twice (hair doesnt grow back fast at all) and only spent a week in his 100g fill rest of the time in his weatherbeeta rain sheet (no fill) however it was noted last night that even though it was new September its really...
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    tail swishing

    ok bare with me on this one had my lessons yesterday (Sunday) with instructor, we only been having lessons with his man since December, but we are doing well and i am happy with hi, Chance really likes him and does try to snake in to the middle of the school to see if he has mints (when he is...
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    Solar panels for electric fencing

    Any one use solar panels on their electric fencing? if so which one? and also how have you set it up? must just an idea as I am sick to death of wheeling batteries to and from the field often in the dark! fence would be checked daily regardless
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    pig oil users

    so chance has white legs (not clipped, not traditional weather more like welshie little pull handle style feathers that can trimmed with a comb and scissors) his field is rather muddy.. he is currently coming in black to the knees and we are not aloud to move fields til march 1st I have seen a...
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    so i am trying to will my self on thought January and i want a new saddle for chance (going to be saving and working extra hours for this so its not a right now thing) on my old Tb gelding he had a black country mono flap vinici (dressage) i loved it but sadly a narrow can now be made XX...
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    best place to sell

    2 things have become very clear to em over the last week 1 chance does not need heavy weight rugs at all 2 i horde rugs! wheres the best place to sell rugs? some only ever tired on , others worn once or twice need a good clear out of them! and other horse things, but can have be bothered...
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    Ok before i go any further i do relies i am going to sound nutty I have owned chance since September 2018 so i know him pretty well (not as well as those have have owned there lovely 4 legged friends for years!) any way he has always been funny about brushing in the armpit of the side you get...
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    so Chance has been fulled clipped again (this time with my consent and i was present!) by a friend, we left legs and half head of every thing else has gone he is stabled over night , out in the day he is wearing a 100g fill ruggles other liveries are commenting "oh poor boy must be cold"...
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    Horseware rugs

    So that’s it!! I am converting! Chance has worn a friends rhino rug today and it fitted lovely and kept him dry on one of the wettest days of the year!! so I am now going to slowly replace all chances rugs for horseware ones my question to you all is these do Rambo for the same as the rhinos...
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    Clipping ?

    When do you all give your last clip of winter? Chance is getting very hot and sweaty with in a 20min lunge (not hard either!) I have him booked in to be clipped by friend on Saturday but girl who stables next to me says you shouldn’t clip after January 1st at it ruins summer coat! thoughts?