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    Test another foal

    My home bred mare had a leggy colt last night at the civilised time of 7:45. He’s by Brendon stud’s Mufusa
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    If I were to breed from my mare

    I have a really lovely mare. She is an old fashioned Holsteiner, about 17h, moves well, jumps and is an all round nice person. She is quite well bred (by a son of Cassini 1, out of a state premium Holsteiner mare by Quinar). We have always intended to breed from her ‘at some point’. However...
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    Geman horse passports

    I have bought a (very sweet) new 5yo for my daughter from a UK stud but don't really understand her passport. Both her sire & her dam are Holsteiners but she just has a pink 'sportspferde' passport with a red back and a symbol on the front which looks like an arrow with a snake wrapped around...
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    Yet another 'what stallion for my mare?' post .....

    Apologies if this is a bit of an essay but ...... I've owned my old mare (now 32) since she was 4. She is 15:2, Irish x TB (her sire was Legal Tender, an HIS stallion that John Rawding stood at stud). She has a bit of a sense of humour but was a successful show hunter and bred a foal (to...
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    vaccination against horse hair allergy?

    One of my daughters gave up riding a few years ago due to a severe allergy. If she comes into contact with horse hair, she gets what looks like nettle rash and her throat constricts. I'm sure I saw a thread on here where someone mentioned getting a vaccination against a similar allergy but can't...
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    Should I breed from my mare

    I have a much loved 13.2 (max) welsh x spotted mare. No idea off her exact breeding but she is nicely put together and a wonderful childs pony. Super fast but really kind. Thinking of breeding from her, because I'd like to have her foal (to keep, not to sell on). Thought of maybe using a 15...