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  1. Malibu_Stacy

    Should I hit the panic button?

    Happy to help, glad you liked it. (In my mind it’s pronounced Cah-so, as Kay would K for potassium, not Ca for calcium, but obviously it’s owners choice!).
  2. Malibu_Stacy

    Should I hit the panic button?

    Caso, from CaSO_4, the chemical formula for calcium sulphate aka gypsum?
  3. Malibu_Stacy

    Livery North Leeds- I need contacts!!

    If you’re willing to come as far out as edge of Harrogate then there’s Crain Sykes in North Rigton, Beavers in Beckwithshaw and Harrogate Riding Centre in Burnbridge.
  4. Malibu_Stacy

    SJ training West/North Yorkshire

    I’m in a similar area, but at a much lower level - instructors I’ve used who could suit your criteria: Christie Batty (‘B Equine’) does various clinics, both independent and through York & district RC round York area. Hazel Towers? (5* eventer and fairly gung-ho!). She does a fair few things...
  5. Malibu_Stacy

    any american quarter horse owners on here

    That’d be amazing! I’m fairly certain that the name Stacy came from the owner but one before me (who I think got her as a 2yo?). There was a bit of drama over her transferral from that owner to her previous owner however so I’m remembering casual conversations from over 15 years ago here. I...
  6. Malibu_Stacy

    any american quarter horse owners on here

    OMG, I don’t care that this is a zombie thread, that’s amazing! Do you/your mum have any photos of them? Or even photos of Stacy - as I’ve always known her - as a foal? I still have her, though at 27 she is now retired and happily spends her days mooching round the field with a companion pony...
  7. Malibu_Stacy

    'learn how to fall'

    The thing is it’s not just about learning the technique, but then practising it enough so that in a fall situation your body does it without thinking. I credit knowing how to breakfall, and having practiced it enough that I did it without thinking, with how I was able to limp away from a hit and...
  8. Malibu_Stacy

    How old is too old? Driving horse

    One of the horses in Boyd Excell’s team at Olympia this year is in her early-mid twenties (one of the leads I think) according to the commentators. Admittedly I’m sure all his horses are under exceptional management, but if she can be crushing the opposition at the highest level of...
  9. Malibu_Stacy

    My horse really really needs this!

    Another one who needs this for my welsh dragon (conveniently black, so goes with all colours!)
  10. Malibu_Stacy

    Worth a look?

    Surely it’d be a circus minimus!
  11. Malibu_Stacy

    B+E Trailer test.. do it yourself?

    Definitely worth doing a least a days training in my opinion and hiring for test (I passed at the end of August). What you need to know/ do to pass the B+E test do not necessarily match what you need to know/ do to safely drive a horse trailer! There’s a lot of little points that are...
  12. Malibu_Stacy

    Urgh - selling a trailer shouldn't be this hard

    I think less people towing has more to do with having to take the B+E test if you got your license post 1997, if only as it adds an extra £500-£1000 to your initial outlay.
  13. Malibu_Stacy


    Is it boring for a horse of the right temperament though? I don’t think you can assume because it seems monotonous and boring to you as human another animal finds it that way. Certainly, I’d find it pretty boring just to mooch around a field all day but my horses seem very content to do...
  14. Malibu_Stacy

    Body protector recommendations / xc gear

    Depending on how long you’re willing to wait, Your Horse live is at the start of November and at Stoneleigh which is practically next door to Leam! (Also an opportunity to shop around hat fits too!)
  15. Malibu_Stacy

    Body protector recommendations / xc gear

    All 2009/2018 L3 protectors will meet the same minimum testing requirements but I think point previous posters are trying to make is not necessarily buying the most expensive one but buying the one that fits you best. That may be the £100 shires one or £300 dainese but you won’t know what...
  16. Malibu_Stacy

    Festival of dressage Hartpury Gal evening

    Overall sounds fab, wish I was closer to Hartpury! Interesting that you say that about CDJs music. Having watched the test online, I thought it looked lovely and obviously was ridden brilliantly, but the music really didn’t sparkle and wondered if that was an artefact of the recording or how...
  17. Malibu_Stacy

    Urgent ideas required

    If horse is pulling it off/ itching it, you could put anti cribbing or biting stuff on it like this:
  18. Malibu_Stacy

    How much bedding do you use a month?

    2.5 bales a week between 3 stables of unbranded, heat sealed (so smaller bales) shavings. Last year when I was using larger Hunter sized bales I got through 2 a week. Mine are all pretty clean though and I am *very* thorough when mucking out.
  19. Malibu_Stacy

    Who feeds 20kg haylage bags in winter?

    Or if you've got the space bulk buy the smaller bales. I have three horses but feed a mix of hay and haylage, so like you don't really get through enough to justify big bales. I am lucky enough to have them at home so have oodles of storage. By bulk ordering I got my lot for this winter at...
  20. Malibu_Stacy

    To high viz or not to high i dare ask the question!

    I cobbled together a hi-viz bow to plait into my pony's tail after she skinned her back legs and I didn't want her regular leg wraps to rub. I got 2m of hi-viz ribbon...
  21. Malibu_Stacy

    The Great Yorkshire

    Highmoor Bloodhounds had a chunky spotty when they paraded (photos on their fb page), is that the one you mean?
  22. Malibu_Stacy

    Hoof boot advice

    Another one saying contact Hoof Bootique, Liz there is great and very knowledgable about all things boot. It's also worth following the guidance on their website to measure your horse's hooves and see which make would be a best fit for your horse. People can say which boots have worked well...
  23. Malibu_Stacy

    Jumping lessons Wetherby/Leeds/Harrogate

    Not a lesson but Harrogate RC hire out their outdoor with SJ course in it - and they're happy for you to bring your own instructor with you. I've done that a few times, though it is a bit pricey with arena hire and then lesson price but great course/ surface.
  24. Malibu_Stacy

    Keeping horse alone?

    Agree with others that permanently on their own (unless medical/ welfare reasons) is a big no for me. Horses not grooming each other is not evidence that they'd be fine on their own. In 2.5 years I've never seen my companion pony groom with my others (she demands scritches from me instead) BUT...
  25. Malibu_Stacy

    Olympia- Evening or daytime?

    Daytime performance is normally 12.30/1 to 4/5ish depending on exact classes. Often there's preliminary judging or a class on in the morning too. If you're going for a daytime show I'd recommend getting there early (shopping opens 9.30/10) and shopping before the show; the shopping is rammed...
  26. Malibu_Stacy

    Is there such a thing as a 100grn turnout with detachable hood?

    Swish rugs do both 50g and 100g with detachable necks http://*****************
  27. Malibu_Stacy

    Badminton XC day

    What a shame for Thibault
  28. Malibu_Stacy

    Badminton XC day

    Is Jims horse name a deliberate pun on 'my Guinness'?
  29. Malibu_Stacy

    Badminton XC day

    Mark Todd did not sound like a fan
  30. Malibu_Stacy

    Badminton XC day

    I'm amazed that pin hasn't broken already the number of times its been hit. Hopefully the horse did not follow Shanghai Joes example and make its own way back to the stables!