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    Vet Turnaround Time

    I have the same vet as OP and they were the same with me. Just had to keep chasing.
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    Do horses get bored of hacking?

    I think they can get bored of anything if you do the same old thing all the time. We have fantastic hacking on the South Downs but mine definitely have rides they love and rides they would rather not do. Mine hack a lot but we hack with different people, box out to meet up and explore and give...
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    People who use cartrophen - how often?

    My old boy is 23 and he has it every 3 months.
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    Help - I need a grazing muzzle!

    I have just started using the Green Guard muzzle with my unridden boy. I hate doing it to him but it is either that or moving him to somewhere else for a starvation paddock or track system. He has had a rub so I have made some adjustments to it. I am monitoring it for the rubs and his teeth as I...
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    Anyone else still riding their 25yo horses? ... and doing what!

    My boy is only 23 but still in full work. Hacks up the Downs twice a week, jumps once a week, goes to clinics, hunt rides, fun rides, beach. We do escort rides to the beach, Downs, endurance. I don't hunt him anymore and he only does up to 25km endurance now. He is doing a beach ride this...
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    Dartmoor Pony - laminitis prevention & rugging

    I would leave him naked and give him either oat or barley straw for more eating time without all the calories. Could you make a track system in his field and get him a friend? More exercise that way. I find getting them eating the straw really helpful in keeping the weight off but still giving...
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    Harry Hall Insurance - Not Impressed

    I had my show jumpers insured with NFU (one) and the other with Pet plan. When we sold them I received a refund pro rata for both. I paid the annual cost up front.
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    Getting weight on older horse.

    Smurf was put to sleep today. I am actually incredibly relieved as was in very poor shape. He started going downhill a month ago and I just couldn't keep weight on him, no matter what I fed him. This last week I knew something was wrong and I was giving him but twice a day while I could arrange...
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    Horse riding holidays U.K.

    Another vote for Free Rein here. I went on 2 holidays with them before I had my own horses and had a wonderful time on both holidays. I took my own horse on a cattle mustering holiday on Dartmoor with a guy called Phil Heard of Dartmoor Riding Holidays. He also has his own horses that most...
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    Children on yards

    We are lucky with kids on our yard, they are all well behaved. I take one of the young teenagers out hacking with me and she is coming to XC schooling with me. I also hack out with one of the little ones with her Mum walking next to her. Our yard is worse for uncontrolled dogs. And the dog...
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    Is your horse a morning horse?

    My old horse is always the same to ride, whenever we do something. My other horse is not happy to do anything unless he has had a few hours kip. So if we are doing dressage or competition in the morning, I keep him in overnight so has had lots of time for sleeping.
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    What do you feed your older horse that’s still in work?

    I struggle to get mine to eat the full dose of the pro hoof supplement too. I really need a very low calorie mash as I think it is easier to hide than in a chaff.
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    What do you feed your older horse that’s still in work?

    Mine is 23 and is ridden about 4 times a week. I jumped him this morning and he was in fine form. He gets a scoop of Hifi lite molasses free, joint supplement and hoof/multivitamin pro hoof supplement once a day. Out at night, in for about 6 hours, hay net and a big net of straw. He is a very...
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    What do you do when horse can’t compete/train anymore

    Have you thought about trying Trec to give you a competitive outing? My old boy is 23 now so he is starting to take it easier. I am going to do some Trec this year with him to give him some low impact parties to go to.
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    Can anyone help before it’s too late..

    Very happy to read that you are on your way to a solution for her. Hope you can sort whatever is causing her the pain. Poor girl.
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    Getting weight on older horse.

    Thanks all. Horse is starting to look better. Worm count wasn't too bad and is now wormed. Lice have gone so he is much more comfortable. He is now on sugar beet, conditioning cubes and some oil. I am going to cut his feed back once the grass comes through. His coat is already looking...
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    Can anyone help before it’s too late..

    My friend said they are crab flies. Caused one of hers to colic. Hard to find and they think they are carried by deer.
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    Can anyone help before it’s too late..

    There was something on FB a while back that had a horse was almost going to be pts for similar type behaviour that vets couldn't figure out. Then one vet checked for some kind of fly, might burrow in their skin or bites. The horse had these flies round his sheath I think. They got rid of the...
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    Can’t do it anymore!

    Yep. I just feel shattered and have lost my mojo again after finding it briefly when the weather was nice last week. I usually go home to Australia for a month at Christmas and have really missed seeing my family and the warm weather break. I think not having any clinics or outings to enjoy has...
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    Getting weight on older horse.

    I am trying to help a neglected horse that is underweight and a bit wormy. Not starved, but he is about 20 and needs some weight on. I have done a worm count and he will be wormed shortly. I have permission from YO to feed and worm him and over last month or so have been feeding him soaked...
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    How to find hacking routes (to box to)

    Check out the county council websites for the areas around you. I am in Sussex and East and West Sussex CC have imaps which are great for finding ROW. I find good places to hack by exploring using those maps.
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    Yard rule for wearing hi viz

    I think it is a great idea. It is only like any other business and sports having basic rules. We don't have it on our yard but most people do wear it. We don't have a lot of road work as we are straight on the South Downs but if you fall off up there, it could take the emergency services a...
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    Water treadmill

    Yes, I have used it for two of mine. One for my older horse as part of an endurance fitness program. One with my younger horse when he was about 6/7 to build him up and get him straighter. I haven't used it for ages as it was about 45 minutes drive away so it became a bit onerous for two of...
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    Talk to me about cat foods

    I have tried most of the expensive "good" foods known to man. My old cat got diabetes and hyperthyroid so I was trying everything to keep him stable including freshly cooked chicken, turkey, fish and the raw foods. The supermarket foods are not as good but I wasted so much money trying to get...
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    Loading - when it doesn't go to plan

    Two of mine are great to load. Izzy like to mess about for a few minutes if there is an audience or a lot of grass to be eaten. We had a blowout on the A27 once and Floyd had to get off while they changed the tyre, with motorway shut. We managed to unload, change tyre, load back up and signal to...
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    Hydrating horse following colic

    Glad the speedibeet water worked. When I did endurance with my boy he always had a few buckets of speedibeet water. You don't need loads in, but it really gets them drinking. He had a bit of tummy ache in this cold spell, first night he hardly drank anything and was very fidgety. I gave him a...
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    Lockdown animal selloff?

    I hate seeing all these dogs and cats being chucked at rescues because their idiot owners suddenly realise that they are more work/money/time than they thought. And the crazy breeding drives me insane. I foster cats for a small local rescue and I know they are very strict on who they rehome to...
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    What animals would you keep to breed and sell ?

    I couldn't breed any animals to sell. I see the rescue side and I couldn't breed animals and know that in all likelihood a good percentage of them would end up either in rescue, on gumtree or in unsuitable homes. Why not use them as a small scale cattery? No idea about planning permission or...
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    How much was your horse?

    I have put my 3 on this thread already. Here is the story of my £1 horse, Tiggs. I rehomed Tiggs when I heard that his owner was thinking of PTS. He was 7 year old, 16 h, liver chestnut, flaxen mane and tail Welsh D. I said to a mutual friend to give her my number and I would take him if no...
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    How much was your horse?

    1. Izzy. Free after having him on loan from the rescue for 11 years. 2. Floyd. £3000. I paid about £500 more than he was worth but he was at my livery yard and I had been riding him. He was going to a dealer and I knew he wouldn't fare well. I had decided not to have him and was in the massive...