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    Balmaghie holiday lodges Dumfries and Galloway

    I’m sure it was Lev….
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    Pictures I cannot believe I am posting this - RIP Arizona

    Holy hell lady G I’m so sorry..I’m speechless…sending you masses of hugs to you and OH..devastating news.
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    Gone native

    Lovely looking chap…wishing you lots of fun.
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    Donating a horse to science

    I offered my mares body to Weipers so they could work out stomach emptying issues but they said it would cost too much for them to take on….but perhaps that was because it was March 2016..the dept may have run out of money or it didnt fit in with teaching modules left in the year.
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    A year since I lost my boy

    Kind thoughtwaves to you…
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    Trailer trouble. Disaster!!

    Cross tie and close doors.
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    Location location location

    A lady came to our yard last year…charged around £75 for each consultation and everyone was told to change to the same bit! Some were competing some happy ponies horses….hummm Ring the bit bank (based Yorkshire) and chat to them..hire bits to try first..I select bits with their help.
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    For those with b*ggered ankles...

    I would echo the above…I didn’t get private physio..just a sheet of paper of exercises but I kind of made up my own. Take time to walk well and build strength before riding…definitely dismounting is worth taking care over.
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    Hi everyone :)

    Welcome…great list
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    Has it really been that long?

    Lovely post.
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    That’s fab news..I’m delighted for you.
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    Bloody flies!

    Well…the lady isn’t much of a business woman…she had interested…semi committed buyer with access to a yard of potential buyers and nothing dropped off with me. I even got into my truck to go to yard and she wasparked next to me with doors open and nothing….I’m sticking to Phaser…fly rugs...
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    Mechanical Horse Lessons

    Abloom thank you for looks great.
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    Bloody flies!

    I am sitting outside a pub and just been introduced to a lady called Sarah who is manufacturing and promoting an essential oils Preparation. She’s dropping some literature in tonight and is at Richmond Equestrian Centre competition tomorrow. (Fly Away I think it’s called). Supposedly had great...
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    Mechanical Horse Lessons

    I can’t recall the name (it’s an age thing) but im sure I saw an advert on one the Facebook pages covering the central belt and in my head I filed it under south and west of Glasgow..but my geography is a bit sketchy. I wonder if any of the biomechanics/balanced riding trainers in Scotland have...
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    Delayed gastric emptying causing impactions

    Yes absolutely I have…my mare went off her food..had high temp on and off ..we treated her for infections but she d have good days and bad..drinking and pooing all the time. We were referred to Weipers in Glasgow. When fully examined and scoped her stomach was completely blocked and scope...
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    Showing Veteran showing

    As above…
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    Does everyone compete?

    Sometimes when the whim takes me..less and less as I’ve got older.
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    Pictures One week with little filly

    Milagra looks great..not that the other two don’t..but Milagra was a bit challenged when you got her and she looks lovely.
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    Goodbye Bob

    I’m so sorry to hear about Bob and I’m sending a hug to you and all those who knew Bob and will miss him.
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    What can I put on fit bites?

    Aloe Vera gel is soothing…
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    Feed trug covers

    A friend of mine uses shower caps for black rubber thugs.
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    I've lost my nerve 😥

    Blimey I’m sorry to hear this Shy…any other year and I d have used it as a fab excuse to get my French holiday fix…just calling in to help a friend dear husband….. Others have offered good advice…maybe think of setting this time aside as a holiday and after a while the desire and courage to hack...
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    A Day In The Life Of A Work Rider - The Horses Are Coming Back In!

    I can’t believe their holidays are over and they are coming back into work…a flipping exhausting day. You are a machine Elf..respect lol
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    Are Bates saddles really all that bad?

    I’ve used a cair Bates GP saddle on my mare for four years with no problem.
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    Level 2 of the mounting block game achieved

    Circus pony..balance a ball in his nose lol xx
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    Trailer insurance: Rescue AND Theft

    We ve just insured with the Insurance Emporium….about £60 a year with the various bits we added to the policy.
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    vets charging admin fees for processing insurance forms- is this the new norm?

    Mine didn’t charge but they did take quite a long time to submit the form…early April opened the claim….vet info submitted May 23..claim agreed 25th May..couldn t get an appointment at horspital until June 15th.
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    Can’t find our new home!

    Congratulations..I ll wave as I drive by to Lincoln on Tuesday for daughters birthday lunch! Our house move is painfully slow..still not built…sold in August last year and was told house would be ready in April…then May..then end of August. I’m very envious..but wish you all the best.