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  1. eatmyshorts


    My retired horse has a habit of pawing the ground in his Summer field, which creates a bare patch. He doesn't do it loads but i need to stop him doing it. There are maybe 3 or 4 patches about the size of a saddle, not deep, just surface grass scraped back to mud, in his couple of acres. I...
  2. eatmyshorts

    DNA Tests

    Thoughts? I've a few friends who have had their dogs tested, but i've never really been convinced by them. I've read about pedigree dogs of known parentage getting suprising results, & the same dog being tested by two different companies, with different results.
  3. eatmyshorts

    Canine Gold/Turmeric

    Just wondering if anyone else has noticed improvements by feeding their dogs turmeric? I use a product called Canine Gold (same company who make Equine Gold) & realised, within a few weeks, there was a real difference in my oldest dogs (aged 7yrs) ... much more active & animated, going back to...
  4. eatmyshorts

    Messing inside kennel

    We got a new dog just over a month ago - 3years old, been kennelled all her life. She is messing & wetting inside her kennel (actually inside on the straw within the kennel, i don't mean just in the run area). Any ideas how to discourage her from doing this? My other dogs have never been dirty...
  5. eatmyshorts

    Podencos ...

    Currently thinking about applying to rescue a Podenco (Canario) cross to join our active family & hopefully be a bikejor dog (if he takes to it). I've read a lot about the breed, but have no real experience of them. We are looking for an active dog, large-ish size, high energy with lots of...
  6. eatmyshorts

    Help - Fun Dog Show!

    So .... I've been asked to judge a "Fun Dog Show". Now, i know dogs, but have ever judged dogs before, & dog showing isn't really my thing. The person who has asked me, keeps saying it's just for fun, so it doesn't matter i'm not experienced ... but then also terrified me by saying it's very...
  7. eatmyshorts

    Bitch Spay

    Just had my Alaskan husky bitch spayed on Monday. Would have liked keyhole but the practice doesn't do it so had to go traditional. My vet, as expected, advised on leash walks for 10-14 days afterwards, then build up to normal exercise, & she should be ok to be working in harness again by...
  8. eatmyshorts

    DNA tests?

    Just wondering what everyone's thoughts are on these for determining origins of crossbreeds?
  9. eatmyshorts


    How many here have had a go? We compete in canicross (running when pulled by a dog), bikejor (cycling while pulled by a dog) & dryland mushing (driving a team of dogs on a rig, which is like a sled on wheels). The dogs absolutely love it, it keeps them fit & content, & creates such a good...
  10. eatmyshorts

    Luxation/displacement of the superficial digital flexor tendon

    A friend's horse just had this diagnosis last night & apparently it's quite unusual. Treatment is painkillers & 2months box rest, recovery time approx 6months. Does anybody have any experience of this type of injury? It was sustained in the field & the horse is a 23yo retired cob.
  11. eatmyshorts

    First rally!!!

    We're fairly new to mushing, but my young GSP girls ran in their first mushing rally today. They've been to one before but not run - I decided for the first season just to take it easy to let us all get some experience. We entered the Recreational class, which is a non-timed training class. The...
  12. eatmyshorts


    Just read about a colt on a American website who's markings were described as "chrome" - they went on to explain this meant two white hinds & a blaze. Have never heard of it described like that, has anyone else? I also wonder why Chrome?
  13. eatmyshorts

    Funny pics!

    Anybody got any amusing photos of their horses? Here's my old boy (RIP old fella) in his twilight years with his woolly friends. And yes, that one is really on his back, it's not just the angle, they took turns hopping on & off him regularly.
  14. eatmyshorts

    My GSP Stalker!!

    Thought you might like to see one of my young GSP girls in action! Can you tell she has Field Trial breeding? I love her point at 20secs. We don't work her in the field (i wouldn't have a clue anyway), she's trained to harness, but i like to practise this cos it's cool! I sometimes send her to...
  15. eatmyshorts

    Any fellow mushers?

    Just wondered if anyone else here practises the sport of mushing? I have two young GSP bitches (litter mates) & started them off initially bikejoring in April last year. Joring is the Norwegian word for driving, so it's like having your dog pull you along on your bike. We then bought a dryland...