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  1. GinaGeo

    Equibiome foods ingredients

    I’ll have a look on the back of “6” in the morning 😊
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    Scrambling in trailer- where to start?

    He will honestly be find on the left hand side. A friend of mine travelled her horse all over the country on the left because he couldn’t stand up in the right 😊
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    Olympic Eventing Team - Last minute change

    It looks like the owners made the decision not to send the horse if he wasn't going to actually run, but the BEF kept it quiet in case one of the others pulled out before they flew :)
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    Trackers for Dogs

    I have a PawFit which I’ve been pleased with. I think it does everything you’ve asked for. It’s survived swimming and bashing through the undergrowth. Stays charged for about 6 days and does let you know when they’ve left a perimeter. My only quibble is that it sends a location update every...
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    WWYD - magensium levels?

    My understanding is that if they have too much Magnesium they will get a bit loose, so you can feed it to that point and then reduce. Mine are on Pro Hoof and are getting an additional 10ml of Mag Ox a day. One didn’t tolerate that quantity when he wasn’t on good grass. But does now 😊
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    Pictures Producing 5/6yr olds

    It looks like there’s been a lot of growth spurts going on! Pod has just levelled back up again having gone an inch higher at the bum a month or so ago. And so we haven’t been doing anything mega exciting. Just quietly working away on forwardness, suppleness and building his core strength...
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    Level 5 accredited diploma in equine podiatry

    I have applied for and been accepted onto this new intake for the Level 5 Accredited Qualification. It is a huge step forward for there to be an alternative accredited Hoofcare Profession and hopefully it will help to drive forward positive change. I've ended up applying for it, having taken my...
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    Does everyone compete?

    I enjoy competing. But I'm finding more and more that I enjoy it as part of the process of producing horses. My young horse will be going out competing fairly regularly once I'm happy that he's ready for it. As that's the stage he's at. We will be doing a bit of everything. The established...
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    'Phytaline' (sp?) nutritional supplement?

    I suspect you mean this one :)
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    Weekend Plans :)

    A brilliant friend came up to visit so the horses and I have been showing her some of our wonderful local countryside. We went for a whoop and gallop round the woods on Friday evening. Got absolutely drenched. But there’s something incredibly good for the mind about cantering round the woods...
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    Horsey Friendships

    Mine definitely form close friendships and they do remember ‘friends’ they haven’t seen in ages. Mickey is one of life’s friendly guys, but he has friends that are closer than others. He and Solo are best friends and have been since Solo came as a three year old. They’d happily share a stable...
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    Early july weekend plans

    Side Saddle Prep day for Nationals today. Running through our Intermediate Equitation Test with the brilliant Area 12. Solo was super as always. We’re both happy with the saddle set up and we’ve been given lots of interesting tips.
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    Early july weekend plans

    I will preface this by saying that Pod is a sharp, clever, adjustable horse that it if given a chance can get utterly mentally stuck. Today, we went XC schooling again. He’s not always the most forward thinking and I wanted to let him jump round the course, and learn to settle into a rhythm...
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    Early july weekend plans

    Pod is XC schooling on Saturday. We’re off to a BE venue this time. Planning to have look at each fence as a practise and then jump round as a course. And completely different on Sunday as Solo’s off to a Side Saddle clinic to practice our Equitation Test and Jumping for Nationals. We were...
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    Weekend plans : last weekend in June

    It’s been a Podrick centric weekend. He went Cross Country Schooling to a new venue yesterday. Just working on filling up the confidence banks and learning to jump nicely out of a rhythm. He would prefer to risk assess each fence first, so just building his confidence and working on him...
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    Summer Solstice weekend plans

    Podrick went Show Jumping on Saturday to a really friendly unaffiliated, local venue. It was his first time in a busy jumping warm up and he held himself together pretty well. Other than a dramatic spin into the wall when somebody else clattered I through the warm up jump and going a little...
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    Scrambling in trailer- where to start?

    I have one that has never travelled well on the right hand side of a trailer, but traveled all over on the left or without a partition. He now travels in a rear facing lorry behind the driver and the cameras show that he parks himself in the corner and puts his right hind out for balance. In...
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    How would you price him?

    Huge thank you everyone - you've been really helpful. However. I think I must be the luckiest girl. My partner and parents staged an intervention last night and told me that I wasn't allowed to sell him. That I've worked too hard with him to let him go now. They've collectively, very kindly...
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    Any tips to 'make it work' financially

    I’m heading into grown up life and I’m struggling to make the sums work. I think I’m going to have two sell the talented young horse and keep the older two as they doesn’t need the expensive outings and training sessions to keep them tuned up. I could make it work at Uni when working and also...
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    How would you price him?

    My partner and I have just had an offer accepted on our first house. And ng up to the reality that running three horses and a mortgage isn’t going to happen. I’ve managed to reach this point in my life and never sell one, but it’s time to be a grown up. The older two I can run relatively...
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    Help going barefoot with box rested horse

    Agree with everyone else. Hoof boots and pads for the walking to start with. I’ve transitioned all of mine in the last year, and the pads make the biggest difference to landings and therefore in improving the caudal hoof. Especially when the feet are compromised. If he’s on Box Rest you...
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    How many horses would you keep on 2.5 acres?

    You can keep more horses on less land and it still be horse friendly. You just have to be creative, use surfaced areas to your advantage, and feed more hay/Haylage. We are on heavy clay land on a bit of a slope and would struggle with even two ponies kept traditionally. The grass grows great in...
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    Spring Bank Hol weekend plans

    I’ve got to put proper clothes on, dig out some make up and go to my partners brothers wedding tomorrow. So no exciting plans. Might get up early and try and jump a couple tomorrow morning 👀 The horses have all ballooned this week, so Operation Fat Camp has begun. Lots of cantering for them...
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    I second rowreach. I have used them for over 10 years now. I've tried upgrading twice to the newer versions. Both times I've sold and gone back to what I like - the originals. I find all of mine are quite happy in them, I will flip flop in and out of treed saddles. But always end up with the...
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    it's that time again... weekend plans?

    Podrick went happy hacking yesterday. We went somewhere new. It was raining. There were lots of dogs, children on bikes, and umbrellas. He was accompanied by mum’s pony, instead of Solo or Mickey and therefore he had to be the brave lead horse. It wasn’t a situation I’d have put him in a month...
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    If not horses then what?

    Probably be driving everyone in my life crazy. In seriousness, probably would spend more time traveling in the camper with partner and dog. Partner hopefully bought it last year and keeps telling me about all the exciting places we can go. I think it will be an awful lot more comfortable at...
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    I have volunteered at a few BE’s when I was still Eventing and some days for my local Riding Club before it ceased to exist. I did have one particularly interesting, mind boggling and hectic day in the Control Box. Which was a fascinating insight into what happens behind the scenes. I really...
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    Spinning & Bitting?

    My spinner went up into it - so the stopping the head coming up stopped the spin in its tracks -doesn’t sound applicable to yours though 😊
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    Spinning & Bitting?

    Is he putting his head up or down? I had one who was a bit of a bugger for spinning, which started with chucking his head up. A couple of sessions with a loose pair of draw reins, just stopped him getting his head up and nipped it in the bud before it started. Moved him to a Standing...
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    Pushing or taking your time with the young horse?

    Depends, and I think there’s a middle ground. I don’t think it does them any good to not see anything until they’re older. I like to get mine hacking with a good lead horse ASAP. You feel their confidence growing with each outing. My current young horse is only really getting out now. Last...