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    See I thought horse buying was supposed to be fun

    Horse buying was one of the most stressful, upsetting and disappointing experiences ever and I nearly gave up by the time I went to see my mare! It took nearly a year, but that’s including Covid lockdowns. just keep looking and the one will come along ☺️
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    Shocked and heartbroken

    Oh how sad 😞
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    John Whitaker rug sizing?

    I bought a fly rug which was also a great deal compared to others... the reason being that it was designed by someone who’d never been near a horse!! The belly straps were placed too low on the rug, so they were so low to the ground even once done up that it was dangerous and my mare would...
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    Would you get your horse stuffed?

    Absolutely not! A statue, yes 100% though.
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    Water treadmill

    It’s not your fault! We place a lot of trust in those we employ to care for our horses, and it’s on them if the treatment is incorrect. I hope he gets sorted soon ❤️
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    Water treadmill

    Oh no! I’m sorry to hear about your horse, AE 😞 in my experience, the water treadmill has been really beneficial - the one near me is operated by a team of excellent vet physios, which I think is really important. From what I’ve seen on Instagram, the operators of different centres have...
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    H&H news - 'Injured brood mare flown to hospital in helicopter harness'

    I saw something like this on an american vet programme years ago! Apparently they have no concept of flight so aren’t scared!
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    Cost of 5 stage vetting

    Mine was about £300 in September, in Berkshire. So I’d say yours is very expensive!!
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    Horse bit fitting consultations?

    I had one recently and it was great! I have very limited knowledge of how bits actually work though so I needed an expert 😊 mine talked me through the confirmation of my mares mouth, what she would probably like, how she was going in the bit etc. Really useful!
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    Guy lodge farm

    Hi all has anyone got experience of this yard or others nearby? thanks!
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    General Public's perception of Horse Riders

    I find that even driving in my car is scary these days. People rarely drive at the speed limit, drive right up behind you, change lanes without any regard for others - and people are so, so angry to be held up for a matter of 5 seconds because I’ve judged it not safe to pass the bus, or to turn...
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    Best treats/licks/things to spoil your horse with

    Bizzy licks are great! My mare has no interest in likits but loves her bizzy. Horslyx are also incredibly popular at my yard!
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    Ebony Horse Club, Brixton 😊

    Yes this has unlocked a memory! I absolutely loved that programme!
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    Leggings?! And other tech newness

    There’s not a huge difference, but gym leggings are thinner and tend to get more rubbed than riding leggings. Riding leggings (depending on the brand) seem to have a slippier material. I do still ride in gym leggings occasionally, but I do notice a difference in comfort!
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    Horse or House?!

    I faced the same dilemma and chose horse, and don’t regret it one bit 😉 it was something I’ve always dreamt about so worth it for me. One day I might get a house!
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    Inspiring Instagramers - long lockdown evenings!

    Footluce Eventing Fern Wrighton Eventing Erin Williams Flo Carter Eventing Kate Sanderson Equestrian I also watch a lot of the names mentioned above and really enjoy their content and appreciate the effort that goes into it! 😊
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    Some advice please :(

    I’m so sorry this is happening to you - I’ve spent a huge amount on money on my horse’s sinusitis, and I’ve only had her since September. I’d never come across it or possibly even heard of it before I bought her. I don’t want to give you false hope, but please do get a second opinion - I was...
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    Open this

    Merry Christmas! Very excited to adorn my horse with tinsel and go up the lane! ✨
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    How many numnahs / saddlepads do you have?

    I’ve got 5, 3 of which I’ve purchased whilst my horse is out of work! 🙈 I can’t wait to use them on her - one is a gorgeous sky blue woof wear, two are PS of Sweden (also sky blue and lilac) 😍
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    Recommendations please! Properly waterproof T/O...?

    Do you get your rugs washed? I’ve heard that this can ruin the waterproofing, even if done professionally. I’m now trying to avoid it and spent a good while brushing my rug with a dandy brush the other night! you may well know this already but thought it was worth a mention!
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    Horse Tooth Removal

    Glad it went well for you! I am currently dealing with a horse with sinusitis and the total is around £6,000 🤪 so he isn’t wrong! I hope your worries are over! mine is only so bad as they had to do the surgery twice!
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    Best Long Riding Boots for Short Legs!

    I have just bought some premier equine Chiswick field boots and they are the best fit I’ve ever had on my short, skinny legs! Not as high end as you’re looking for but they look really smart and I’m amazed at the fit! 😊
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    Pictures Horses' heads sure are hard...!!!!

    Oof!! My mare has whacked me twice with her head this week, once straight across the cheekbone and today straight into my nose! Luckily neither are bruised. I hope it clears up quickly!
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    I’m sorry you had such a stressful experience with RVC. I just wanted to say that my horse has been at the vet hospital twice this month and my experience was very different to yours - both times I was able to take my mare home without paying. I had to chase them for the first bill and I haven’t...
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    Warm waterproof boots I can ride in

    I have Rhinegold elite Brooklyn boots and I really like them! They’re not sold as waterproof but I use them to walk through deep mud and have no issues, I’ve even tipped out water buckets over them and they’re fine. Their waterproof style is the elite Vermont boots, which look nice but I’ve not...
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    Do people really collect that much saddle pads

    I really enjoy watching several “influencers” in the evening - I return to about 5 but watch a few others occasionally, too. It’s just a nice thing to watch in the evening, some are really informative, and it satisfies my nosiness too! I’d probably skip a video like the above, but I know This...
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    I’m also keeping everything crossed for you. My horse is also currently in the RVC so I know how stressful it is, but just remember they have such a lot of expertise and round the clock care so it’s the best place for him x
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    Hello, Any Personal experience of riders getting back into work after angioplasty surgery, i.e. stents. please?

    I’ve no experience of this but wanted to help bump your thread, as it sounds like you and your horse have been through a lot! I hope you get back in the saddle soon 😊
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    DriRug? Has anyone got one? Any good?

    I’m not nikkimariet but I can confirm shavings do not stick!! However poo does 🙈 I’ve not tried it under another rug, I’ve been impressed re shavings though 😊
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    Broken Collar/Displaced Bone

    I broke my collarbone about 10 years ago - mine was a simple break and I remember it hurt for several months (I think 4 months and I also think that’s what they predicted at the hospital) and I had a slight ache for about 2 years. It doesn’t hurt anymore though and I don’t notice it at all...