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    Likelihood of mare producing colt v filly based on previous foal

    Hi, just musing/dreaming. If you had a mare that has produced a colt previously would you have a good chance that she may produce another colt? I know its a random 50/50 chance really but i'd just like a few real life experience stories. Have you a mare that predominately produces one sex over...
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    Warmblood/connemara anyone know any nice ones?

    Hi, just wondering if any one knows any examples of this mix and how they turned out? I have a very genuine warmblood mare and was just musing what i might get if i sent her to a connie stallion. I have never met any personally. Any stories welcome. X
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    Hoof photos advice please

    Hi there, I am looking for opinions on these feet please. this is the mare I posted about 3 weeks ago, lame, she was diagnosed with corns/low heels. vet thinks she needs remedial farrier, heart bars. I took her shoes off 3 weeks ago and she has been turned out since. she has a small feed of...
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    Corns low heels dilemma

    Hi there, I am after some advice on what to do next. i have a 6year old TB mare, typical tb feet, who was diagnosed with a forelimb suspensory last summer, she has just finished her road work rehab, doing all the walk work barefoot from October and started trot work in Dec . In Jan, I had...
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    connie stallions- Jumping bloodlines

    Hi, so I have a 13 yr old ISH mare. I have owned her 6 years and evented plenty up to BE100 level in that time. She hasn't the scope to go higher up the levels. the only reason I am considering breeding from her is that she is the most genuine giving mare. she would never consider saying no. and...
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    Hind limb lameness-experiences?

    Hi, I am after your thoughts. my mare, fit, iSH competes, lives out. I have had her almost 5 years, never been injured, is a tough mare, has gone lame behind yesterday. she hacked out sat & sun felt better than ever, no problems. but yesterday, went out for a little roadwork and she didn't feel...
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    Intermittent lameness, grass related, thoughts?

    Hi, i have a TB mare age 11, owned for 4 years, has always lived out in the same field scince i have had her. competition fit. about 3 weeks ago started with a lameness in off fore, which disappeared next morning after a night in. ridden as normal. week later lame again, this time for 3 days...
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    horse pooing like a cow! should i worry?

    Hi, just after opinions really, my mare who i have had for 3.5 years, lives out 24/7, and is a fit tb/eventer, seems to be producing excessive green slime more recently, if i bring her in from the field she can produce 5 or 6 cow pats in the space of 10 minutes. she seems to be suffering more...
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    Llanymynech ground?

    Hi there, i'm meant to be doing Festival of the Horse at Llanymynech on sunday (1 metre class), but i only have 1 x stud hole in each hind shoe. Does it get very wet there? would you showjump/ xc in this weather with only 1 stud? i've never met very wet conditions before, worried. thanks
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    Jack Russell won't stop chewing his paws

    Hi, i have an 18 month old JRT who is constantly chewing his paw until drawing blood and whining. He won't stop licking and chewing at it. any one got any suggestions how to stop him or know why he is doing it? thanks