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  1. eatmyshorts

    Opinions on the Ultrasonic dog repellers?

    When i'm walking my reactive dog (who is always muzzled & always onleash, with a Do Not Pet harness, & a yellow Give Me Space bandana, yet people still allow their dogs to charge him & ask if they can pet him), i carry a tennis ball launcher, without a tennis ball - it's a big stick in disguise...
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    Two dogs or three?

    We've currently got 6 (2 neutered dogs, 1 entire dog, 2 speyed bitches, 1 entire bitch - so a fair mix). I felt the jump from 2 to 3 the biggest - mainly cos you've run out of hands. After that, you are just evening things up, & then losing count! I always find dogs easier to deal with than...
  3. eatmyshorts

    Is she Chocolate?

    I struggle with this too! I'm a GSP person so the correct term in that breed is liver, but we are getting a Scandinavian hound puppy soon who is the same colour but they are known as brown in hounds. Brown sounds a bit boring to me! I think it's very breed/type specific. I'd call your girl...
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    Thanks for your suggestions .. will try them out! Am glad to hear he's not just a trouble maker & field wrecker.
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    Yes, I agree ... he'll just make more patches elsewhere, he doesn't seem very fussy about location. It makes sense to just let him do it then reseed it while the field is resting (approx 6months per year).
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    Thanks Ester, I know it's normal, but unfortunately it's not up to me & the concern is that it's damaging the grazing, so I've been asked to try to resolve it. That's a pretty good idea Fiona ... he is naturally a nibbly kind of character ... I'll have to see if I can find some!
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    My retired horse has a habit of pawing the ground in his Summer field, which creates a bare patch. He doesn't do it loads but i need to stop him doing it. There are maybe 3 or 4 patches about the size of a saddle, not deep, just surface grass scraped back to mud, in his couple of acres. I...
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    Wetting dry dog food before feeding

    I've wet kibble before feeding for years, gets some hydration into them & make it more appetising i think cos it smells more when warm.
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    Wow! Stunning dogs!
  10. eatmyshorts

    Family argument over names.

    What a little beauty, she's adorable. She does really suit her chosen name.
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    Introducing Bo!

    Aww, he looks a lovely boy & very well settled! He reminds me a wee bit of my Alaskan husky (see crazy face on the right in my avatar) who is often mistaken for a fit collie. Planete, i love the term "sniffari"!
  12. eatmyshorts

    Ear drops alternatives/tips?

    I use little pads that you put on your finger. They are made by Vets Best. The dogs actually love having their ears cleaned as it’s like they are just getting an ear rub. You could possibly apply the drops/medication onto the pads & do it that way if he accepted it.
  13. eatmyshorts

    good to see a prosecution on ear cropping

    All reports are confidential because you are covered by DPA. You can be anonomous if you like. Of course, the Scottish SPCA are a completely seperate & unrelated society then the RSPCA, so i can only speak for in Scotland. I tried to report a stray sheep once in England when racing down there...
  14. eatmyshorts

    good to see a prosecution on ear cropping

    Not so, MOC, I’m glad to say ... at least in Scotland ... the Scottish SPCA have a Special Investigation Unit, & reports of individual ads will be investigated. Because sometimes adverts get removed if they get bad attention, it’s useful to take a screenshot, contact name, & phone number.
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    Where and how does your dog sleep at night?

    Various places ... our Alaskans husky & our Doberman x GSD sleep on bed in the hall, the GSP’s have the best bed ... a den under the stairs with access to the kitchen, complete with massive bed (cot mattress with furry duvet cover), & our Scandinavian hound is crated in the kitchen cos she...
  16. eatmyshorts

    good to see a prosecution on ear cropping

    Was glad to see the prosecution too ... just a pity they have now moved to England, but hopefully will be monitored. Always report if you have suspicions of illegal cropping (it is legal to import cropped dogs, but I'm sure you have to be able to produce a license) ... sometimes litters are...
  17. eatmyshorts

    livery yard or own field

    I’ve done both, actually at one point, at the same time. I kept the younger, in work horses, on a yard, so I had access to a school, nice hacking, company for both myself & horses, folk to swap favours like holiday cover with, tack & feed storage, & security. The retired horses were & (still...
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    Fat little dog!!

    Echo a lot of what's been said. I find the amount guide on the bag is often generous, so i'd cut that down, as it looks too much, judging by her weight. Set aside the daily amount of kibble & take some out of it to use as treats so she doesn't get any extra. If she seems hungry all the time...
  19. eatmyshorts

    Any ideas what he might have done?

    Glad to hear he's getting better. I'd give the vet a ring & just ask if he'd recommend more rest, & if you need to complete the course of tablets.
  20. eatmyshorts

    Quick canicross question....

    I think doing varied things keeps them interested & hungry for it if you want them to pull, so we don't train in harness every day, normally around 4 times a week (but then we are doing fairly hard work for racing). If you're finding her head's not quite in the game yet (& you want her to pull -...
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    Crufts 2019, Flyball..

    It's not my thing either, i find watching quite boring, but i get that it may be exciting when you're involved, & the dogs do seem to love it. A friend of mine does it, & i had no idea the amount of training that goes into running up over some jump, grabbing a ball, & running back - it's quite...
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    How many dogs is "normal".... and how many are too many?

    My Alaskan husky has caught a hare in the past so i tend not to let her off leash where there is wildlife about these days. She's got a lot of Siberian husky in her so recall where wildlife is concerned isn't always reliable. In the sled dog world, it's not unusual to have about 40 dogs, so...
  23. eatmyshorts

    Puppy decisions. :-)

    So glad to hear you went with your heart! Looking forward to pics! I'm currently trying to talk myself out of a puppy from Slovakia! Logistically a nightmare!
  24. eatmyshorts

    I shouldn’t laugh but..... we can do canicross :)

    That expression! I'm sure in time she'll start to look happy when she sees her harness! My lot all start bouncing & trying to climb their way into the harnesses when they see them :-)
  25. eatmyshorts

    Sad day 😥

    So sorry for your loss. It's never easy, but find comfort in the fact he had a full & happy life xx
  26. eatmyshorts

    Puppy decisions. :-)

    I've been in a very similar situation recently. Ultimately the first litter are not what you are looking for. You may love whatever dog you get, but deep down would you harbour a grudge & wonder "What if?". Re the second litter, & the dam having missing health tests, could you look back her...
  27. eatmyshorts

    I almost did canicross today!

    A lot of Facebook groups organize social runs, so normally fairly laidback for folk of all abilities. As for events, they often have short/novices courses so that might be a good place to start.
  28. eatmyshorts

    I almost did canicross today!

    Great stuff! Dogs look like they enjyed themselves! Emily at K9 Trailtime will keep you right! If she's likely to back out of a harness you can get ones fitted with a belly strap to make it more difficult. My pals little GSP can get out of most harnesses (quite hilarious to see, she's got it...
  29. eatmyshorts

    DNA Tests

    Thoughts? I've a few friends who have had their dogs tested, but i've never really been convinced by them. I've read about pedigree dogs of known parentage getting suprising results, & the same dog being tested by two different companies, with different results.
  30. eatmyshorts

    Handheld dog repellent

    You're welcome. It was insensitive of me, & i wasn't really looking at it from a different angle or thinking about the whys. I guess you are going from your experiences, i am going from mine (or rather, my friends). In this case, i rather think the cyclist probably put himself more at risk by...