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    Blenheim on TV???

    Is xc day and SJ on BBc this weekend does anyone know??
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    My Something Special- LW Hunter mare?

    Has anyone come across lightweight hunter bay mare- 9 yr old- about 16.2hh. Irish bred by Cornea Eagle. Her name is My Something Special. I used to own her and I am trying to trace her. Last I heard a lady called Anna Brew in Isle of Man owned her but was trying to sell her. She had some ties...
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    I want to be a Showing Judge...

    So I contacted the BSHA and Sport Horse GB and have got the forms. I have plenty of experience showing hunters/ workers etc with good results and would be really keen to get into the judging and think I have a good eye. The forms involve you being propsoed and seconded with references from...
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    FMM- hickstead!

    Well done today for Dinger in the Coloured Championship- he looked amazing in the main ring! Hopefully you got some nice photos!
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    I have got tickets for the sunday of hickstead for the derby but i havent got a schedule or even no what time it starts at? anyone have any idea??
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    Jumping a 5 yr old over 1.50?? Horsequest

    Just been lookin at Go to showjumpers and click unaffilated and he is the 10th one down with the title THE WOW FACTOR. Poor horse being made to jump 1.50 at home! Why woudl you do that when 5 yr olds only have to jump 1.20 in competition. This would put me off buying a...
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    Mr Springfield??

    Does anyone know why Mr Springfield is no longer with Robert Smith and why he is back in Ireland competing with Jimmy McCloskey? Just wondering as we saw him jump at Cavan Indoor Championships and he is still as amazing as ever!
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    Seeing a stride? tips?!

    I have been having a few problems recently of getting my horse wrong at a fence and him stopping- I don’t feel that I have been that wrong but it stems form coming into a fence too quickly which I am trying not to do. I think I ask for a more forward canter as I think its easier to jump out of...
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    Help! Horse stopping and turning- cant stay on!

    Help! my 5 yr has been going great this yr and its my first yr jumping and we were gettign double clears in 90 so we moved up to metre a few weeks ago which was going well. But i was schooling at home and asked him for a long one which he cudnt do and he stopped- as it was my fault fair...
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    Hard swelling on side of back leg jsut over fetlock?

    Hi! My hose has had a hard swelling on the side of his back leg for a few days now but it is a wee bit warm. He isnt lame on it but it wont go away and I have been hosing it and he is out every day? Any suggestions? Should I Like Ice it and bute him? there is a very small skin abrasion but...
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    premier broodmare and her foals?

    If a mare was a premier broodmare on the basis of her ridden career, i.e. won ridden hunter championships at large royal shows- would her folas be more sellable and would prople pay more fro them compared with an average mare with the same breeding?
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    My horse had an abscess in his heel last week and i poulticed for about 4 days and then he was sound and all swelling had gone. But then yesterday the swelling was back again after 3 days without a poultice. So I poulticed him again last nite and gave him a shot of penicillin. is there...
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    Does anybody no where i could contact Anna Brew?

    From googling she seems to have had a few in hand and ridden horses and one was ridden by Guy Landau at some stage but havent found much? i think she mite b from isle of man but again im not sure? If anyone wud have any info it wud be much appreciated?
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    decision re what show to do!

    I have a dilemma- and I need someone to make my decision for me! Horse just come in from grass after a month and I was aiming on taking him out next weekend to jump round a small 90. But it has now been cancelled due to heavy ground and then next show after that is a big 90! I am a woose...
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    open wound and proud flesh

    Hey! My YO asked me to ask on here for some help as I keep telling her how good it is for help!! Her 4 yr old was out on a post breaking break and sliced her back leg on the cannon form almost the hock to the fetlock it was raw for a long time. she spent 4 weeks at an equine spa and came...
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    How to make feet grow quickly?

    Any tips? I am using robust supplemtn at the min and cornuceresine and hoof hardener- they wud be brittle too. Any other tips and how long does it take ot see a difference? thanks!
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    Nice pic of you on!!
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    has ur farrier ever said the feet are too short to put shoes on??

    My guy has jsut been up today and said the feet are too short ( he was out on hols and has worn them all down) and we would ahve to wait 2/3 weeks?? now this has never happened to me b4 and i really need shoes on to go to shows the next few weeks? what do u reckon? shud i ring someone else?
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    Help! horse lame

    Horse has been out on holiday fro a month and i went up to bring him in and he has a swollen fetlock which isnt warm but is def a bit swollen which runs up the back of his leg to his hock. it is only marginal but is still there. He is pretty lame on it altho he doesnt have any shoes on so...
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    one hoof smaller than the other

    a mare in our yard has one foot smaller than the other and i was wondering what could be done about it? she has very upright shoulders and pasterns and wud dish a fair bit- would this have caused it? any ideas how to help her to stay sound in the future? shes sound at the minute tho! thanks
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    Flying changes

    Anyoen ahve any simple step by step guides to teach my 5 yr old how to do this? he is getting to the stage in his jumping that i really need him to be able to do this? thanks1
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    anyone no the history of the irish army equitation school

    Was just wondering how the army started up and the reasons why we have an irish army that employs showjumpers and eventers? What is the point in that and how can they justify the amount of money being poured into it? is it to promote irish breeding or what??
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    Scottish SJ Shows?

    Hey! What are the best scottosh show jumping shows to go to? Thinking of a trip over with the ponios sometime in the year!
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    G strings and jodphurs??

    whats everyones opinions on this?? Does it make you a bit of a slapper or is it jsut good old common sense so you dont have a big knicker line?? !!
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    Captain Hastings on Horsequest!

    he is being advertised as being suitabel for large riding horse classses! Price on him is £12,000K! Such a shame he measured out and has cost them a lot of money!!
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    horse stopping at first fence! help

    Took my 5 yr old jumping this am and it was a disaster! he had been jumping happily round 90 with me for the past 3/4 weeks and all was goign really well. I took him to do the 90 today and he stopped at the first fence. But it wasnt a dirty stop it was about 4 strides out and he just came...
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    cuts on leg- from messing or jumping?

    had a poke round my horse last nite and found two slices on both back legs- jsut under the hocks on the inside?? It looks like he has doen it to himself either in the field or else when jumping - can you get boots ofr this area? its very high up and my normal working boots wudnt come up this...
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    where wud i sell irish grand national tickets?

    I have tickets for the sunday 8th april for two adults and the same for the monday 9th april 2007 ( grand national day) but we cant go to it now! do u think i wud get any respoisne from ebay? i checked this am and none came up for it? or shud i stick them in the paper? seems a waste for...
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    HH subscription

    i had subcribed to h and h last yr but i didnt renew it and it was supposed to be up on 15th feb and i am still getting it. Wud they ahve taken out another direct debit?? i have checked my bank on no money come out but i dont want it anymore as cant afford it!! How do i stop getting it?
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    what do u think of this horse - go to sport horses and fifth down- has IRISH SPORT HORSE at its title.