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    Tetcott or South Tetcott Foxhounds

    Is this one and the same pack or are they two separate packs please? Maybe they were once two packs but now amalgamated. If anyone can throw any light on this I would be grateful. Thanks!
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    North Devon farrier recommendation wanted

    Please could anyone recommend a farrier between the Bideford - Bradworthy - Bude line and the coast in North Devon please. I've just moved to the area and need to book in horse and pony. Thanks.
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    Twisting, turning, high banked Devonshire lanes

    Contemplating buying a property in Totnes region. Are the typical high banked narrow roads a nightmare to hack on, or do vehicles tend to drive with an expectation of meeting something round corners and drive accordingly? Love the look of the wealth of little lanes and picturesque hacking routes...
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    Result of inbreeding or.......?

    I was merrily 'driving' around the Shropshire lanes on Google maps (equestrian property searching) and came across this gelding. Nothing like a horse with a fifth leg. Would make an ideal hunter, perhaps?
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    Foggage query

    Soon to be moving to acres of plentiful grazing with good-doer cob in light work and small non-ridden pony. Highly excited at the thought of strip grazing foggage all winter. They live out 24/7 with good shelter and will continue to do so. So long as they maintained weight, is it possible to...
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    Ongoing intermittent snot

    First noticed 7th Jan. Not a lot, but dribbly, white-grey usually from right nostril evident a couple of times a week and no pattern to its appearance. Sometimes just found on feed trugs. Horse lives out, all hay steamed. Vet endoscoped, found slightly swollen phalynx and took mucus samples...
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    Pleasure Rides Somerset

    Considering a move to Somerset next year but would like to be in easy reach of a number of pleasure rides throughout the year. Is there a local organisation that is dedicated to organising PRs in any region, as if so, that's where we shall begin house-hunting.
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    Restricted By-Way/Definitive map query (pics)

    I’ve been riding a local Restricted By-Way for nigh on 25 years. It’s a track half a mile long linking two minor roads. The landowner dislikes the route being used and for many years has a padlocked metal barrier at one entrance with bricks and rubble within long grass at one side of the...
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    Anyone own a Cocker spaniel X Beagle cross?

    Would this cross make a good first dog as venturing in to dog ownership for the first time. Don't wish to 'over dog' ourselves although OH's family had a dog as a child but that was decades (and decades!) ago! Looking for a potentially laid-back, medium sized dog to train around horses and...
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    new stirrup design Only £390!!! Any takers? Which market are these aimed at?
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    BHS launches new road safety campaign

    The new video is great. Really gets the point across - but is this to be shown on TV? If not, where is the audience? Apologies if this has been covered on another thread and I've missed it.
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    Fouganza mesh training jodhpurs - any good?

    Desperate for some easy wear cool, summer weight jods for long hacks, general pleasure riding on hot days and whilst googling I came across these. Does anyone own a pair and if so, would you recommend? How is the sizing? true to size? on small side so order up? etc. Details welcome!
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    thin wool numnah suggestions

    I've always had Nuumeds and been happy with them but for one particular GP saddle I need something thinner yet would still like wool for hunting days. Nuumed do a high wither light weight wool numnah but only fully wool lined and I prefer half-lined. So - can anyone recommend a thin wool...
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    For those that feed Forage Plus Winter Balancer

    .....what else do you feed with it in terms of forage and additional supplements please? A little concerned my hard working maxi cob is lacking B vits on this balancer. I feed with three level scoops alfalfa (molasses free), 160g micronised linseed, Equine Answers premierFlex HA and add-lib...
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    Numnah shims

    I have a NuMed shimmed numnah. Would Mattes shims also fit in the NuMed pockets or are they an entirely different shape? Also, has anyone got a shimmed Thermatex numnah? If so, are they any good? I'm after a shimmed numnah without wool or fleece backing which may be too hot for summer. I'm...
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    Psyllium husks - offer

    Considering buying these on offer but dithering as wonder how I can feed them if feed can't be dampened to mix them in. Mine would need 2 scoops (100g) daily which is a lot of powdery husks to feed cobs which only receive a token feed of one handful Good Doer in 1/4 mug soaked Fast Fibre to...
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    High ACTH levels - please share yours

    Old mare's first ever blood test result came back yesterday with an ACTH reading of 397. Now I realise that is high and that normal is 29 or lower, but just how outrageously high is it in the grand scheme of things? Have read endlessly on the web and can't seem to find any comparable...
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    Hats off to Hope Valley Saddlery

    Ordered Ariat boots from their sale yesterday at 3.30pm and they arrived at my door before 10.30am today - plus a scrumptious looking treats bar decorated with real sweeties for horses! Just GOT to sing their praises.Highly impressed! Not bought from them before but now they'll be high on my...
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    rubber bit guard dilemma

    Bought thin rubber bit guards (half thickness of more usual ones) to put on Neue Schule loose ring bit after a previous loose ring bit I borrowed chafed the skin at the corners of her mouth. She'd worn this NS bit plus the guards several times, and so far so good. However, on long hack today...
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    Plaited leather reins - any good?

    I need to replace reins for hunting. My current ones are Eventa (smoothish rubber, very flexible) which have been OK over past couple of seasons hunting apart from extreme weather/particularly filthy conditions when I've found them to be slightly slippy on occasions, although not massively a...
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    Heather Moffat seatbone saver v hipsaver

    Has anyone tried both? If so, what is the difference. I bought a seatsaver approx 3 yrs ago for one of my horses when I took up LDR more as a luxury for long hours in the saddle than for necessity as saddle's pretty comfy without. I am now looking, out of necessity this time, to buy...
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    Recommend me a clear stable disinfectant

    It's that time of the year again (hate this job!) of gutting my two stables, pressure washing and disinfecting. For years I've used Jeyes which is great but then I've always repainted my white walls annually too. This year though I'm skimping on cash and effort and have decided to give the...
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    Wedding carriages South Norfolk

    Looking to hire a one horse carriage for daughter's wedding transport to and from church next summer. Has anyone any personal experiences or recommendations in the Diss/Thetford area please? Thought I'd start researching so beginning on this forum. You never know!!
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    EGB pleasure rides, charity rides, etc.

    I love entering long distance rides and try and do as many as I can throughout the year, however, I only enjoy them if I ride solo. There's something about doing the distance totally independently, just me and horse that I just don't feel when riding accompanied, even if it is with a good...
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    Failing sight in elderly mare.

    There are times when ridden that I suspect that my semi-retired 25 yr old cob mare's vision is not quite what it should be. She's gradually (over the past two or three years maybe) lost a fair bit of confidence when hacking out to the point where I no longer road hack but trailer her out to...
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    Trailer recovery insurance

    I'm considering getting horse/trailer recovery insurance through the RAC (PRP Rescue Service). Has anyone got this cover? Can you recommend?
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    Exercising for sanity out hunting

    Did some pondering whilst on ten mile hack today - mainly power walking on roads with two mile total trot/canter on off road sections. Should have been autumn hunting today but after mare's second time out this season last Tues she's been so uncharacteristically keyed up that have left her in...
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    Travelling home from hunting still saddled

    Took my unclipped mare autumn hunting today and on returning to the trailer it was lightly raining and the wind was up. She was wet with sweat and I decided to leave her saddle on, load her and hit the road home (50 mins drive). I did stick her string vest cooler on over the saddle and naturally...
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    Transporting with no tail bandage

    My mare gets herself in a tizz when she knows she's going on an outing and putting a tail bandage on before loading proves difficult with pinned ears, clenched tail and much swinging round of bottom. The last three times I've travelled her without any tail protection which has saved us both a...
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    Unaffiliated dressage - calling the test

    As a returner to dressage after a number of years I've noticed that the majority of competitors have a caller for their test, (just talking unaff. prelim level here at local venues) whereas in my youth we would never dream of having someone call our test, learning it seemed all part and parcel...