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    I really fancy that pally mare over there>>>

    But I'm not good enough to train a baby :( nor am I looking for another one. Isn't she pretty though. I bet she's a mud monster.
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    Olympic coverage on Sky

    Sky have 8 channels dedicated to Olympic coverage. Equestrian: Saturday 6th August 1.55pm channel 475 eventing dressage, Sunday 7th August 1.15pm channel 474 eventing dressage, Monday 8th August 1.55pm channel 477 eventing cross country Tuesday 9th August 1.55pm channel 474 eventing...
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    How long for delivery from Robinsons?

    Do other people find Robinsons incredibly slow to fulfill their orders? Despite £4.99 delivery charge for two pairs of breeches that I ordered on 20th May, I've not yet received them despite my order being updated to dispatched after 7 days. Are my breeches heading to my home on the back of a...
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    Advert over there >>> That is a fat horse!
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    Rug washing with Nikwax Rug Wash

    I took my horse's no fill turnout home to wash with the bought specially Nikwax Rug Wash. My horse unfortunately doesn't smell of horse when hot or wet but rather wet dog so this rug had a strong odour of stale wet dog and was discoloured rather than muddy. So in the wash it went, in went the...
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    Christine Wels dies You may recall this story from 2008 where this woman whipped a horse repeatedly (along with many others) in the name of training and was prosecuted. It seems a worm turned and got her back.
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    Wireless Camera

    Is there such a thing as a wireless motion activated camera that can be viewed on an iphone? Or is there a wireless motion activated camera that records movements to an SD card? Or even both?
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    Unstable on Horse & Country

    Does anybody watch this show? What dreadful bitchy people! I don't beleve any of them have a smidgen of horse sense and it's so contrived. Worth watching once for the jaw dropping amounts of back stabbing going on.
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    Livery Yard Viewing Protocol

    If you wanted to view a new livery yard, would you turn up unannounced or make an appointment? I'm inclined to make an appointment, then go back when liveries are about to get the low down, but there seems to be a concensus that you just turn up and go look?
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    Hasn't This Year Been Excellent For Horse Owning?

    Loads of grass, an abundance of excellent quality hay, summer temperatures still ongoing, occasional rain overnight to give the grass a new flush just as it's running out, the only negative is midges in October! I'm praying for a dryer winter than last year, but my equine cupboard is stocked...
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    How do you teach a horse to jump?

    We are currently running a few clinics at the yard, where riders and horses who are inexperienced at jumping have the opportunity to school over jumps. We have a grid of trot poles into bounces, a canter pole into a one or two stride double and a small oxer. We're setting them up small, so the...
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    Sedate Hunting in Essex

    For a first timer, does anybody know where would be a good place to start with a sedate hunt? Anywhere in Essex or Hertfordshire would be good. Alternatively, would it be better to wait until next Autumn as perhaps the proper hunting is a bit too full on now?
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    Trailer Loading Suggestions?

    We went to the beach yesterday, had a great time but marred with loading problems. Bit of background: she came to me the perfect loader but I made the mistake of loading her onto a crappy trailer, I was green as grass and knew nothing about trailer safety then. The trailer partition snapped...
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    I'm considering a trailer!

    I've got the tow vehicle, I'd need to pay to store the trailer (£30 a month) but I'm thinking it would make sense to get one rather than hire. Even though hires are new Ifor Williams at £30 a day. Funds are tight, so it'd be a fixer-upper. Horse is a 16.1 Gelderlander, loads well but then...
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    Worried traveller, any tips?

    My mare's reintroduction to travelling started this weekend. With the trailer completely empty of partitions, she eventually went on the trailer on Saturday and each day has got better since. She now has absolutely no hesitation about getting on and is leaving via the front ramp in a civilised...
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    Trailer Hire in Essex

    I'm buying myself a 4x4 so that I can tow, but don't want to buy a trailer for the handful of times we're likely to use it. So I'm thinking of hiring, daily or weekly. Anybody know of hire places in Essex, preferable the South East Essex area rather than Colchester, that hire out decent...
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    Is this the place to admit being a jumping wally?

    I am trying to learn how to jump. My horse doesn't skim anything, she leaps into orbit with gay abandon. This in turn either leaves me behind or propels me up her neck! Because of her exuberance, my nerves are in tatters. I'm talking 18" jumps max here. If we go over the same jump more...
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    Reduced/No Turnout

    I'm on a yard that advertises all year turnout and 24/7 in summer. We do get 24/7 in summer but that has been pushed out from April to June so we've already lost 2 months of 24/7. Now, we're being forced to keep the horses in due to wet fields. Since 1st January, the horses have had 2 half...
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    Should I introduce myself or jump straight in?

    Question in title I've been here for quite a while as a lurker whilst my ID wasn't working, but I'm now able to post! Hello all! I own a lovely mare who is kept on DIY livery and we hack, school and jump very small. This is rider incompetence but we're working on that. Be gentle with me.